Cracks In The Foundation; Monsters That Come Up From The Sea In The Fog

The sky is harsh out there, it can’t be denied. We all see the situation in Japan and are reminded just how fragile life is. Jupiter opposing Saturn caused many to begin to restructure and/or reform their beliefs.

I’ve been talking about “cracks in the foundation” for a couple of years now, it’s a phenomena associated with Pluto in Capricorn. I want to broach something that relates to that but it is more complex and involved. I am driven to this because this theme keeps cropping up in my life and even more so in the lives of the people around me be them family, friends or clients. That is the veil is lifting and people are realizing the problems they have are not going to be easy to resolve.

Matter of fact, some are realizing they have so much to sort out, they are going to be struggling for a number of years and I mean five or ten or more. In other cases, what you realize is that you’re going to be dealing with x, y or z for the rest of you life. If you want real life examples, I have them.

Say your kid is rebelling. They are getting high, siding with the other parent, they’ve married a bad man or woman, they’ve decided they hate you or whatever the case may be. It is entirely possible 10 years pass before this is worked out and that is assuming that it is worked out. This is reality but it’s rough stuff next to the delusion most of us have lived under or around in recent years.

And then there is an entire generation, the baby-boomers who are one by one coming to terms with the fact that they are just damned getting old. This is not something Pluto in Leo can easily embrace.

As a third example and just to look at this on a micro scale, I have a client who is just becoming conscious of the size and shape and vastness of her problem. She’s got progressed Neptune in hard aspect to the most important planet in her chart and it’s like seeing a monster come up from the sea in the fog. You catch a glimpse of the outline of this thing and think, you gotta be kidding me. I have to deal with that?

I told her as disturbing as it was, she is not the first person to have to deal with something like this nor will she be the last. I had Mars conjunct Neptune in my progressed chart and was lost for a number of years.

Case in point, I just saw my sister for the first time in more than 17 years. Lose time much, Elsa?

Can you relate to something in this post?  What, how, why?

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  1. Yes. I know all about losing time! And I identified with much more in the post – can’t put it into words (yet)

  2. I can relate to this part, “…the veil is lifting…” So far, no monsters- thank goodness! For me it means something else, which is nearly impossible for me to put into words.

  3. I actually feel very stable.
    I’ve been examining my foundations for a very long time, a decade or more, and at least in that I feel … okay.

    More troubling is transiting Neptune still opposing my sun-Merc-Saturn conjunction, so I’m aware I could just be deluding myself. *smiles*

  4. Oh, totally! Mostly about realizing that it is going to take 5-10 years to pay off my student loan debt. I realized this when Neptune finally left my 2nd House, LOL

    I’m okay with it. Debt free by 40 is my new mantra. I’ve floated far and wide and Capricorn doesn’t mind the crash to reality *too* much. Once I got over the initial horror of realization I was really FINE.

    I am fine and in fact, I’m riding high on reality these days. I do have a Moon/Neptune/Saturn grand trine in my progressed chart at the moment (will for a few years) so I’m just going to work with what I’ve got.

  5. Progressed Neptune is exactly conjunct my progressed sun and also conjunct my progressed Mercury at one degree..all in the 8th house in Sag.

    interesting..I’ll have to think on how this is playing out, if at all yet.

    Natally it is 1 degree square my there is a CONSTANT battle between fiction and reality especially being the moon is first house and in Pisces. Ick..

    I do have problems that will take me years to fix, but I’m aware of them and have a plan. There was no veil dropping involved with these. I’ve always known the depth of the problem just haven’t had the power nor the drive to deal with them. However, the time is now here to address them

  6. Yes, I’m one of the Pluto in Leo generation, conscious of aging and losses. I’ve been navigating the process of aging with Neptune progressively ambling through my 2nd house what and who is important and valued is what bubbles up.

    It is hard work, all mine, and all over time. Definitions change, some foundational stuff shows itself and I tap into it. My South Node Moon in Scorp gives me plenty to reflect upon; my North Node in Taurus next to all those Aries infused planets gives me focus on ‘What is Home’. This has been long journeying work, and I rest in between.

  7. I heard of a baby boomer, very dissatisfied with their life at this age. I mentioned it to my husband who laughed and said, “No problem. He’s going to get younger from here on out….”

    Funny or cruel, whatever you think of that, I think you’re best off letting this register and making plans for old age because Jane Fonda aside, it’s coming.

  8. Definitely can relate. Just over the past few weeks it’s dawned on me that there is no easy solution to a situation that has me tied up in knots. As far as I can tell, I’ll be dealing with the consequences of a particular mistake I made for the rest of my life. Now I just need to figure out how to do that with grace.

  9. hydrosnap, that is is exactly and this is a million miles away from the clients I had 5 years ago who were in complete denial of any of their action ever, ever having any consequences.

  10. Yeah Elsa. You mentioned in my natal Saturn opp Neptune. I just noticed yesturday that where they had been 0 Gemini Saturn and 4 sag Neptune that they are both at 4 degrees now and will be exact to the foot before to long. And Saturn conjuncts my natal ASC when this progression is exact

    Guess I better get a handle on this aspect and I can’t be the only one with Neptune being such a generational planet.

  11. The part where you talk about coming to terms with getting old. I’m not even a baby boomer!! (I’ll be 40 this year) Yup, that speaks to me…..I guess i should *check* myself! I’m in the FOG! Neptune that is. I’m having a good laugh at myself right about now.

  12. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    This Pluto in Leo is not enjoying aging one little bit! – but I’m sure I’d mind a lot less if I had a partner. Choices were made along the line, and they just have to be lived with, is all

  13. I hear ya ppl on my FB are getting separated allover the place!!! I hear as an Aries not to make hasty decisions during the month of April because you will have to live with it for 12 yrs- so I am laying low- creating new fun stuff for work- enjoying my kids and family and pushing lightly through so I can weather this storm!!!

  14. do you know what is funny about all this Uranus energy and my sign- Aries with SAg rising.. is I am the calmest I have ever been in my life!!!! I am not sure if its because before Uranus went into Aries I had someone do REiki on me and remove my blocked Shakras or not but seriously even my husband commented how calm I have been lately which is soooo not normal for me..! i did have a small breakdown of depression on Friday, but I am back to my normal self again..

    So hopefully I can ride this wave much better than I would if I didn’t have all that pent up energy cleared away.

  15. ellen–the 12 year thing refers to a Jupiter cycle–it takes approx. 12 years to make its way around the zodiac.

    I’m a Sag ASC with Aries planets and I feel fine, too. I also had a small breakdown of sad on Friday…better again!

  16. hi h. I don’t believe its Jupiter since that expands what we touch- its a Neptune thing I believe- will have to go back and check.. yeah Friday- was a “beat myself up day!” now back to my old chipper self! This economy is not for the weary… its been a tough rode in my house- husband has been out of work for 6 months and its taking its toll on me who has to bring in the brunt of everything. Too much pressure= burnout!

  17. Hi ellen, 12 years thing–seeds you plant today will bear fruit in 12 years, metaphorically speaking. Jupiter definitely rules expansion, but perhaps for your chart Neptune is in aspect to Jupiter?

  18. Had Neptune squaring my 10th house Mars intensely over the past year. I have a performance review coming up at work and this morning I reviewed my last year in preparation – ha! What the hell did I do all year?! Ah well, Neptune now opposing my Mercury – la di da…

    Seriously, I had so many years of dredging Pluto transits over my IC and thru my 4th house and over my Saturn. It’s been giving me trines and sextiles over the past couple of years and I’m finally recovering from those struggles. I relate to how long and immense and seemingly unsolvable those problems feel when in the midst of it. You do come out the other end eventually…

  19. I fall squarely into the ‘it will be at least 10 years, if ever, that stuff with my kid is worked out’ camp. Right now, I’m just trying to accept that there will be no resolution now and I’ve managed to lose my own mother in the process. I’m also preparing myself, now, not to be all weepy and sorry for myself in June when I see his childhood friends graduate from high school and move on with their early adult lives.

  20. who knows h. I am planting seeds everywhere!! haaa

    Jupiter is in my 8th house and Neptune is in my 12th…
    So I guess I am transforming and becoming more spiritual?? haa
    I tell you I don’t know how everyone reads charts- I had mine done but still don’t understand all the lingo.

  21. “I have to deal with that?” Harsh indeed and I feel like I’m face to face with the monsters of all the awful things I feared facing at one time or another, be it in dreams or my dealings with others. There is no where to hide but I recognize that karmically, I either give in to the stress now and pray that I learn how to deal with it, or run from it and have to come back to the same place in another lifetime. Aries is about courage and here comes Mars and I’m a teary eyed warrior today, looking to regain the power I once thought I had to bury in order to survive (Chiron conjunct my natal Jupiter today;)

  22. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on the day these days… The only monster I see rising from the fog with my name on it is me. Fun(ny) stuff. (Insert some kind of emoticon I can’t find.) Ten years of it? OK. If the walls had eyes? Or the hills had ears?

  23. Been dealing with all that for the last 10 years – I’m through it on the other side. Left the run-us-into-massive-debt-husband, worked my way to no debt (no savings yet, but I make what I need right now so I’m laughing), reunited with my son (7 yrs no contact) and daughter (2 years), sister (15 years) and brother (25 years). Transitioned from one career to another after 25 years at age 45 (went back to college with a grade 9 education – got the government to pay for all of it including my rent and $400 a week for play money). Had mother, father, brother die. It was a hell of a mountain (don’t know that I could have made it without being Scorpio/Cap rising) but worth every moment so don’t give up. Have faith and the miracle that you need will show up better and (sometimes) faster than you expected. Learned the hard way, it will all go much faster and easier if you are positive and live in the present. Looking back now, I wasted so much energy worrying rather than having faith in myself and the loving universe that wants to see me succeed. Chin up folks:)

  24. Aries point + Neptune Pisces = Your unique Life Experience + the collective cosmic experience we are all in together. YOUR story is meeting OUR story.
    And OUR story is that we are ALL going to be dealing with what we have done to the planet for THE REST OF OUR LIVES, PERIOD. Neptune into Pisces is going to make us see how we have turned the dream of the water of life into the nightmare of ruined, toxic oceans because WE have treated the ocean as our garbage dump.

    All this Aries energy is TELLING us we need to ACT NOW and get real and jumpstart a sustainable world as the old world goes down (Pluto/Cap)

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