Saturn In Capricorn Transiting The 12th House

Saturn has entered my 12th house. Pluto is has been transiting my 12th since late, 2007. I’ve chronicled this phenomenal transit under the tag – Pluto Transit 12th.

These transits will culminate when Saturn and Pluto (and the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter) all meet up in January of 2020 (see Stellium).

I didn’t fare very well during Saturn’s transit of my 12th house, 28 years ago. I was not divinely guided or any of that crap. Matter of fact, my entire life fell apart. However I did learn quite a bit.

You have to guard (Saturn) against self-undoing (12th house) and deal with free floating (12th) fear (Saturn), if not out and out despair.  People who you believe have authority over you can trick you. It’s pays to be cautious, which is not the same things as paranoia!  Lines are blurred.

I learned so much, I held a workshop on this specific topic. How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs. I did this because there was no such thing available when I needed it.  This is a rough transit. The guide will help you through.

Will Saturn in Capricorn transit your 12th house? Talk about it here!

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  1. Neptune in Capricorn is a ruler of my 12 house. And I think Saturn in 12 house provides many opportunities for work, real or delusive, when you can have a rest.

  2. On the surface my saturn in 12H transit twenty years ago was great. Tried lots of new things – running half marathons, learning to ride motorcycle, rock climb, going to theatre shows. Went to Australia for two months on paid leave and travelled all round. Came up with a life plan and left my permie job and went contract at about twice the money.

    But the reality is that it was a lonely time. Was in Australia feeling lonely instead of truly enjoying the experience. The contract work took me away from my home to a place where I had no friends or social life and all the people I worked with where different in circumstances (i.e I was single, they were all married and at least ten years older).

    And I was stuck in grief from the devastation of being dumped by a woman I was deeply crazy about and wanted to married who I felt had unfairly ditched me (victim). I essentially followed her to Australia even though I never planned to meet up with her, it was just the bargaining part of grief … I guess if that isn’t love I don’t know what is.

    But the week Saturn moved into the 12H, I picked up a copy of “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” and started living its guidance and taking responsibility for myself. That’s why I suddenly decided to start doing stuff without needing anyone’s permission. Reading that book changed my life and set me up for everything that’s followed – good and bad.

    1. I am sooo glad you wrote this
      Everybody seems to spell doom for this transit but as much it started out as a devastation for me, I most certainly do not feel like sitting around waiting for all ducks to be a straight row to start living.. This just confirms that it’s doable!

  3. I think we talked about this….your 12th and my SIXTH ….lord have mercy.

    I wish I had the right thing to say about either of them. All I can say is its just …..enough already.

    I got up at 3 am with a fever. Why? I haven’t been around anyone but I guess you can get a germ off the delivered mail right? I took my temp….102. That’s rough on an older adult. There is nothing I can do about it….I have to work so …I will figure out how to work through it today.

    I really don’t want to be sick until 2020 or 2023….3-5 more years of feeling like walking death while my relationships fall apart all over the place….

    My best friend is having a Pluto through the 12th and she has experienced more pain and loss than she ever has in her lifetime. Son in an accident with brain damage. Lost both her mother (figure) and her father to cancer. Divorced. Youngest son with an apparent addiction. Financial disaster. And she also just had a major surgery similar to the one I had a year ago. She cries all the time. Its heartbreaking to watch. She has natal Saturn in Cap so now she will be dealing with that too.

    Its painful for her and painful to watch. She calls me almost every day and I listen. Then, try to give her anything I have and as much comfort I can offer. She has a Cancer sun, she is led by her emotions and she is knee deep in pain right now.

    As bad as my stuff has been, she is dealing with something so deep right now, all I can do is try to hold her up. I worried a year ago she may take her life, because she said she wanted to. Just heartbreaking!

    1. That is heartbreaking. 🙁

      I am not in this kind of shape, I hope that’s clear. I am not in any circumstance where people have to be worried about me. I have support…perhaps more support than I’ve ever had in my life.

      All I can say is where you live, matters. If you have a heart and live in heartless place, get out, if at all possible! Because it makes such a difference.

      1. That is so true…”if you have a heart and live in a heartless place…get out” There’s nothing truer when shit hits the fan. I was born and raised in a place with heart and moved away almost a decade ago and I’ve wanted to go back since day one. Not everyone is so lucky to have been raised in a place with heart though or even knows what it’s like, which is sad.

        1. Most people where I live currently have no idea that there exists any place that has heart. The way I see it, these people are cut off from others and cut off from truly connecting with anything at all, even themselves. Big fancy cities and the suburbs that surround them are definitely not all they’re cracked up to be. The simple life is the way to go, where people slow down, take in life and actually feel and have time to care about each other.

          1. I think you’re right. There was an ambulance once, dispatched to the house next door. No one called them. No one was at home. But someone saw this happened, called my neighbor at work and told them there was an ambulance…

            He told them he was okay, but they should go check on me. Next thing you know, some gal is knocking on door, “You okay?”

            Or how about last weekend. We got our truck stuck in the mud. Got a text from the neighbor, “Looks like you need a tow…”

            He was over with his cousin in a 4 wheel drive, pulling our truck out within 15 minutes.

            If you tell someone around here that you have a problem or need help, you will get that help, pretty much without fail.

            1. Yes, that’s what I mean. That’s how it was most of my life. I couldn’t believe how sterile it was when I moved here. I whined about people here not having any heart for years…I specifically said that for years until I just surrendered. There really is a difference in how fulfilled you are when you live in a place with heart…Maybe not success-wise- of course there are more opportunities in a big city, but if you want to be fulfilled emotionally…if you want people to care about you and you want to reciprocate…I wouldn’t live in a big city or anywhere near one. Like I say, these things matter when shit starts hitting the fan. 🙂

              1. You’re right. There are people here who are always on the lookout for how they might be able to pitch in. It’s your reputation and your family name. People are not so discardable or invisible, moving in and out all the time. If you come here and people see you intend to stay, they will do everything they can to improve your life. It’s a good way to live. You sleep well at night.

      2. She moved far away from home and she is sinking there. She is in a heartless place. I wish she would come back home where she has more support.

        If I don’t hear from her…I am looking for her.

        Her toughest blow was when her son was attacked on the street. He was attacked by 5 men and repeatedly kicked in the head. He is lucky to be alive, but will never be the same. He was in the hospital for a long time. On life support for months. While she thanks God he is still here, he will never be the same. He is an adult with a child’s mind. She had to go through all the things that follow such a thing, they caught them, court trial, in the end none of them were charged with anything if you can imagine that.

        She isn’t made of steel to begin with and her earlier (younger) life was easy, so she has been in no way prepared for hardship. As much as I complain about seeing the back side of hell in childhood…it was that, that made me strong enough to endure all the stuff I have had to wade through. I never thought I would say that I was lucky to have my craptastic childhood. But, as it turns out, I was.

        She has suffered so much loss and gone through so much heartache that I asked her if I could look at her birth chart and have her birth time….I took one look and said….uh oh….there it is.

        I wish she had your FAITH and half of your strength Elsa. I am hoping she pulls out of this… I am worried about her.

  4. Dear Elsa
    Thank you definitely for the heads-up. My 12th house starts at 10 degrees Capricorn.
    My partner and my best friend have both survived this transit while Saturn was in Scorpio and it was so hard!
    My BFF’s life literally fell apart. Now she s having a brand new life without poisonous partner.
    My partner tried subconsciously and later consciously destroy his life and renounce me. Hard time!

  5. I have a 12th house stellium home to my Sun, Venus, Neptune, Saturn & North Node all in Capricorn. Aquarius rising.

    With my placements could Saturn’s return affect me differently?

    1. Yes! This transit will teach you about how all the planets work in your life. People rarely have a clue about their 12th house until the planets are impacted by transit. I don’t know how old you, but most definitely, this will be a major transit for you. 🙂

      1. Wow ~ I have learned a lot in the last year! I have entered my first Saturn return with Saturn now occupying Capricorn.
        Pluto has transited Uranus, Sun, and Neptune in the 12th house and is coming up on Saturn, Venus, and finally North Node.
        Saturn will slowly but surely make its way thru the 12th as well first transiting natal Uranus and ending at 29 degree NN.
        I’m very curious about transiting Pluto & Saturn being exact in early 2020. What a time to be alive ~ Love to all XOXO

  6. My last Saturn in the 12th experience was challenging but positive—new job, moved to a new home and then marriage. But my experience of Pluto in the 12th has been like a series of atomic bombs. It started off it’s transit with the biggest bang of all—-one degree in and my sister committed suicide. I’ve lost a lot of people in this transit but the end is in sight–(25 13′). I’m wondering what it is going to be like with Saturn tagging along too!

  7. Saturn transited my 12H Capricorn between January 1988 – April 1991. I learned I was pregnant in January 1988 and voluntarily left the work force and became a stay-at-home mother in the ensuing years. Yes, it was an isolating time. Morning sickness left me confined to my home that first trimester. Chasing two toddlers wasn’t what I thought it would be until I enrolled my oldest in preschool in April 1991. I then could thrive in assorted volunteer activities when Tr Saturn crossed my Aquarius ASC.

    1. I too was pregnant (1990) 12 house Saturn transit. It was a major transition in my life, aside from being pregnant and having baby. I went from hell (childhood) to something completely different. I was a teen mom

      1. Now, as it squares my sun, anxiety about my abilities. I am Questioning if I am doing the right thing, in terms of career where I’m living, etc….my life Path. Factoring in the Pluto transit- it hasn’t been easy (psychosomatic issues) purging and reality. Damn. Purging (Pluto) and reality (Saturn). It’s not an easy road but a road I travel.

  8. Saturn is relatively well aspected in my natal chart (Virgo – 8th, trine Sun, trine Mercury), however, it squares my natal Sag Neptune in the 12th, and opposes my natal Pisces Moon in the 2nd (very severe T-Square). As Saturn transits my 12th and activates that T-Square, it has demanded (often brutally) that I do a great deal of inner work. Though heavy and uncomfortable, it was housekeeping I needed to do anyway to deconstruct false beliefs and reconstruct myself around my talents and gifts in order to better serve myself and others.

  9. I went and checked the ephemeris and, indeed, when Saturn was in my 12th house, I felt like I was a prisoner. I was stuck in a relationship that killed my spirit and made me feel the most oppressed I’ve ever felt in my life. This did put a fire in my ass though, because I’m no quitter, so during this I decided to start college, with a two year old at home. I have no idea how I managed that, since the guy I was with would not allow me to work, go out with friends…basically, I was confined, I didn’t even have a car, and this wasn’t in a major city where you can easily take a bus or train. I had to depend on this asshole whose only goal in life was to keep me miserable it seemed. Anyway, when Saturn went into my first, I used my school loan money to buy a car and get the hell out of there.

  10. Saturn in Leo transited my 12th house from the end of 2006 until mid-2009 (including retrogrades). I was sidelined by everything. My husband’s illustrious 30 year military career and the engine of our family’s life came to an end with retirement. We stopped moving every two years, we needed to find a place that would accommodate and give our three children community stability, my husband was only 52 with stellar credentials to begin a new career, I was a fitness instructor and ready to finally stay in one sport and develop friendships not based on who my husband worked with or who my kid’s friends’ moms were.

    My husband insisted we move to his home state. A place I had only visited but I thought heck I’ve moved to 8 states in 17 years I had never lived in before – this is the last time, its fine. I contracted Lyme Disease before my house was packed and with retirement we spent 10 weeks with no home, 3 teens in a hotel and no primary care doctor for me. Once we found a home, we also discovered how difficult it was for two of our children to fit into a conservative world when they had been part of an international one. It took 8 months for me to begin to regain my health and during that time my husband decided not to ever work again. We would live on his retirement.

    What has that to do with Saturn in the 12th? I wasn’t hospitalized (except for a few days with a burst appendix) but what I considered the best job I had ever had – raising my children, being a supportive spouse – crashed around me and I didn’t know how to pick up the pieces when my husband simply checked out emotionally.

    I knew the retirement had sent him into a tailspin but I didn’t know where to begin to help.
    I knew my oldest, high I.Q. son had gone from a world where his technical and analytical abilities were admired to one where football players ruled and he was the butt of their jokes, lonely and scorned.
    My vivacious daughter was groomed by one of the same football players and nearly sexually assaulted only to then be labeled “the new slut” and left lonely and scorned.
    Then my husband’s father died, the one we moved to be near, and he found new life in arguing with his sisters as executor of the poorly constructed estate.

    I don’t even know why I’m writing this…that ended in 2009, right? And was followed by my 2nd Saturn return in my 1st house – which reminded me that relationships are what keep me going and the three that mattered the most to me were with my children. We had a few good years when Saturn was in Scorpio but my marriage has never recovered. Saturn is now conjuncting my Sun in Sagittarius and when it passes into Capricorn it will square my 4 planet stellium in Capricorn. That’s when I expect life to get challenging.

    1. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but, the relationship that matters the most is you, not the kids, be like them, selfish. Your husband, like mine, retired at 50, under my feet, possessive etc, etc. It was only at 60 that I realised there was no provision for me financially, men are selfish(like a child) its all about them as it is with the kids, they have to go and have their own destiny, where is that going to leave you???? When you realise you are the most important person in the world, life will start to empower you. It will be hard, you will have every excuse there is. I did, I do. BUT, how I am trying to do it is like this. Think back to how life was before you met your husband and had children. Who were you then. Look at her in your mind, remember her, what would she say to you now??? It will keep you awake, it will make you sad, and in the end it will make you mad. Thats when the courage will come. You have a daughter, I don’t, but I would absolutely hate a daughter of mine to be trampled on like I and you have been. And, the reason you are writing this online is your real being(soul) is trying to escape. I really understand what you are not saying. I’m still married, I don’t want to be though sometimes,I do love him but, I would not do it all again with him (probably) but we are all to blame in relationships in some way. Being a doormat does no one around you any good. I really wish you ‘some get up and go’. Talk to the real you, she will talk back and she will always love and respect you. Even if you don’t.! xxxxxxxxxx

      1. I love what you say here. I am 28 experiencing my first Saturn return in 12. So I am doing this more or less all alone unless some planet comes along and gives me some relief.. And I am a pregnant single mom who already has a 9 month old daughter. Men suck. They are less evolved than women. And I like who I am better when I haven’t lost myself in my partner. I can deeply relate to what you have written here. Thank you.

  11. I am in the last year of this 2.5 year transit and I can say it has been a learning experience. I have early Cap rising squared by Saturn late Virgo in the 9th and Sun late Pisces in the 3rd.

    I am usually pretty Saturnine with the Cap rising and Sun/Saturn opposition, but this period has been extreme. I moved to this small town to build relationships a few years ago, but this transit has me wanting only to be by myself. When I am by myself I am happy, but I know this is not sustainable. Still, I feel more like a rock every day. I happy rock, sitting in the sun with moss growing around it. But a rock! I am assuming this will change by the end of the year when Saturn squares itself and my Sun. By the time it moves over my ascendant I expect to be back in the world again.

    It has actually been a relief to accept how much I want to be on my own. Luckily I seem to have been able to just be, with ‘shields up’ – invisible, not offending anybody. Happily, everyone else’s lives seem to have gotten so busy they don’t really notice. Periodically there are get togethers or community events and I always go and do the right thing. I have loved this time to read and think and meditate and study. I think Saturn transits start out so tough but wind up being very stabilizing.

    Elsa, it will be interesting to see how you work with this, this time around. 28 years ago for me it was also very dramatic and intense, but I think the older you get, the easier these Saturn transits are. This one has been pretty quiet so far…

  12. I don’t know if I can survive my 12th Saturn in Capricorn.

    Saturn in Sagittarius, is nearly finishing me off and I’m on the last leg of Saturn Neptune saga. Devastated.

    I think, this will be a warning to keep my head down and embrace the hard work ahead. Or maybe, I’ll get a payoff? From all of the hardships. Higher learning/being.

    I really do need a win.

    1. (((((((((((((Sunnysadge)))))))))))))))

      Saturn in Sag is nearly finishing me off too. My Natal Saturn is in Sag. I get it. First my health, then my work. I have been trying to stay alive since January 2015. I cant imagine what this next nightmare will be ….I sure hope you can hang in there. I am going through it too. Sending hugs

      1. Thank you, Saturn in Sagittarius, right from the start was hell. Uranus in 1 degree, then right through my stellium.

        It’s like a Saturn return again! But Capricorn, I don’t know.

        Thank you again Soup.

  13. “I was not divinely guided or any of that crap.”
    Elsa, I LOVE the way you deliver your wisdom!

    When I had Saturn in my 12th, back in 2007/2008, it sure felt bad and lonely. I started feeling I’m getting old (although I wasn’t that old, by my current standards!). I was briefly with a very deceitful 12th house sun guy, otherwise had no partner. But I made some friends at work (extremely rare for me) who have turned out to be true solid friends. I certainly wouldn’t say it’s the worse transit I’ve experienced.

  14. 12H transits are a nightmare for most of us because they bring a lot of loneliness. You don’t have to be sent to prison or hospitalised to get the traditional interpretations of the 12H, it can just be something as simple as moving to a new city or even extended maternity leave.

    What everybody should understand though is the purpose of Saturn in the 12H.

    SAturn going round the houses of the birth chart is a cycle of finding out who you are, what matters to you and then creating your life work that begins when it crosses the ascendant and culminates when it hits the MC.

    The time when it’s in the 12H is a time of reflection and understanding what went well, what went wrong and then releasing those things for a new start with the next round of Saturn through the chart.

    Most of us, myself included, are not comfortable just sitting and reflecting especially if we live in cultures that emphasise hardwork, or have prominent earth planets.

    1. I have natal Saturn in Capricorn on 12th (also rising sign, Neptune and Uranus). I have Sun in Sagittarius and this Saturn in Sag transit has been life changing for me, i’m deeply grateful for all the lessons and bumps on the way, somehow i managed to extract all the good that it had in store for me…

      What would you say about the approaching first return of Saturn, in Capricorn on the 12th for me? Thanks!

  15. Transit will transit my 8th and conjunct my sun. I’m expecting a tough time, but I’m a Capricorn and know that there is no other way. My natal Saturn is in 12 house (conjunct moon and vests) so I have permanent encounters with shifting-sand situations, enemies who become friends and vice versa, prison like conditions surface often, hospitals and churches are my second homes. But Saturn here for me is like finding the next hanging vine as you swing through the dark, unknown of the jungle. Be like Tarzan – the next vine is always only am arms length away. ?

  16. I had this transit when Saturn was in Cancer through mid Leo from 2004-2006. A lot of great things happened. It began when I got remarried (Saturn), had a new baby (Cancer) and culminated in a huge promotion at work (Saturn) that gave me a lot of public attention (Leo). But there’s the bad. That was when my bitter ex started to get petty and began dragging me into court constantly about *everything* and all of the lies (12th) and alll of our family (Cancer) skeletons (Saturn) were revealed. No dirty stone unturned. Lots of losses and sorrow (12th) around the kids (Cancer). In fact, the ex managed to hide (12th) that he’d gotten secretly (12th) remarried (Saturn) until some months after when his new spouse called me unexpectedly to assert her new role as a stepparent and stir up drama (Leo) for the sake of it. ? And that explains the rest of our interfamily dynamics from that point forward… Thank goodness that chapter is almost closed ?

    That was a tough and humiliating transit but there can be good things that can come of it.

  17. I have natal Saturn conjunct Pluto in 8th house Libra. Thats some heavy hitting sh*t – also have Moon in Libra as well.

    I will have Saturn in my 12th transit too – but, it will also sextile my 4 planets planets in Scorpio (Mercury + a Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction opposite Chiron and Algol), so at least thats something, as Saturn will be squaring the other planets in Libra.

    Elsa, do you have any input on how to use the balancing act between these differentiating forces in this transit?

    One of the things I already see coming is my father either passing away – or being sick. This transit is also a period where my sister will be having her Saturn transit. I’ve not seen my father in 10 years, but recently I’ve been reconnecting with him again. I’m thinking I might do myself a favor and make an effort here. Because Saturn leaves no stone unturned. Neither does Pluto. And Saturn just MIGHT be able to put some order to the mess that Pluto has been causing the past years in my life. Agree? 🙂

    Thanks very much in advance, any reply is greatly valued :-*

  18. Oh my God, I wonder what will happen to me? I am 72, Pluto in Capricorn in my 4th house natal Venus,terrible losses my Mom, my my best friend, many of my beloved horses, lastly my husband from whom I am separated for 12 years, hello Uranus in Aries in my 7th house, while Saturn is hitting my natal Sun and Mars in Sag, in my third house. Loss of life, financial loss, new love for ten years but think it’s ending, I think I want to get off the planet, so selling my house hopefully and move again. Could not survive a 12 house transit, thankfully I don’t have to, pray for you all.

  19. Elsa, I had the most terrible 1st Saturn return, and definitely a loss of self/money,courage even, through Libra my 12th house both the 1st and 2nd return. Whatever you learned about yourself(looking honestly back) it will help, its weird that I think and know that, its like you dad (mr.Saturn) says no, when normally you can can get away with stuff. Its really easier the next time. However, when Saturn went through my 1st house for the second time it actually hit my natal Saturn and I had a great time teaching a craft for money. Now Saturn in my second house opposite my Venus, 3 passes this year, the middle one exact the day after my birthday, can’t wait for that one!!! All I have done is worry, but, saved money and stayed in(prison), however, I do like having a bit of backup that I never had before. I have natal Pluto sq Saturn, great eh? Whole life I’ve been a disliked, unliked, burden, (its painful to know that) BUT, funny now I know that its set me free. DOB 13/7/1956 3.36pm, Nottingham England. Just look what I have coming, life is a ball, just wish I could get in one and roll off somewhere, knowing me I would roll into a thorn bush and the ball would burst and I would bleed to death escaping! Now that is Saturnian humour in the 12th house…… Love Elsa.

  20. Elsa… what would you say THIS astro mix will bring? >>… 12th house cusp 4 degrees cap, Natal chiron is there at 16 degrees and NNode in 12th at 26 near conjunct ascendant at 28. Transiting PLUTO is conjunct all that now AND Progressed Sun/merc/venus stellium all conjuncting the natal chiron and transiting pluto conjunction right now and past year+. When transiting SATURN comes into the natal 12th house to JOIN all that, WHAT DOES THIS INDICATE???
    It all is in a Tsquare with natal venus/neptune in libra at the tail end of the 8th house, and natal Uranus in cancer in the 6th. If you add transiting uranus the whole thing is a Grand square..
    Saturn coming to this loaded 12th house in OPPOSITION to n6th house uranus..In spring 2018 Mars will ALSO join saturn in his loaded 12th!!! Is this a hospital, jail or psychological breakdown or death? Progressions sit there for years and he is already 63…but Saturn and mars hitting that stellium seems very scary and karmic.
    (Progressed moon is also in the progressed 12th, btw.!!..) He has had a severe mental break once before when transiting saturn was on natal venus/neptune/saturn.

  21. The last time Saturn was in my 12th house Capricorn (along with, Neptune, moon and NN), my first husband became ill with Cancer. Pluto was on my midheaven. He survived about 2 years. Died in November of 92. Transiting Neptune and Uranus, Conjunct his midheaven, Mars in the 4th, opposite midheaven, NN in the 8th, Moon just crossed his descendent, transiting Jupiter in the 6th, conjunct Mercury. Saturn was in my 1st house, when he passed. I literally worked my ass off the whole time. This time Pluto is in the 12th also… I can’t even imagine.

  22. Dear Jen, It seems a long time since I wrote about the fear of Saturn and Pluto, now I have a lot more knowledge, particulary about progressions which I have done on my own really hard chart and they are completely spot on, the sceptic (me) is converted. So, its been a horrible stressed year really and yet I did listen to the planets, read a lot of books on Neptune, Saturn and Uranus(my personal favourite) and Pluto. There is too much negativity about astrology because sometimes no matter what you do or how you try life bites you. And, astrology should help you not frighten us all to death. I think the best advice is try to listen to the POSITIVE as heed the negative and just try your best. I’m ending 2017, worrying a bit!, hey I’m a worrier, but just trying to accept that I have just made it all seem a whole lot worse by worrying, you know, like a dog with a bone. All you get is splinters, so, wishing you the best for next year, and, lets just hope that the extremely lunatic fringe of heads of governments chuck themselves from a cliff. If you are worrying about the future, turn off your phone, do not watch the news and just refuse to get into conversations, look after yourself for once, be number 1, not 2 or 3 or 4.! This is not selfish just immense good sense. Remember, if you drop dead then the world and your family, friends etc will just carry on.!!!!!! Really think about that. xxxxx

  23. I’m currently experiencing this transit, right now. And will be until 2020, as I just entered into my first Saturn return period. My finances are all dried up, I’m in debt, the dreams that I have at night are extremely vivid, karmic and they all are taking back to different points within my life that I still need healing from. It’s been a true whirlwind of chaos and uncomfortability since December 2017, but I know that there is a lesson in all of this. I’m just learning how to surrender, although this energy is very heavy.

    1. Is that why I am having this dreams? I feel the same way and am going through the same shit. Wow. Well said. Saturn went into Capricorn on my freakin birthday. Like you I know it’ll be okay, we need to learn our lesson, I keep saying that. I feel relieved to know I am not alone.

  24. hi, I lost my job with Saturn in my 12th house in sagitarius last year after 14 years, it came by surprise even if i need to admit was not happy with it. Saturn is now entering my 1st in Capricorn opposite my sun in Cancer (6°), I still have no idea what i am going to do next and every attempt to find a job lately is not working so far. I am even considering studyng again for one year as I dont want to stay and do nothing…I hope next year will be better but saturn will make a square to Uranus then will conjunct my moon in Capricorn which migt be a tought time.. lastly Uranus will move in my house 4th opposite my MC, i am not exepecting great successes soon

  25. Just saw that Saturn is “on the line” of 12th house. Pluto already there.

    Now that I feel safe living with boyfriend physical PTSD symptoms appeared after 6 months with mean boss (plus lifetime of this and that trauma). They say it manifests when your physical body and soul say it’s time.

    I’m back at school – LPN to RN. Facing fears; overcoming obstacles. Cried when in a refresher math class couldnt figure out how to simplify a large fraction. I left with crocodile tears. Came back and said “the answer is one; It cannot be simplified”. No one had figured it out. I was still choking back tears. But I was the winner.

  26. Saturn enters my 12th house on March 31st 2019. Pluto has been back there since December after a short run early in 2018. They conjoin on that big day in January 2020. I plan to go somewhere to be away on my own at that time. Not sure where yet but it will be somewhere atmospheric. I’m already feeling the effects. A career that I’ve tried my best with but which isn’t right for me is now dissolving and ending. And I’m glad. I’m not sure what to do next yet. I’m also becoming more aware of my soul and who I really am and how much time and effort I’ve spent trying to pretend to be a person I am not in order to…. well I don’t even know why.

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