Children: Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – ISO Love

pinnochio“So Sun-Saturn people need love more than almost anyone?”

Jessica  on the last Tooth Fairy blog

Actually that last post was long so I chopped it in half and the explanation for my asserting that a love relationship would be important to my son was cut. Here’s the rest of that bit.


My son has his Sun, Moon and ascendant in Venus (love) ruled signs along with planets in his 7th house so he was born to partner. He will never be happy alone. In fact he got up one morning when he was five years old looking completely beleaguered, “I am so tired of sleeping alone,” he said wearily. I just know he is going to meet his Tooth Fairy young.

I know because he is already looking for her. He hates being “single” and he has a lot in common with the soldier who did the same thing when he was a kid. He showed me his picture when he was about 8 years old. He’s got Pinocchio on his shirt and he looks humble and soulful.

“Does that not look like a kid who to be loved? Look at that kid.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, I really wanted some love. I was already looking for you back then,” he said. “I was just a little kid and I already wanted a girlfriend. I wanted someone to love and someone to love me and I wanted a girlfriend bad. I sure wish I’d have met you back then. I know I’d have loved you and wanted to be with you as soon as I saw you.”

anne-of-green gables.jpg“Yeah, we’d have been attracted. I’d have been activated by you for sure.” I was also a kid who badly wanted to partner.

“Yeah, I’d have loved you and I’d have walked you home, yep. Walked you home and carried your books for you too.”

‘Yeah, I bet you would have.”

“Yep and you’d have hit me with them but I’d still have done it. I’d carry your books from school even if you’d hit me. Do you believe me, P?”

“Yeah. And I would have thrown my books at you because I would not have been able to handle my feelings. I can barely handle them now. There is something about you. I am happy with you but it makes me almost crazy at times. Like I better start screaming or else.”

He looked at me all happy. Anne of Green Gables, I guess. She breaks her chalkboard over Gilbert’s head when he insults her hair so you can see why he was so thrilled when I swung that motorcycle helmet at him. He must have thought, eureka! I have found her!


Assuming you have ever felt this way, at what age do you remember wanting a partner?

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  1. This definitely strikes a chord! My seventh house is packed with planets. I think that I may have been born looking for a partner. I usually prefer the company of females. I am trying to see in my minds eye how far back I started asking girls out and I think I was seven.

    I have always been drawn to the romanticism of stories like Anne of Green Gables. [This actress is gorgeous. Elsa- have you shown her picture to your son?] I would rather watch a good chick flick than a hockey game any day of the week. Obviously there is a wide range of quality with chick flicks and some of them I will pass on.

    I have to go out, but I can tell you that I very much enjoy this blog and the comments posted here.

    PS I am pulling an illegal name change. My new name is spinner!

  2. I loved this story.

    I voted high. I have quite a bit of Libra including Venus. I remember feeling this way very young. I was 5 years old and it was my first day at school, I walked in saw this young boy and I knew. I wanted to be with him and I was going to fall in love with him. And I did. We just paired off. It was just us two. All we’d do is hangout together, walking, talking, holding hands. Ever since 5 i knew I wanted to be with someone

    Great story Elsa.

  3. Oh, I have Sun/Saturn, and I asked my mom to buy me a Tiger Beat when I was four. Finally, an object to focus my love on. Donny Osmond! David Cassidy! Screw Dr. Seuss, I wanted to be in love. I crushed on my dad from infancy. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t long for the love of a male in my life. That’s probably my Moon in Libra, too.

  4. I had my first kiss in the first grade. 😉 My sister tattled on me. My mom TOTALLY didn’t care.

    I have very little desire for marriage or family… but I do always prefer having a boyfriend if possible.

    I’m sort of like my cat, Angel. She has to have another cat around. When there is another cat around, she’s aloof, quiet, seemingly very calm, occasionally has needs like food or lap, but she just has everything else covered. And you think she could do just fine alone. But then when she doesn’t have another cat in the house, she goes nuts with boredom and starts tearing things up.

    I’m like that. I need a focus for my emotional energy, or I start to chew on the carpets.

  5. Well, I guess I have too much Libra, I haven’t decided, but aren’t we the ones who are supposed to hook up? There’s been a few deep seated crushes from early age’s at the movies.. and a few that I thought were “the one” but really a part of me just wanted to be mostly alone starting in my early 20’s, I just wanted to feel free.

    A few times, I thought I found The one. But they were just lessons along the way. and then afterwards, had to be alone again, to sort things out…

    I love being by myself right now. But everyone is different and everyone changes. I know I will feel totally complete with the right Someone, and I know it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. When it’s time.

    But I envy you all those close bonds. My perfect fantasy is that Italian setting of a long table out in the courtyard with 3 or 4 generations sitting around sharing a meal, with the best of food on a warm languid evening. I am forever a romantic in the air head sense

  6. Obsessed with partnering (I think my moon pluto in the 1st shoots all that energy over to the 7th, where Athena is tenanted) but it’s really challenging (venus square saturn) and confusing (venus square neptune) but I want it and long for it all the same.

    And when I have it, I’m happy. It’s that simple. It just makes life easier…

  7. Libra rising, packed 7th house. I need to be partnered. In second grade I went up to the new boy in class and told him I wanted to hug him and kiss him and marry him.

    I need to be in a relationship, but I have Uranus opposing all my 7th house stuff, Aries/Libra oppositions, and space is always an issue.

  8. Sun/Venus/Chiron in 7th, Sun/Chiron on descendant, Libra NN…. like your son, I’ve wanted a boyfriend since kindergarten. It’s never worked for me, but I hope it works out for him and fast!

  9. Kindergarden, when I had several crushes at once and wasn’t afraid to show it. Many times I yelled “I love you” at the top of my lungs to the confused boy.

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