Are Midpoints Sensitive To Transits?

protractorSometimes one experiences an effect that doesn’t seem attributable to a direct transit to a planet or point in the natal chart. There are other things to check out, in that case, such as something in the progressed chart. Another possibility to consider is an activation of the midpoints between natal planets. The midpoint between planets is just like it sounds, the middle distance between the two planets. If you take the position of each, calculate the distance in degrees and divide by two you get the midpoint.

You take that degree and measure it forward from one planet or backward from the other and find the exact spot in the zodiac. That is the midpoint. The midpoint is the shortest distance between the two points. If you’re looking at planets in opposition, which side of the zodiac the midpoint occupies is moot as a planet occupying either side will square both planets.

Activation of the midpoint is by conjunction only as it is a theoretical point. A very small orb of just a few degrees is used here. Midpoints are sensitive areas where the effect is to both planets, blended. For example, if your Moon and Mercury don’t form an aspect to each other but Pluto transits their midpoint you’re going to have a Pluto effect on the blending of Moon-Mercury matters even if Pluto makes no independent transit aspect to either.

This is also active in synastry, calculating the effect each person’s planets have on the other in relationship. One person’s planet occupying the midpoint of a pair of another’s planets will have an effect that is not obvious from looking merely at the aspects.

Do you take note of midpoints when investigating transits or synastry?

14 thoughts on “Are Midpoints Sensitive To Transits?”

  1. Only sun/moon midpoints. I still have trouble integrating some planets together in interpretation, so I’m not comfortable using all of the other planet’s midpoints yet.

    At least in my chart, I’ve noticed that my sun/moon midpoint is super-sensitive. Uranus sits close by there natally, so that helps me keep track. 🙂

  2. I was recently introduced to the idea that any planet conjunct the sun/moon midpoint has a big effect on relationships.

  3. I don’t know that I’m EVER going to get my head around everything I need to know, but the way you explain things Satori, really does help them to sink in =)

  4. Thanks for the info Satori and thanks for the calculator John! Those of us that are allergic to numbers greatly appreciate that!

  5. I read (I think in Melanie Reinhard’s book on Chiron) that the natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint has a Chironic effect. In my experience this is definitely the case, on a par with actual Chiron transits.

    And for me the Saturn/Pluto midpoint has proven to be very tricky.

  6. Hi Satori,

    Oh my god, I love how your posts just seem to reverberate the things that I am going through/things that I am encountering at this stage in life! Uranus and pluto are on my sun/moon midpoint (Uranus exactly – and as it goes forward and retrogrades again, has/will do it more than once!).
    I’m in my mid 20’s and going through a lot of changes, by virtue of having finished school and starting this thing called ‘life.’ But man, Uranus AND pluto on the very important sun/moon midpoint should be telling of something – do you have any idea what I should expect?! x

  7. And, haha to answer your question – YES! I do check for midpoints in synastry, and stuff. Natally, my sun is on my mars/venus midpoint.
    In synastry, I’ve seen the sun/moon and venus/mars activated – lots and lots. But these are textbook points though, I’ve just been dutifully following what I’ve read. 🙂

  8. I love midpoints – but I fear poor (confirmed atheist) Bertrand is rolling over in his grave… excellent insights, as always!

  9. thanks! 😀 and I try to only mess with dead people. this may backfire on me at some future date or in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

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