Character Assassination: Who Does It and How Do You Deal With It?

character-assasination.jpgSpeaking of popularity as we have over the last week, there are two people in my life who have recently had their character assassinated in their communities. I guess you might say these two are “darkly popular” and I had conversations with both of them this week from opposite sides of the issue.

I asked one of them what kind of person does this to another? What is going on inside someone who lies about a series of events to devastate another person’s reputation with malice?

A few days later the other person asked me, “How do you deal with it when someone tells someone else things that are so bad the other person wants nothing to do with you? How do you deal with the emotion of that?” I told her my method but what is yours if you have one?

Say you break up with someone and they run around the town with a bunch of stories about you that are remote from the truth. And for whatever reason, maybe they get the jump on you or maybe you are not around to defend yourself or maybe they are just stupendously convincing, the people take on the distorted reality and you become the designated absolute shit head. What do you do? How do you deal with the emotion?

Have you ever had your character assassinated? Have you ever strung someone else up? What are the astrological correlations? Who is most likely to victim and who most likely to be perp?

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  1. Jealous insecure people focus on faultlessly confident and inexplicably nice people. Aka Leos. I definitely had a spiteful fascination with a Leo girl who had the man I wanted. She had long shiny black hair, was well versed in literature, and could do no wrong.

    P.S. Is this guy correct?

  2. I’ve been on the receiving end, never on the giving end. I really don’t have the time or the energy to waste being nasty to people. Life is for LIVING, not for crap like that.

    As for the people who did it, the people who knew me and loved me for who I was never believed them. People who didn’t know me from beans, and who were stupid enough to believe their crap, were not people I wanted to be associated with. I’ve been proven right time and time again.

    Jealous, insecure people focus on me like a magnet, and it’s probably because of my carefree attitude. I simply don’t get caught up in the pettiness that other people (mostly very insecure women) thrive on. Leo Sun and heavy 5th house emphasis, and Aries rising.

  3. I don’t care enough about a problem to make a systematic effort to destroy anyone. The most I ever do is, “Tell me when you want me to do something, and I’ll do it.”

    I’ve had it happen to me- in a really really bad way. I worked in this tight-knit volunteer group- and I’d always been the recognised leader, but I never made a big toot over it. When I’d pulled the other leader aside and told her that she was displaying childish behavior and treating some with favoritism and others with disdain, she promptly put me on ‘enforced vacation’ (Yes, she had the power to do that), and proceeded to tell everyone that I was a brooding, heartless social malcontent who was on depression medication but needed a lot more, and that I said all these terrible things about my friends. The sad part is, they all so readily believed whatever she said, though I could see it for this…really rudimentary form of manipulation. it was so pathetic that I couldn’t get over my shock that people would just ignore thir personal history with me and suddenly believe that someone they’ve known as perky, friendly, humble and helpful was suddenly a girlish version of the unibomber. It threw me into a depression for a couple of months, but…I don’t tend to lie down quietly.

    I began a very open and yet underhanded attempt to remove her from her position. I spoke with others one-on-one, got their real opinions, consulted the head of our organization to let him know the real goings-on of our department, offered physical proof. I had people on the inside feeding me the latest gossip that she was spreading. I didn’t tell the head what to do, I simply offered evidence, quotes and advice on how to handle her (she really was just the most childish person I’ve ever known), and my help if they should choose to fire her. In the end, after she slipped and attacked the Head, they fired her. I suffered quite a lot from her ‘favorites’ in teh following months, but eventually people got over it. Sometimes, some of them still feel the need to say something like, “I like HER, but I don’t approve of what she did.” But eh, I was open about going against her, she just underestimated my influence.

    But now I’m good. *Grins* And no one in that group underestimates me anymore. Not that I’ll ever work with their traitorous ***** again.

  4. my ex did that. i was too tired to go out and talk to people because i was in my first trimester. i asked one person if he’d been saying that i was as crazy as all of his exes now (every single ex story of his involves a “she’s so crazy” theme) and she said yes. and maybe she did something about it, because a light bulb seemed to go off in her head when i asked.

    i went away to stay with my family. i came back some years later and nobody really seems to have paid much attention to him. at least, at this point, they don’t act as if they did. he did go around screwing over a lot of people, though. managed to get the fire marshals to shut down one of the favorite coffee shops in a fit of pique, that kind of thing πŸ˜›

    i was really uncertain about trying to talk to people again, though. shouldn’t have been so worried.

    so i guess that gives me a little more faith in the rationality of the people i know here. perhaps people in general but i’m not sure i’d go that far.

  5. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    It’s been done to me, and actually invariably by females of the Aries and Scorpio persuasion:o)
    I don’t see the need to do it to others.
    I understand and have compassion for people’s shortcomings, even if they happen to rub me the wrong way. I don’t take it (very) personally, I rather try to see it as circumstantial – a clash of personalities. Sometimes the way one is in the world pushes other people’s buttons. It’s just bound to happen when individuals come together, and I can deal quite well with that (at least rationally). This apparent stoicism obviously tends to irk the perpetrator even more – which I must admit I think is hilarious!
    On the other hand, I freely admit to feeling some resentment sometimes, since I have an abundance of Libra and want to be treated fairly!;)

    “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much”. – Oscar Wilde – a Libra!:)
    It’s pure passive aggressiveness, but it’s true:o)

  6. That has happened to me more than a few times. In social life, if someone is my friend and knows me, they won’t believe things like that. In work life, that becomes more difficult. Some people are content to be led around by whatever story is more convienient or exciting. I can’t do anything for people like that. Keep on being me and trying not to let it get to me.

    One time an ex went around spreading rumors about me, and they ranged from more believable to incredibly hilarious. For instance he told people that I had begged him not to leave, which wasn’t a logical thing to believe but not so far fetched really. Then he told people that I was in a mental institution and *snort* a vampire. Five years or so after the fact I was still getting calls from old friends telling me, “did you know x is saying you are a vampire?” Just goes to show you that some people will believe anything.

    I’m a pisces so I was secretly quite proud of the vampire rumor. Mwha hah hah!

  7. Ooo, I forgot to clarify, x who was telling I was a vampire five or so years afterwards was not my ex, just someone who had heard the rumor.

  8. yes, it’s happened to me and my family, actually; we were betrayed by another family member whom i loved (and still do) and whom we’d gone to great lengths to help and support…the trust is totally shot, not surprisingly. it became clear during the time i was going through pluto transit in the 4th house.

  9. A guy (who didn’t get a 2nd date with me) then proceeded to spread rumors around that I had sex with an entire rock band from NY that my band had shared a bill with.

    I was totally unaware of this until a friend told me. I just ignored it. I figured the people who knew me would get a laugh out of how ridiculous it was and the people who didn’t know me – I didn’t really care what they thought.

    I didn’t confront the guy because I had issues with confrontation/conflict (I was 17 or 18 at the time) but also because I thought the whole thing was pretty absurd and hilarious.

    Pluto was going through my 10th house at the time.

    That’s the only character assassination that I know about.

    I kinda wish it involved vampires. πŸ˜€

    ps assassination has 2 asses — who knew?

    1. I realize this is an old post but chiron in the 11th, Aquarius, Capricorn on the 10th, Saturn in the 8th and just to be sure she’s dead Pluto roll’s over her MC for seemed like 4 or 5 years. That combo will do it alright. Deader than a door nail. Aries rising I suspect attracts this also. Also I have grown to suspect people with rose colored glasses syndrome is attractive to the assassin’s.

  10. You know, this has never happened to me and I don’t know what I would do or feel if it did. I mean a little, “she’s an alcoholic” does not constitute character assassination… I just wonder what is in a chart that makes a person a target for this sort of thing. I get attacked but that is also very different from a systematic attack on a person’s reputation.

    Come to think of it maybe it is hard aspects to planets in the 10th or the like.

  11. For all of you that have been betrayed,there is a book called ‘The Sociopath Next Door’. It is written by Martha Stout,a ph.d who treated the victims of and the sociopaths themselves.She gives good advice as how to deal with people who go around and do these things with no guilt whatsoever.Apparently 4% of the population have no conscience.It’s all about the game with them.So if trashing your rep serves to help them play the game,so be it.They really don’t care if it hurts you.It’s a great book and helps put perspective on these trying situations.

  12. “Have you ever had your character assassinated?” Yes I have. I simply said nothing to defend myself and guess what? Each and every last person who did that has since self-combusted. I don’t fuck with people, which is how I get most people (bar a few coke-head assholes) on side. Assassinate away.

  13. “They told me I act like my shit doesn’t smell”

    kashmiri, you come across as very humble to me. Humble, learned and loving.

  14. Kashmiri, I am a capricorn moon too. I wonder if this is a common thread for this situation. Also, Elsa mentioned the tenth house? My tenth house has venus and that circle with an “x” in it. (Sorry that one isn’t in my astrology books) but there are no squares or anything like that. My venus trines mars and neptune, it’s part of a grand trine in earth.

  15. i have hard aspects to saturn in the eleventh. and so it’s usually my social rep that gets hammered. but good. awful. this is the first time people have still been civil to me after someone has come in and smeared me. i guess going out and finding friends rather than staying with the people around me (like at school, for the most part) makes a big difference.

  16. “I just wonder what is in a chart that makes a person a target for this sort of thing.”

    Late 2001 I experienced this to the extreme. My roommate at the time accused me of coming on to him and kissing him, a gal I worked with told everyone in the vicinity I was a whore, and a guy I stopped dating also told all and sundry that I was (a) (b) and (c). (Other kinds have happened since then: usually someone who hates me arbitrarily and so tells all kinds of lies about who I am and ‘what I’m like.’)

    The common theme was that all three of them were lying about me. I don’t really know what was going on in 2001 (I didn’t study astrology then) but I think it was Saturn in Taurus (and so conjunct my Sun, which opposes my MC).

    In the midst of the shit I heard something from all 3 of these people that I’ve never forgotten: They told me I act like my shit doesn’t smell. That was the first time in my life I thought about *myself.* I felt extremely victimized for a period and then realized that, actually yes, I was the common denominator. So why would people arbitrarily rip me apart socially?

    Hindsight has taught me that all 3 of these people are extremely EXTREMELY insecure…my ‘shit doesn’t smell’ vibe is likely my Capricorn Moon which squares my Pluto.

    I may come clean with my emotions and thoughts as the moment calls for it but by and large my public face is not one of a person who is cowering. I think that makes certain souls want to tear. you. down.

  17. Maybe these scenarios sound small…but in the case of the roommate I was living with him, his wife, and their new baby. He was a serial cheater and so to have him tell everyone, including his wife who I was close to, that I was some kind of whore was devestating. I chose not to defend myself (my M.O. usually). The situation was hell. I basically had no home and fell into a rabbit hole.

    Here is the truth. Disbelieve it if you wish but my course is now permanently altered in this relationship and that is what I need to grieve.

  18. o thanks Elsa that’s very kind! I think I am as well, which is why it hurts to have someone who you think is close start yelling from the housetops that you are not.
    I loved my old roommates. Even that man, jeez. I blew back into town with nothing on my back and he and his wife found me a home, a job, were my friends, and then he stabbed me in the back repeatedly.

    And she is a triple Gemini. Poor bugger. We still love each other but never get to see each other as she is still with him and he still freaks out if my name is mentioned.

  19. When gossip becomes political or used in a political way, one is drawn in to fight somehow. Unless that is, one just lets it go. So what! People can say whatever they think about me. It doesn’t worry me until that is, someone seems to do that “hazing” thing. Passive agressive manipulations-communication (in my direction). That sort of thing may or may not achieve some kind of affect on my good nature.

    Someone wanting to draw me into an absurd ‘game’ where the hope is, that I eventually stuff up and I get pinned with something or other. The other person is then vindicated and perhaps I am in the bad books. Its a bit like grade 4 school days.

    I can smell a rat from a mile away but jeez, eventually others start to sniff the same smell too. Some people know how to be the victim and then switch to bully mode and visa versa. Frankly my neck gets a crick looking back and forth. What do they really want?

    It is always very interesting to me, how a person working this way, comes up with something or other next time. Either way one goes with these types, one is bound to be damned.

    Its a bit like walking on egg shells


  20. I am often the victim of character defamation and I also have a capricorn moon. hmm. it’s square my venus… but my tenth house is untenanted.

    Amethyst– that circle x is the part of fortune, a mathematical point figured using your sun, moon and ascendent. I’ve had good luck googling “part of fortune”. πŸ™‚

  21. I had someone tell some hurtful lies about me in the past and it made me angry and hurt. I let it go. This woman was constantly surrounded by drama, and she wanted to drag me into it. I don’t like to play games period!(saturn in Cancer, in the 5th) The people that know me know what this woman was saying about me were lies, she has substance abuse issues piled on top of mental illness, so I could clearly see were her behavior was coming from…….. It sucked but that situation took care of itself…. I always wonder if being raised by pacifist made me so mellow with passive tenancies or if it’s the something in my chart like Jupiter in the 1st house.

  22. Do I have a story about these kinds of people!

    I had a nut for a roommate when I was a freshman in college.

    This girl definitely fit the profile: very timid on the outside, but very manipulative and would do anything, and I mean anything, to get her way.

    She was a Pisces, Virgo Moon, Aries Mars. Her Sun was closely square Neptune and widely conjunct Venus. Very interestingly, she, and the other nastiest woman I ever met, both have Sun/Venus conjunct! I know not all Sun/Venus people are like these two, but I couldn’t help notice the sickly-sweet fakeness they both had in abundance…)

    Even though she wasn’t my original roommate, she didn’t like me from the start and was plotting from Day One to get me thrown out of the room! Unbelievable.

    One day, I came back from a football game, where I was supposed to meet the guy I was dating at the time. He stood me up. So I was crying like crazy, and threw my doll out in the hall, because I was so upset. No big deal? Wait. Here’s where it gets good…

    She went to the RA and told the woman that I had some kind of mental illness just because I did that. What? I’m not allowed to be upset or angry? Huh???

    Well, after that, I absolutely refused to speak to her, and the atmosphere in there was just awful. The windup was, our hall leader found HER unreasonable, not me, and SHE had to move out. Hey, I wasn’t budging! I wasn’t going to let her get away with spreading lies like that. It wasn’t her business to judge me OR my supposed “mental condition”!!!

    She got her “revenge”, so to say, a few years later…I applied to be a hall leader , and she was in tight with the woman who chose them (who was the same one who mediated the nonsense from before!), so naturally, I wasn’t picked.

    I didn’t care in the end, because I roomed with great friends, and we had a blast.

    I was pretty naive about how crazy people could be. That’s the Leo and 5th house again.

    Another thing I noticed…every single person I got into major battles with, including this crazy and all the other crazies I tangled with, had their Mars touch my Moon…square, opposite, or conjunct.

    A couple of other stories which I’ll just touch on: A few years ago, a sister-in-law tried to sic Child Protective Services on me…unsuccessfully. Another guy tried to play the “she has a mental illness!!!” card on a message board I frequented, and people drove him off the board. I was vindicated both times. Same with this other crazy girl. When will these jealous freaks learn? Don’t mess with Leos, unless you want permanent claw marks!


    (Sorry this got so long. πŸ˜‰ )

  23. i think you’re on to something, elsa, at least for me. i do have a tenth house moon, with a number of squares and hard aspects, including one to sat. in the 7th. i also have a moon sq. pluto, and have had this become particularly apparent through pluto transits.

    and come to think of it, many of the times i’ve dealt with these issues have been directly or indirectly connected to mothering in some way. in fact, all of them i can think of…they weren’t little, gossipy things, either.

    i guess it helps knowing what to expect. i wouldn’t have thought to search my chart for the propensity to get hit with this sort of thing.

  24. Amethyst, my 1st House Cap Moon squares Pluto as well as my Venus/Mars conjunction. (also has aspects to MC, Uranus, Sun, Mercury).
    Maybe it’s easy to assassinate Capricorn because symbolically it represents Authority and it’s a rebellion?
    I don’t know.

    I learned a lot from my situation with my old roommate. Before I had constantly found myself embroiled as some kind of mediator for couples/friends of two in conflict. Willing to take on everyone else’s problems, especially if they were a mental case.

    Now that I’m learning more about Moon/Pluto contacts I can see where this stems from. It began with me standing between my mum and grandma when they fought, trying to mediate when I was only 8 years old. I’m sure this pattern has been happening for many of my lives before this one.

    So I’m grateful for my psycho roommate. A person will just keep having crisis after crisis until they get to the root of the problem (which I’m sure in my case is Moon/Pluto).

  25. I’ve had problems with this, although not so much since I’ve “grown up.” I’ve attributed it to Sun/Saturn conjunction, but my Mars/Venus/Pluto conjunction is opposed my MC, so maybe there’s something in that, too. My tenth is empty.

  26. this has completely happend to me, and I still live with the aftermath. I did not try to defend myself. the can think what they want. Cancer Sun opp. Capricorn MC.

  27. Interestingly, since the first time this was posted, I’ve been assassinated again. *laughs* Oh, well. I pay no nevermind.

    It does hurt that nearly all my friends sided with the perp, most of whom I’d known for 5-8 years, but one had been my friend for nearly two decades. Whatever. *shrugs* Been here more times than I can count (okay, this makes four πŸ˜‰ ), I’ll bounce back. I’ve got one close female friend and a guy to fuck, what else do I really need, eh? πŸ˜›

  28. To update in 2010, I actually have had this happen now. Another astro blogger showed up on my boards some months ago, assassinated the living fuck out of my character – all lies – created a mass exodus of people.

    He then tried to friend me on facebook 4 or 5 months later and satori and I got a big laff outa that! πŸ™‚

  29. Wow, alot of comments! Great topic Elsa!

    My character was assainated, and I actually partially deserved it. I won’t go into all the sorted details… The toughest part, was that I lived on a very small island, no where to hide! I had to continue living there because of my husband’s job and the kids were still in school. I learned to keep my chin up, wear my armour whenever I was in public and concentrate on those that remained my friends.

    There was a gift in all this- I definately knew ‘who’ my friends were and came out the other end, stronger, more confident and unafraid of rejection.

    We were able to finally move 2 years ago- and it was like finding the sunshine again!

  30. Hi Elsa:

    I have eighth house mars square a moon neptune conjunction in the tenth. I’ve always been vulnerable to this. I was the “black sheep” of the family; my grandmother did not like me and would tell my mother’s siblings all kinds of untrue nasty things about me.

    Happened at school; happens at work.

    I think the worst thing that happened was that when I retained custody of my kid my ex-husband went to court with a bunch of all kinds of ludicrous ravings that almost had me put in jail. I spent years of my life in court answering all of these accusations with facts and still did not get a judgment for attorney’s fees.

    The judde said there was “legitimate concern”.

  31. i don’t have cap moon (aquarius) but it’s in loose opposition to eleventh house saturn. and trine pluto.
    most of my character assassination experiences have been socially based. ie my group of friends. but i’m more careful about picking them now. maybe that helps.

  32. yes, has happened & recently…a boss was hell bent on bringing me down and gathered her army…i managed, however… to pull a perfect coup and escape in style….and i think my presto houdini manouver might eat away at her until her dying days. that said, while you see the deceit, the absurdity…the sociopathic behavior, etc, etc….it still can be incredibly painful to have someone defame and turn a community against you…
    the astrology of this…elsa mentioned 10th house hard aspects…i have mars in the 10th square pisces moon in the 6th..i think this might set me up for difficult women in the work place….and i do think jealousy ties in here…they see me like this (i think) creative, out-of-the-box thinker (merc in aquarius in 5th) which jars the concrete sequentials types which abound in my profession…
    my venus in aries is vivacious and with libra rising…i’m all smiles and not entirely unattractive just shy of 50, well, that’s my superficial outerself and misleading…but i don’t think those placements in themselves do me in…more apt to be the mars/moon tension and all my pisces.

  33. Living in the 12th house as I do, hardly anyone knows when this is going on in my life. Snarky comments may cross my mind but rarely my lips, often because the best comebacks don’t come to mind until days too late. Hopelessly non-confrontational. πŸ™‚ :::shrugs:::

  34. Yes – had a moochy LEO girlfriend who told all the neighbors that I beat her, cheated on her and laid around in bars. None of it was remotely true and I didn’t know she was saying all these things. I’d meet new neighbors in our apt complex and soon after, they’d stop talking to me. She was away for a couple of weeks when the neighbors started coming out of the woodwork telling me all the stories…
    I had the locks changed and shipped her junk to her. I’m a scorpio and I know our sign is characterized as being vengeful but I didn’t retaliate against this parasite.

  35. Yes, most often Gemini’s do this to me. I’m a Scorp in 6th house with Gemini Asc and Aries Moon. Zero planets in 10th. 6th house and 4th is packed. I never retaliate. Hard to hold your ground when they’re backstabbing and you know it but don’t want to feed the energy. Finally figured out (with help) that something about me threatens them or makes them insecure. Baffles me constantly as I’m not special in any way.

    Learned in my 20’s there’s no need to do anything to these types. They’ll make their own hell and I don’t have to lift a finger. Every single time, that’s what happens to them. But in work matters, now, I stand up for myself to ensure I’m heard, but stick to facts. That’s about all I can do.

  36. Uh yes! I had my character smeared on a group posting I belonged to on the internet before I was to go and party with them all for the first time in another country. Someone was jealous of my relationship with one of the members and another person sent them a private email that mistakenly got out. That person read about what I was saying in confidentialiy to this other member and they posted it on our group posts lambasting me, the person who I sent the email to and ultimately embarassing the third party as well. It was awful! I went anyway and held my head high but my relationships with these people will never be the same I don’t think.

  37. Oh and I think it’s the 12th house, the house of undoing that was the astrological reason..Mars and Sun in the 12th : (

  38. Okay, I’ve got to represent for the Leos (the women, anyway). Someone attempted to assassinate my character in the past. I’ve never been a perpetrator. The first time it was small, b/c it was only a boyfriend that I lived with for about five years. Small potatoes compared to what my ex (Virgo/Gemini/Capricorn) tried to do.

    I have Uranus in the 1st house, square my 10th house cusp. Should’ve seen it coming, however I prevailed and left everything that did’nt matter anyway; behind.

    The best support I had during that time was my friend saying ” Whatever others think of you is actually none of your business “. It took me awhile to wrap my head around this, but when I did, I was free; because I KNEW my side of the street was clean — and that’s really all that mattered.
    I mean, it’s been unbearably awful to live with what he did — cleaning up the mess has taken years, and none of it was mine. I mean none of it.
    Everything that he tried to stop me from doing, I’ve done or will do. I’m not the perpetrator, I’m just trying to do right by me and my children — which he never even considered when he was busy damaging me. That’s really the part that angered(s) me the most, that I could’nt protect them from what would happen to them by his tearing me down.
    What I learned from it all is that if someone truly does have strength of character, the one trying to send them to hell just ends up making an ass of him/her self. Time will take care of everything else. But I am convinced that my ex-husband was a manipulating sociopath, he’s dead now; but I’m doing my best to make sure that our kids grow up compassionate people, nonetheless.

  39. I have had a long line of “best friends” who committed character assassination on me, and I have to tell you, it’s devastating. As a result, I haven’t been able to form any real close friendships, particularly with females, for several years now. The last one really hurt me and messed me up for a bit. It was so bad I started getting major panic attacks and had to quit my job (we worked together). I don’t know why people do this kind of thing, but I know there are A LOT of people out there who do this. I think it’s safe to say that there are more people out there who are like this than people who are not. (Good people are treasures to be cherished!) Therefore, be careful who you trust. In fact, don’t trust anyone off the bat – trust has to be earned!

    I don’t mean to sound bitter, but…For me, it’s been certain sun signs I cannot trust. Geminis and female virgos and scorpios are ones I avoid like the plague. As for my own chart, I have Pluto in Libra in the 12th house conjunct the Ascendant, and Saturn in the 11th. Also, Lilith conjunct Jupiter in Leo by the MC. I guess that would reveal some trust and friendship resentment issues, yeah? Ha ha.

    Btw, I love your blog! Keep up the great work. πŸ™‚

  40. It’s happening now. I work with someone who was promoted and promptly decided she was better because of her new position. She also began dating a guy I dated for a couple months the year before and decided we were not suited.

    There was no real drama, he and I just stopped calling. I actually thought about passing on dating him because another coworker said she might have feelings for him. (even though she was living with someone else at the time)

    I knew there would be trouble when she began dating him, and her efforts to discredit me and make me appear incompetent have stepped up.
    I’m trying to take the high road but she’s telling stories about my customer service skills. Fortunately most of these people who supposedly complained are her “friends” and my boss (Scorpio) is pretty sharp. She can smell the stank.

  41. And for whatever reason, maybe they get the jump on you or maybe you are not around to defend yourself or maybe they are just stupendously convincing, the people take on the distorted reality and you become the designated absolute shit head. […] How do you deal with the emotion?

    With some difficulty, as always.

    How many times haave I seen that alien dude there?

    m, terminators versus aliens

  42. There’s a psycho bitch in the small press who befriended me at MySpace in 2008 because we were in an all female poetry anthology together. I stupidly confided in her about crushes I had on small press writers. At one point she asked me if she could crash on my couch for a week. I told her that wouldn’t be a good idea. She then sent my husband at the time our MySpace transcript in which I confided my crushes. Then she moved across the country to California and became friends with my three best friends, who are also in the small press. Reads like a Lifetime movie. I know. I almost lost three friends over it. Eventually my friends saw her for the psycho she truly is. She still stalks me online.

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