Fate – When People Want You Dead – Morte!

MontfortI was reading about Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. Unfortunately someone tried to poison him.  He took an antidote and survived (this was in the 1600’s). But he had health problems for the rest of his life, because of this encounter.

This  did not stop him from living and continuing on with what he considered to be his mission in life. It just didn’t faze him in a way that was significant.

I loved reading about this, because I’m the same way. I been driven since the day I was born. No matter how many blocks I encounter, no matter how many times I am beaten, no matter how bad those beatings might be, ultimately, it’s not going to faze me in a way that’s significant. I’m just going to carry on.

I give this quality to a Jupiter-touched Moon. If you have one, you probably know what I mean.

Do you?


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  1. i never thought about it like that, but my mom has always said that i’m like a cat with 9 lives, and that i land on my feet, no matter how far or hard I fall. I have moon at 28 Scorpio conjunct Jupiter at 29 Scorpio.
    I always thought it just gave me intensity in emotion and feeling. overwhelmingly so sometimes. All I know is I’m tired of falling. Tired of the hurt. trying to figure out how to flip that perspective into something positive and really feel it. i suppose that’s pluto and uranus transiting the angles, and mercury and mars and saturn, of my chart. transformation.

  2. Moon in Sag too, and I absolutely agree. I’m told I have amazed people by my sheer tenacity, will, and my natural ability to re-mission or replan forward movement on the fly or finding the fish in the “empty” pool so to speak. Can’t go left, then go right. River closed? Cross the mountain. No road? Build one. They say no? Ah, here’s the little doorway to yes. Or hell, dazzle them with magic tricks, and move on! It’s fun. People come to me for advice and pep talks on this, I guess because have been thru every sort of sh*t but am still in motion. What’s the saying? “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Go, Elsa, go Daisynymph, go Eliza! I wonder why this is. It’s my “wealth” in my view – do you feel that way too? My friends call it my “super power” haha.

  3. Intetesting!! I relate 100% and I have gem moon sextile aries jupiter… I also have Cancer Saturn squaring Jupiter…So I found this dynamic quite a bit in my life.

  4. yup this is me. moon in sag trine jupiter. i won’t say it doesn’t hurt sometimes though. sometimes i wish i could be content with less but then i think about how bored i’d be.

  5. It’s interesting to think about people out to destroy someone, running into this kind of character. Wolverine. We’re an important part of the landscape.

  6. I relate to this. Mars 28 degrees Aries in the 6th. I can handle anything. It may knock me down for a while, but I always get back up. I survive – I hang in there long after everyone else has given up.

  7. Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter in Capricorn here. Never thought of it this way, but it’s true, especially combined with my Saturn Mars conjunction in 12th house Scorpio. 2013 has been especially rough, but the last 5 years I have been encountering hidden enemies one after the next. Once again, I am trying to protect myself from being too optimistic with tomorrow’s new moon conjunct my 11 degree Jupiter in my 2nd house – my career needs a major boost of help!

  8. Jup/Moon exact inconjunct. Yup, know exactly the external/internal experience you describe. The remaining small military fam and small circle of close friends I have now at 42 describe me regularly as the ‘strongest’ and ‘miss-has-gone-the-furthest-against-all-odds’.

  9. Saturn at 0d 8th house sextiles that Moon at 1d 10th house which sextiles the Pluto at 1d 12th house in a mini grand trine on top of the moon/jup aspect. Anyone else with Sat/Pluto touching that Moon/Jup?? My daughter says when I get angry or determined, I become the ‘unstoppable force and immovable object’ all at once, which is why all her boyfriends feared me lol. Woot to us!!

    1. Notch, you made me laugh! Yes, exactly. My staff told me they loved that I appeared like a smiling pleasant kitty, but when the chips flew, I would go to battle for them like a stealthy focussed panther. And win. And then people trying to “get” them would eventually give up.

  10. I have Moon sextile Jupiter. Even when I want to quit after being burned badly, the desire is still there. Getting back up to act on the desire soon after getting flattened requires some work (much of it is the Jupiter training I’ve given myself.), but even if I do nothing, I’ll forget the pain/what happened within a few months and try to give it a go again.

  11. I think I should technically be like this–Sag moon quincunx Jupiter–but I don’t feel like I am someone who bounces back and is determined and nothing will get her down. I definitely faze. I get crushed. I don’t bounce back. I just don’t get 100% crushed. Pretty much like a cockroach, really–I don’t ever get 100% completely killed and done, I keep going on because what else is there?

  12. I admire all the qualities that a Jupiter touched moon has: optimistic, humorous, philosophical, adventurous, life-long learner, and that get up and go fearlessness. My dad had a Sag moon and he filled the house with life!

  13. I know exactly what you’re talking about, I was discussing something similar with my sparkly Taurus last night. While I do have moon conjunct Jupiter, I also have lots of cardinal and I guess I’ve always given it to that more than my moon/Jupiter, though really I guess both go far to just carrying on,

  14. I have Moon oppose Jupiter, but it is also opposed by Mars and Pluto and squared by Saturn…ouch, but I carry on.

  15. Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th trine Capricorn Moon in the 6th.
    I am blissfully blind to criticism of the plans I make for my career. Despite my profession being relatively unknown in my hometown when I finished undergrad in 1998, I drove my 21 year old self across the country to go to 3 and a half years of grad school and become a Chinese Medicine practitioner. I was blind to my parent’s skepticism. I just knew it was what I was meant to do.

  16. My moon’s in Aries, so is my Mars. As far as I can see, I have no Jupiter-Moon aspects.
    I credit Mars helping me fight for my life when someone tried to strangle me. I was furious! He’s in jail now, serving 8 to 25.

  17. I have a loose conjunction of 9″ in the 9th house but find this applies. Sag Moon with Jupiter in Scorpio. I find I have to roll with the highs and the lows. It’s all about riding the rapids and a lot of acceptance that life can’t stand still for us.

  18. I have Sag Moon in Square with Jupiter.
    Many years ago I visited a palmreader. His analysis of me left me stunned, because the characteristics he saw in my palm, co-related with many astrological features in my birth chart . One of the things he mentioned was highs and lows..in particular, he said – “when you go down, you go down with a vengeance”.
    So true! … I attribute that to the square with Jupiter, which it seems can go either way. I have really come to dread the lows, because of the extreme depths to which I’ve plummeted. I also “blame” my weak Pisces mars for inability to easily bounce back from knocks.

  19. hi elsa,

    i just wanted to know if you could link up an article you wrote about going off the radar when saturn hit MC and 10 th house… it was something about where you had to testify in court and u chose to blog about astrology … i hope u can remember it

  20. hey elsa tnx for a quick reply, i know its off, i didnt mean peeps wanted u dead, i am going through something similar and my brain was linking so i thought of something u wrote, its ok i ll try google some more see if i can get a hit on it … it was really well put verbally

    hope u have a good day

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