That Libra North Node Ballroom Dancing Stuff Only Goes So Far…

ballroom dancing“Yeah, we’ll be at some ball somewhere and some bastard will come up and try to cut in,” the soldier said.


“Yeah and that’s when I kill the motherfucker. What the fuck do you think you’re doin’ I’ll ask him? You think you’re gonna dance with her? You’re not dancing with her,” he said, sounding very Italian. “Do I look like the sort of motherfucker you can cut in on?”

I snorted.

“You best get out of here while you can still walk you asshole and don’t think for one second I won’t rip that tuxedo cummerbund motherfucker right off your waist and wrap it around your neck because I will do exactly that.”

“Tuxedo cummerbund motherfucker? Some manners you’ve got.”

“Yeah, manners. I’ll tell ’em, me and P? We will clear this fuckin’ dance floor for you if you want so you best move your sorry ass along and do your cutting in on some other man. One less likely to kill you for even thinking you can dance with his girl. Yeah P. There is only going to be one name on your dance card – mine!”

Mars speaks. P snorts.

7 thoughts on “That Libra North Node Ballroom Dancing Stuff Only Goes So Far…”

  1. Have you started lessons yet? The way it always worked for me (save modern, tap or jazz dance) is that the girls outnumber the boys about 3 to 1. So I often Had to be a guy which is why I can now drag any guy out on the dance floor and twirl him around, willing, “follow me bitch”.

    But in class, often there is no choice, you have to mix it up and experience different partners. And usually, the sexy (if there is a God) instructor will try out all the female students.

    Uh oh?

  2. Mari – no we haven’t started and I dunno. I will have to ask him about that but I think he would make exception for the teacher… authority and all but I am not sure. And I doubt we will take sexy dancing because we can already dance plenty sexy! I think he has waltzing in mind but again I’m not sure. This is his thing, I am just goin’ along for the adventure per my style.

  3. Oh, you kids just have fun! Ballroom dancing usally includes the Mambo, Cha Cha and the very sexy Tango. You might watch “The Tango Lesson” by Sally Potter, very provocative…

  4. Thanks Kingsley, Mari I am going to ask the man directly what he thinks of the revelation and I will report back! 🙂

  5. E, Also, So moving, the original 1994 version “Shall We Dance” Japanese (subtitles I’m afraid but worth it) re Ballroom dancing, SOOOO sweet, very special, don’t even know if it’s on dvd, and the American version 2004 “Shall We Dance” with Richard Gere and J Lo, not really bad at all….

    I take it you’ve seen Dirty Dancing ha ha..
    Did you know that when they practiced dancing in that lake in upstate NY it was filmed in the fall, it really WAS in ice water. The crew painted the trees in green leaves. If I was a jock I’d have yelled Nipple Alert!

  6. It cracks me up how the Soldier gets himself so worked up about things that havent even happened yet. So… I guess according to the Law of Attraction, you guys will learn to Ballroom dance.. then will be at a Ball, and this scenario will happen- Just like the Soldier predicted. He will turn to you and say, “I just knew it,P”, and then Elsa will snort.

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