Sagittarius Woman Habitually Runs From Love – Wants Virgo Man

Vintage Sagaittius PurseElsa,

I’m hesitant – and no wonder, looking at my Mars! Love is difficult for me – the thrill of the hunt is something I like and having crushes is frequent… but nothing lasts, especially when there’s a chance things become real. I run and I run…

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to have a love life *sigh*. I met a guy a few years ago and I really liked him. The circumstances didn’t allow me to talk to him privately then, but he was very nice and I tried to get his contact info in vain afterwards. I forgot about him after a while, but now I found a way to contact him – if only I could take a chance!

He’s a Virgo. I haven’t met many Virgos before – I hear they’re hard to catch and I know I’m always picking the impossible ones because then the chances are low. I wonder if this is the case. I don’t know if I should contact him, but is that because I know he’s difficult or because I’m afraid it won’t be that difficult. Why does everything seem like such a hard task for me? Yes, I am THIS complicated!

Anyway, how do you catch a Virgo efficiently? Will an Internet message do the trick? Something very mental, not soppy, with lots of details, maybe hahaha.


Dear Sagittarian,

Yes, I agree you’re a conundrum. But first of all, you don’t “catch people”, Virgo or otherwise. If you do they won’t like it, at least not for long. How would you like it? To be caught on flypaper, in a net, or God forbid, a Roach Motel?

I see that with Venus (love) conjunct Pluto (possessive) in the 7th house, it might be tempting to catch and keep a Virgo in the dungeon on a leash – but the rest of your chart is not going to stand for this. Because if they’re captive then you’re captive, and that right there is probably your key.

Basically you have three balls you have to keep in the air. You are profoundly Sagittarius and cannot tolerate being tied down. You are profoundly Aries and very independent. And while these two balls work well together, what are you going to do with all this Scorpio?

You have a stellium in Scorpio that very much wants an exchange of energy. It very much wants to explore relationships in depth – but you can see once you head in this direction (downstairs that is), the rest of you screams “Hell NO!”

Two seconds later you’re out the door, only to constellate this whole thing a week later. So if you want a new movie you’re going to need to untangle this which means YOU are going to have to be your own science experiment, not the passing-by Virgo. But to answer your question…

Definitely contact the guy. You’re a double Aries and you need to act. And I don’t see the big problem with your Mars. It’s in Libra but so what? Go hunt a relationship (Libra) since that’s what you want. Go hunt some love! Just make sure to leave the doors open…. all of them. Otherwise, crazy you will go. (That’s Yoda talking – my Ha ha ha back atcha ;-))

Good luck.

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    advisee sagittarian

    Thanks Elsa, you’ve read me like a book šŸ™‚ That duality is very present: fire vs. water. I enjoy that Scorpian part of me but it’s very tumultous and contradictory. Still, I think it’s positive to give me some kind of persistence in things, otherwise I’ll never go through with anything, I need that fixed quality. And I need some Earth – can anyone borrow me some? šŸ˜‰

  2. hi elsa

    i m a virgo and i am in love with a saggitarian girl and she means the world to me. I think she likes e back but i can never tell? how can find out if she likes me or not? our friends always pair us two up becuase we look really good together dn they think we are made for each other. i think so to. but i m scared to talk to her i dont know how to ask her out?

    what should i do help please!


  3. Hi Virgo,
    Am a Sag. and i thik the Sag girl just need to here from you that you like her. Then you will know, because most likely she would have analysed you already, and decided if she would give you a chace or not, and is waiting for you to make your move.

    Also you might not know if she likes you or not since you are around your friends, Sag. do not like to express their feeling at first around company, so try to get her alone to speak with her. Sag are very private people when it comes to their feelings especially in love.

    So good luck.

  4. Sorry Jack,i dont think you have a chance.Sag women are wild and need to be tamed.I may be wrong,but i dont think a virgo could do it!They need a fire sign to keep the passion alive.Good luck anyway;)

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