Astrology And Diet – Talk About Motivation!

I’ve been a sloth for a number of months, especially compared to the years I spent working out 5-6 times a week, on a cross-trainer on level 20!  I barely exercise at all anymore for a myriad of of reasons.

One of the reasons is my husband doesn’t care. He likes curvy women and I am pretty sure he wouldn’t mind one bit it I put on 50 pounds!  I do have Mars in Libra which equates to being driven to please the partner and when you put this all together along with the fact I am old and busy, you can see how I’d slack on the exercise, but!

But my husband quit smoking a couple years ago and he put on quite a bit of weight. His doctor told him this was typical and he’d likely lose it after two years which is exactly what is happening. He’s lost 35 pounds and he’s looking…hot!

I am just off the phone with him and I told there was no way in hell that he was going to be the good-looking one and me, the dowdy wife.  He said this would be impossible and I said, go to hell.  I am as of right now, this minute, on a diet and exercise regimen because it’s now a competition (Mars) with the partner (Libra). Isn’t this funny?

But also,  Saturn will be squaring my ascendent (body) over the next 8 months and there is just no way I can walk around, “soft in the middle” as Paul Simon would say.

Anyone else feeling motivated / committed today?

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  1. Wooha!! We are astro helper, but i never thought that some one think about astrology upto this level.

    Yeah agreed that Stars special position enforce everyone to perform special task and if one would like to do something else then it would be difficult. But my dear friends, As per Vedic astrology and as per Epic Geeta; it is mentioned that Human is the only one on the earth who can perform task; human is the only one who can think and human is the only one who can change the fate. Here by saying change the fate means that one can go on the opposite direction from ones stars. So better do your task do workout dont think that saturn will not let you do that 🙂

  2. i quit teaching my exercise program in March and haven’t broke a sweat since. Jupiter in Taurus came along and I MUST have chocolate EVERYDAY (and prefer greasy hamburger for lunch). Therefore, I have gained weight and my once flat stomach (that I absolutely adored) is now becoming a pooch. Ox, however, started taking jiu jitsu and has slimmed down by 40 pounds and is looking freaking awesome. I have Mars in Libra..Ox prefers curvy women..
    Needless to say, I know what you are talking about.
    I’m motivated today. And the inkling of “doing something” has been in the back of my mind for the last couple of days but I’m not ready to commit to teaching again so I’m not sure which outlet I’ll choose. not an option (it never has been). And with my Mars conj Uranus I NEED a physical outlet. So..we’ll see.

  3. I’m actually starting a new eating plan today. Prefer that term to “diet.” I’ve gained a huge amount of weight over the past few years of being ill, but I’ve also been emotionally overeating, using it like a drug, for the past year. I can’t blame it all on forced inactivity – it was my choice what to put in my mouth! However, despite realizing all that, I can’t say I’m *feeling* the motivation quite yet.

  4. I’m here and there. Moon is passing by my Neptune.

    That sounds fun, Elsa 🙂 Although, from the pics you’ve shown, I think you look great either way!

  5. I don’t remember the last time I had a flat stomach. I used to be skinny and curvy at the same time, but now I’m just flabby and slightly overweight. a family friend, on hearing that I was unhappy with my weight said, “She’s never put on weight??” she’s only ever known me as skinny.

    I don’t care either way right now, although I was complaining the other day, that I had to tone up. Your telling your husband to go to hell, made me smile; your exchanges sound funny. 🙂

  6. I had problems losing weight when I was young because I was bored and would eat when I was bored! One day I had enough and became more mentally active and read books or articles instead of snacking when I was bored. My new ‘lifestyle’ worked and I lost 40 pounds since.

    You’ve lost weight before Elsa, based on what you wrote on the blog so I believe you can lose as much as you want!

  7. What is the ‘state of grace’ for a woman? Whether you’re a teenager or older, if you’re Asian or European or Latin. The state of grace is “losing weight” yes that is. I am in that wonderfull state wich delight a pisces saturn (mine). I am trying the “Alternate Fast Diet” made for cardiologist, I founded it reviewing cientifics abstracts: ONE DAY FASTING (600Kc) TWO DAYS REST eat as usual. It is great till I can return to excersises because of my work I can’t right now.

  8. I often hear how it’s bad to “diet” in a yo-yo way, or for a special event, like a wedding, a few months ahead, but if that doesn’t motivate me, I don’t know what will. I need a goal in order to actually work out. Otherwise I stick to some mild jogging, walking, or yoga.

  9. This year so far I’ve lost 55 pounds and I have about 25 left to go.
    As for exact motivation this year, well my upcoming Saturn return is a real good example. In my chart, Saturn trine my ASC, MC and my Sun, it also conjuncts my Pluto. But I think the major thing that helped in the kick in the butt was the Grand Cross of this year. Everything was sitting on my angles… Pluto on my DSC, Uranus on my 10th house cusp and Saturn in the 4th.
    I’m so motivated, it’s almost scary! I think about my goal and ways to achieve all the time.. I’m very consumed with getting healthy this year!
    In my Solar Return chart, I have a huge stellium, including my Sun, in the 12th house so it’s perfect for a one-year project!
    I love going to the gym 5-6 times a week and do that cross-trainer for 30-45 minutes at level 20!! (I actually do that so I laughed when I read that you did that too Elsa!!)

  10. Hi I`m with ya , I always dabbled in health good food and gym rat ness ~ but lately ehhhhh not so good , and my high blood pressure is kicking in so back to walking my fat arsed off . Wish I could still run but the ol knees are shot lol you go girl !

  11. so, I’m sitting at home eating my chili cheese fries mess for dinner and these words are hitting me in the head, “no way in hell that he was going to be the good-looking one and me, the dowdy wife”
    Dammit I took the bed apart in my spare bedroom and I’m going to Sears today to buy one of those combo weight machines to put in there. And I ran/walked a mile this morning. Did I say “dammit” already?

  12. My husband doesn’t think he is good looking but he is wrong about that.

    “Look. I am going to defend my position,” I said. “I am not having some bitch look at you, size me up and say, I’m going to go shake my ass over there in front of that guy.”

    He roars.

  13. Elsa.Those are words of wisdom! My BF seems to like curvey figures too, I was always very skinny, up until I had a child. & I don’t have the bone structure to gain loads of weight and look good!! & I’ve been calling myself a sloth for a long time now LOL. I eat like it’s filling a some bottomless void, it’s an addiction..especially chocolate and cheese things; late at night =X So to counter-act my bad eating I try to walk more.

  14. My progressed moon is in Taurus in the 12th when it. Was in Aries I was the smallest I have been in 20 years but I was going through a divorce and was an emotional mess. Afraid for my kids and my future. Now im not but my clothes don’t fit and I physically feel horrible Saturn has entered my 6th and is inconj both my sun in Pisces and mars in taurus. Time to do something before I get so fat I don’t want to move:(

  15. Hmmm looking at the taurus influence it seems food has to much control right now. Sex maybe a good substitution but I’m not someone to just go have sex. No significant other right now. Any ideas for a substitution?

  16. OMG! I love this thread too! There’s so much gold in these old threads. Thanks for saving them in this manner Elsa. I’ve just been through a soul search on motivation. My Mars is in Taurus in the 8th house. My motivation is definitely in the senses. How I feel.

    When my trainer works me out so hard that it takes me a week to feel normal again I want to pick up a frying pan and hit him over the head. No stupid. I want to feel GOOD after my workouts. Not f’n crippled!!!!

  17. great thread! In early 2012 i had some surgery that was extra-invasive to be on the safe side (I am okay so far, knock on wood). Glad but it left me in great pain for months with movement of my upper body (shoulders) and I couldn’t run and cut down my 5 miles daily walks. Then I tripped on our cat, flung myself aside and wrenched my knee and lower back a but, so I have to be less aggressive with my other excerise routine etc etc. At the same time, I found out my sudden asthma symptoms were just allergy flares related to molds in my new city and I was told to spend less time outside! So I cut back on walks…..and I gained just five lbs over two years, but feel softer and not as in shape? You know that feeling we all do. My Virgo planet group is tsk-tsking this health gap, so I have been back on it since early summer, working out and just dealing w the allergy attacks. I want to feel like myself again.

    Motivation is the way we feel! I agree with the other posters.

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