Are You Easy To Manipulate?

I am an easy person to manipulate. This is proven when people are able to come on this blog and provoke me to no end – briefly. They last until I have time to notice the tick…at which point I remove it and flush it for it good.

I was also told if I did not think I was easy to manipulate I should ask my husband which I did, right before I was told I was manipulated into asking my husband.

“Am I easy to manipulate?”

“Easy, like carrying an anvil into the garage,” he said.

“Is that easy to do?”

“No you’re not easy to manipulate. When do you ever do anything you don’t want to do? I’ve never seen you do one thing in your life that you didn’t want to do.”

No answer.

“P, we were at a truck stop and you wouldn’t even order. You wouldn’t order any food and not only that, you didn’t want me to order any food because you didn’t like the food! Hell no, you’re not easy to manipulate, the answer is no, you’re stubborn as hell and won’t do a damn thing unless you want to do it.”

Are you easy to manipulate? Where is Pluto in your chart?


23 thoughts on “Are You Easy To Manipulate?”

  1. I wouldn’t say you are easy to Manipulate really. I believe you are like most people you are interested in people and you are very helpful to all that truly want your help. There are some unscrupulousness folks out there that think life is but a joke and there for try to cause trouble any where they can some get away with it but most don’t.

  2. I don’t think so. I like to think I’m pretty savvy about those kinds of things but that usually means I’m completely oblivious. Pluto in the 3rd in Scorpio trine the Sun.

  3. I have natal pluto square sun and not easy to manipulate. Like Elsa i’ll do only what i want and following my morals. You can manipulate me only if i’m ok ;] It arrived i was manipulated by very good liars but not for long

  4. Nope. Not to say I haven’t been, but those who did had their work cut out for them—Pluto is in my 10th House, top of my chart.

  5. Elsa,

    I don’t think you can manipulated, especially being a stellar poker player.

    Wish I could chime in and say no, but have Sun sq Neptune. I can be gullible and manipulated, because I want to believe the best in others-Sun trine Jupiter. Learning to trust my gut.

    BTW – You’re welcome! 🙂

  6. hells no! my husband would say similar things about me. i am persuadable but not manipulable. (i may have just made all those words up).

    pluto in the 9th…that doesn’t scream hard to manipulate to me though, what could it be? pluto sextile moon? pluto sq mars (that explains the temper but…)

  7. I don’t know. I don’t think so but what if I’m totally unaware I’m being manipulated, then I wouldn’t know I’m being manipulated?

  8. Yes, very much so, Moon/Mercury trine Pluto, Pluto square Ascendant (probably). Let me get this straight, do stress aspects to Pluto make you easier or harder to manipulate? What do you guys think accounts for it astrologically?

  9. I’m completely resistant to manipulation, which can actually prove challenging sometimes – I can see straight through even my close friends and families games…
    Mercury Square Pluto

  10. Recently my mom reminded me of when I was a toddler and she would ask me to do something in front of her friends, to show off. When I wouldn’t, her friends would say, “Oh, that’s okay, we knew you couldn’t anyway.” (Reverse psychology usually works on 3-year olds. *lol*)
    “I can do it. I just don’t want to,” I’d reply and walk off.
    I literally used to choose spankings instead of doing things I didn’t want to do.

    No, I don’t think I’m easy to manipulate and it was evident from an early age. However, I am very, very easy to fool. *shrugs*

    Pluto hits my whole chart. The major aspects are conjunct Mars-Venus, trine moon, square Asc.
    Neptune trines my sun-Mercury-Saturn, I think that’s one reason I’m gullible.

  11. I’ve been had for sure – share similar aspects as jinjan and have the same conclusions!
    I thought being manipulable was more due to Neptune –denial, rose tinted glasses etc, Jupiter trust or idealism & that Pluto showed the ability to fend off manipulation.

    People with a criminal mind, as you say you do, would be the least manipulable. You’d be able to see through them “read their games”.
    But what about people who just know what someone wants to hear and take advantage which implies everyone has one (or two) blind or vulnerable spots to begin with?

  12. Pluto conjunct Sun, square Moon, sextile Saturn and Neptune in Libra and 2nd house. I recently went through sales training and the lecturer was going through the means of influencing – or, frankly speaking manipulating – people according some big corporate training guru. All I could think was: “And really, people won’t see behind that?” Because I usually do. But having now seen some top sellers working their magic, I’ve noticed a vast majority of people don’t. They may not be buying it all, but they usually have a soft spot. In my country it seems to be mostly authority that works: Once one at least seems to know one’s stuff, one can pretty much manipulate people to do whatever one wants.

  13. I don’t think it’s impossible but it isn’t easy and it’s a really bad idea because when I figure it out…

    On the other side of the coin, Gemini + Scorpio… let’s just say I try to only use my powers for good.

  14. No, I don’t believe I am easy to manipulate. The person would have to be pretty savvy to pull one over on me. I guess I can attribute that to a first house Pluto and a stellium in Scorpio.

  15. Everyone able to be manipulated if you find the ways to do it in. There are ways and keys in to everyone, I’m sure. Whether those are easy or not I don’t know.

  16. Elsa, I agree with the Soldier, you aren’t easily manipulated… doesn’t mean folks won’t try, and you’re sincere love of people might even give them a chance, but when push-comes-to-shove, they don’t have a prayer.

    I am not easily manipulated either, but have seen myself do the same, being open to people, sometimes is a risk- but, eventually those that have an ‘agenda’ usually do themselves in.

    I’ve got Pluto in Virgo (10th)… It’s my only Earth sign and it’s opposite about everything: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, & Chiron. It’s also sextile my AC & Neptune-

  17. CArRiE – welcome and on the “push comes to shove”, there is that – I am no pacifist but also stabbing a figment of your imagination through cyberspace is always going to be a time waster.

  18. No, but people who don’t know me often mistake me for someone who is. I always thought this was because of Neptune being conjunct with my Scorpio ASC.

  19. Not particularly unless the person is sufficiently self-deluding to believe their own lies.

    The last couple of years w/Neptune squaring my Mars/Mercury & ASC in Scorpio from the 3rd house made it much more difficult than usual to detect.

    Mostly it’s like Lupa said: I don’t think it’s impossible but it isn’t easy and it’s a really bad idea because when I figure it out… 🙂

  20. Hmmm. I am not sure I am easily manipulated, as much as provoked to review my own decision making process after “manipulative situations”. I have Pluto in the 12th house. I think I normally sense a manipulation before it happens…but I do from time to time, feel duped especially if forced to make a quick decision before being able to think about it on my own for a while. As I grow older, I am less and less guilt ridden when I turn around and renege my agreeing to take part in/with the manipulative circumstances or person(s), realizing full well I may ruin all chances in the future to deal again with certain people/group. I find that time always makes it better…’cause if I am being wronged, the person/situation will eventually be exposed, and my rep will be redeemed

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