Astrology And Themes That Run In Families

Many of you know I recently got in contact with my oldest sister after a 20 year laspe.  She’s a double Sagittarius so shares the Jupiter Moon signature that runs through my family.

I found out today that while I had the date and time right on her chart, I had the city wrong.  I thought she was born in California but she was born in the desert like the rest of of us and this did move her chart.  Specifically, it made her a Capricorn rising, like Annalisa and I with, you guessed it, Neptune on the midheaven.

This means all our rising signs are within 9 degrees (1 degree separates Annalisa and I), we all have Jupiter Moons and we all have Neptune at the top of the chart.  Er… just in case anyone thinks anyone is adopted.

What do you have in common with your siblings?

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  1. hahaha

    great post elsa! thanks!

    so far between my brother and I : 12th house moon, 4th house saturn, 7th house sun and mercury.

    mother has 12th house moon, 4th house saturn.

    the funny thing is, my parents composite is very separated, or sectioned off. my father has none of these signatures. I share a virgo/pisces asc/dsc, and i feel like i have the most compassion for him.

  2. Not sure. They are not into astrology so I dont know. I only our sun signs, I’m a virgo, and my sisters are: Aries, Leo, Leo, and Cancer.

    I’m only on speaking terms with one Leo and the Aries! I usually get along with Cancer people, but they kind of make me crazy. Thats bad because I have a Cancer daughter (yes she makes me crazy but I love her). My taurus daughter and I get along great. So its me and my Taurus daughter usually standing there calmly, watching my Cancer baby freak out over something. Sigh.

  3. The only thing I can find is that SadgeSis sister has Aquarius on the midheaven. But she’s not a Gem rising, she’s Taurus rising. So our houses are similar, but no common placements.

    Other than that I have absolutely nothing in common with either of them – not placements, not angles, not patterns or configurations or anything.

    No wonder I feel like an outsider in my own family.

  4. With my little brother not that much, really. We’re both Air Suns, but that’s about it.

    On the other hand, my Dad and her sisters have strong similarities. I just discovered my Dad is Gemini rising, and so are his twin sisters. Don’t know about the middle sister, but they are all Water Suns too. No wonder they have been and still are extremely close.

  5. My sis and I :

    Both Venusian (her Taurus,me Libra)
    We both have Saturn in the 7th.

    Other than that not much.

    We are two very different ladies.I can’t be as close to her as I would like ( my moon conj her NN ) but she has a habit of trying to trample all over me(and everyone else) and I cannot allow that for myself.

  6. My brother and I have water moons and stellium in sag.. and the capricorn thing is really runs in my family, okay just my brother and daughter are cap sun and I am cap rising.

  7. I don’t have my sib’s birthtimes, but all three of us have Aries Sun and Neptune in Scorpio. I’m gonna have to get ahold of our Mom and get times, so I can compare risings!

  8. carrie, i don’t know about your mum, but mine planned for summer babies, she wanted to be pregnant in the colder months. fertile woman–she conceived on her honeymoon!

  9. My mother, brother and I all have share elements in our sun signs and moons. My father, me and my mother all share the same element in our rising signs. My brother and I have the same sun sign.

    My mother’s moon sits on my IC, and my father’s neptune sits on my IC. My brother’s AC sits on my DC and vice versa.

  10. my brother has aquarius rising, my oldest one that died also, and my mom 2. my father is libra rising.

    what are the best patterns to look at?

  11. Not that much, but my sister and I have different fathers. We both have moon-Uranus sigs; mines in Aqua and square Uranus, hers is in the 11th.

    I think it’s interesting that synastrically, our moons conjunct our Jupiters (both sides). 🙂

    I’m actually going to draw up a multi-synastry for my immediate family (my parents, me and sis), it’s got me intrigued. I don’t know sis’s dad’s birth info, though I’m sure mom could tell me at least the day. I know he’s a Taurus, but that’s it.

  12. Jupiter and Saturn is a common theme.

    We all three were born with Saturn on our Sun, me Sagg, then a Aqua and last a Pisces…
    (The Pisces has Jupiter in Capricorn while Saturn is in Pisces, LOL! And I’m similar with Saturn in SAGG and Jupiter in Pisces, the middle Child(Aqua) throws it off with Jupiter in Scorpio)

    We also all have mutable Stelliums (The Aqua has a pisces stell, lol!!) (I have 2 stelliums as well)

    Pluto also contacts all og our suns and MC’s…

    However my younger siblings share a closer connection, both moons are in earth signs, while one has a Gemini ASC and the other a Sagg ASC…. I’m a scorpio ASC but that may be because my second house is packed making up for the lack of a earth moon.

    we have a foster sister as well… she has a Sagg rising with Saturn and Uranus in it… matching the independant/self-rightous thing happening with us siblings, she has a stellium in a fixed house (With Cardinal signs though)

  13. Wrap your mind around this one..
    I’m a Scorpio with Gemini on the Descendant.
    I have 2 brothers that are Gemini and they are 4 yrs apart in age, born on the SAME day!
    One Gemini brother has Cancer Rising & Cap Descendant!!
    The other has Capricorn Rising and Cancer Descendant!!!
    We all share a Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo.

  14. I don’t have any siblings but my Grandfather, one of my Uncles and my Mother all share their birthday on January 9th =)

  15. I know that my brother and I both have yod aspects. He is an Aries rising with Saturn in the first house. Saturn is the apex of his yod, he is a serious type.

  16. Me and my brother share my Mom’s Scorp Asc. All our 3 Ascendants fall within 6 degrees. My sister, however, shares my Dad’s Leo Ascendant. So there’s the Scorpio signature and the Leo signature.

    I share my Dad’s Taurus Sun. My sister shares my Mom’s Gemini Sun. All the 5 charts are very neatly connected in every possible way, I was listing just the major stuff here, the very obvious stuff.

  17. Me and my brother have a lot of oppositions!
    My Saggie sun – his Gemini sun (exact degrees)
    My Mercury – his Venus
    My Venus – his moon
    My moon conjunct his jupiter

    Our characters are completely different butt we are getting along very very well.We always did:))

  18. My brother and I share an Aires moon.

    Sun in the 10th with a pluto hard aspect, our father died after battling cancer for many years.

    Moon-mercury hard aspect which we share with our mother and we all have a hard time finding words to express our emotions. These are our mercury placements: Me 27 Cancer, Brother 28 Pisces, Mom 29 Scorpio. We cover all the water signs within 2 degrees of each other.

    Mutable venus in the 11th with a jupiter hard aspect.

    Also we have opposite angles: Me Libra ASC/Cancer MC, Him Cancer ASC/Aries MC

    What’s so interesting to me is the shared degrees everywhere!

  19. I never thought about this before. My dad and my oldest daughter share a moon conjunct pluto in the 8th house. I have the same conjunction only that squeezes the last degress of the 2nd house/into the third. Just know my dad’s history–he deals in the heavy subject of death, inheritance, and other people’s problems. It makes me think that my daughter may need to develop some of his survival tactics as she grows up. Or it could mean dad lost a spouse, I’m up next, followed by DD. (my dad’s mother fits this moon/pluto aspect as well). I’ve always wondered about my last statement. It creeps me out (pisces), yet at the same time I want to be prepared to fight for myself(mars) if need be.

    Sorry if my post comes across as too much of a downer. I’m just glad Elsa’s story kick-started me thinking about some of these things.

  20. My siblings and I take a good chunk of the beginning of the zodiac… my brother is Aquarius, my sister a Pisces, I’m an Aries (I’m the first born), and my youngest sister is a Taurus.

    The pisces and I share a Venus in Aquarius, and my Aqua brother is a Gemini rising, which is my moon. My mother also has an Aqua moon.

  21. its so weird. my dad is full blown plutonian. sun conjunct venus in the 8th house;
    mom has a 5 planet stellium in the 8th house with saturn in leo
    I am like traditional persephone with a sun opposing 8th house pluto at 1 degree..
    you can’t write this type of stuff…. then I have saturn in the 5th ( 5th house ruled by leo and moms saturn is in leo) is astrology contagious? it is not a light lifetime for my family and I and lots of transitional, painful growth. my parents separated and i was split half time with each just like persephone. Plutonian family. Hopefully its our last time incarnating and I hope I don’t pass it on to my babies! ( later in life with 5th house saturn)

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