Jupiter And Great Fortune

I use the phrase, “great fortune” quite a bit.ย  I see all kind of things in my life and the lives of others to be a great fortune but I don’t think this is usual.

Matter of fact where many see themselves as set upon, I see them as “greatly fortunate”, which is as “Jupiter” a concept as you can get.

Jupiter also rules perspective and while I do not deny pain and suffering and hardship, my perspective is decidedly upbeat and I think this invites favor.

How hard is it for you to see the silver lining or the opportunity in your life?

pictured -Albrecht Dรผrer,(1471โ€‘1528) Germany, Nemesis (the great Fortune) engraving

9 thoughts on “Jupiter And Great Fortune”

  1. It wasn’t always so, but nowadays, I can see the silver lining in just about ANYTHING. lol even with all the troubles we’ve been having finding out major defects with the homes we have put offers on and having to drop them…. I was thinking.. “well, at least we gave these people a head’s up on what they need to fix in order to sell their house eventually.” lol I find it a “great fortune” to have the ability to NOT dwell on “misfortunes” too much. “Adapt, Adopt, Improve.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m with you. Even on the occasions I do get down, it’s pretty much impossible for me to stay there – I just know there are so many opportunities out there waiting for me. It can be the most insightful brainstorm (“hey, I have a great idea to pursue”) or, as with something that happened yesterday, the most incidental occurrence (I found out I actually did NOT want something I thought I had wanted – very much – for oh so many years), but luck sits around every corner. I KNOW it.

  3. Quite hard. Fortunately, even if I wasn’t born an optimist, I was at least born to become one.

    My upbeat perspective is a product of discipline.

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    I think my Jupiter in Aries is why I can surface with optimism after an especially troublesome bout of depression… Either that or it makes me manic and I’m just not aware of that!

  5. I cant help but to think positive. I have a lot of jupiter in my chart. Sometimes too much. I have to work to reign it in.
    Here lately there have been some emotionally tuff days. But I am using them to practice being positive, grateful, and patient.
    Sounds easy huh! Not for me…..work!

  6. My chart just wants to flip everything right side up and look at it in the best light possible. I love feeling and taking in everything all the time, because I make sure. North node, jupiter in aries. soaking up Venus and bouncing energy all through the fire signs, with open space around leo and 2nd house (right now, no stress. but i know i’m still dependent on my dad financially and make sure to take care around this pressure point)/ Loads of self confidence and expectancy to do well. may come off as self righteous? I make it work for me, and take it easy.

    But that’s just me.

    i love the safety rule on airplanes, to always give yourself oxygen before assisting others with their mask.

  7. Despite Jupiter rising, it’s hard for me to see the good in difficulties without some reflection first. I also miss opportunities rather frequently (like recently realizing some dude was hitting on me 15 years ago *snort*).

    I think this is because of Saturn conjunct my Merc — downsides first, then Neptune trine steps in and obscures and Jupiter rises goes all bouyant about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Jupiter in Libra conjunct South Node and Uranus and widely conjunct Part of Fortune and Pluto.

    I am RELENTLESSLY optimistic — Sun in Aries opp Jupiter and Moon in Taurus — and don’t often find myself feeling down. This Jupiter/Uranus, I think, just helps me believe — and I mean sincerely believe — that things will work out fantastically. And sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.

    But I’m always certain things will work out in the end. I feel it in my core. ๐Ÿ™‚

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