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jupiterWhen it comes to happy people, I’d say you’re going to see Jupiter strongly placed across the board. It is very hard to take Jupiter down. Matter of fact it is damned near impossible.

If you do take them down, they will be right back up the next day which is why Sagittarius beats the hell out of Scorpio. (All the signs are battered by the one that follows them… including Pisces which is followed by Aries)

Jupitarian types (Sagittarius or Pisces variety) have various ways to access good times and good feelings and there is nothing in the world you can do to stop them.

For example take a person’s spirituality. If a person has a belief system that buoys them, it is going to trump anything you’ve got. Christopher Reeve is a good example. Sagittarius Moon, Mars and Jupiter on the midheaven. He’s not going down. He’s dead and he’s still not down as far as I am concerned!

hot-air-balloons.jpgThe belief system the keeps a person’s spirits up can be anything. For some it is traditional religion, for others it’s something non-traditional. It could be some perspective they’ve come across in their travels where the travel is not necessarily literal. They read something in a book for example.

I have lived for decades off a 6 word quote I read when I was a kid. I have a perspective or a philosophy that cheers me and gives my life meaning… these are Jupiter concepts of course.

Based on this, I’d say if you want to have good feelings or good times or good anything, you have got to fire up your Jupiter function which is obviously easy for some, harder for others but definitely possible for all.

(Er… at least this is my belief system…)

Do you have a belief system or philosophy that supports you?

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49 thoughts on “Astrology & Happiness”

  1. Er… not really.

    More of a “Just keep pushing…” mantra.

    That was boring, I know. But seriously… Sat/Jup feeds off of that kind of thing.

  2. I did. I do. It disappears. I need a new one. Working on that now.

    (I wonder what part of my chart dictates this. Whatever it is, it’s a bit hellacious at the moment!)

  3. I do, definitely, but it’s, enh, kind of a lot to talk about.

    I recently read Eat Pray Love. That’s a happiness book if there ever was one. 🙂 It actually had a lot of very good advice on how to be buoy up…

  4. I believe in love. I think Don Williams said it well:
    “I don’t believe in superstars,
    Organic food and foreign cars.
    I don’t believe the price of gold;
    The certainty of growing old.
    That right is right and left is wrong,
    That north and south can’t get along.
    That east is east and west is west.
    And being first is always best.
    But I believe in love.
    I believe in music.
    I believe in magic.
    And I believe in you.”

    1. Wow. I believe in organic food. And in decay. But not love. It’s conditional for most unless you’re a mom. Only a mother’s love is unconditional.
      I believe in hoping about stuff.

  5. Dim– that reminds me of the buddhist saying:
    before enlightenment– chop wood, carry water.
    after enlightenment– chop wood, carry water.

    1. I only really thought chop wood, carry water. That carried me through when I didn’t know what to do. Sixth house speaking

  6. Satori, love both of those.

    I don’t know what’s going on with my planets lately, but something is making me want to write down my beliefs. Kind of like the Don William’s quote.

    For a while there, I even stopped believing in love – at least the romantic kind.

    It would be good to see what stays on the list and what changes.

    Funny, ewinbee, I read EPL too and while I enjoyed it, I had a different take – I thought she was very “all about me.” I couldn’t seem to get past her leaving her husband for seemingly no good reason. Not very nice! 🙁

  7. Elsa, please share that 6 word quote of yours you mentioned. I love things which inspire me. I’ve a bad memory but still recall an old key chain which I turned to for support during some real rough times. “Every day is a gift from God.” I figure if I’ve still got two feet above ground then every day is a new opportunity to utilize whatever resources I have. Virgo Pluto conjunct Mercury both in 10th conjunct Libra 11th house & Sun. Neptune conjunct AC.

  8. I have several, but the one that keeps turning up is Scarlett O’Hara “Tomorrow is another day”.

    You can always get back up.

  9. Oh yeah – Jupiter (in Sag.) conjunct Neptune (Sag.) by 2 degrees & AC (Sco.) by 8 degrees & trine Sun by 2 degrees but opposite to Saturn (Gem.) 4 degrees 🙂

  10. I cant really put it into words because it constanly changes but I have something (jupiter in scorpio) The first thing though that come to mind when I read the question was my sister. We both have cap and can have quite a dark humour but together our composite is a stellium in Sag so matter what hellish misfortunes we have as individuals or family members somehow together we work each other out and help each other bounce back.

  11. I do, actually. 🙂

    I like Foxxy’s, too. Mine is more like “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”

    Hehe. Sorry for the Chumbawumba but that’s me, like a little buoy bouncing around in the middle of the ocean.

    8th house Jupiter in Cap, opposite 2nd house Mars/Venus in Cancer, sq 5th house Pluto in Virgo (at 29 degrees) and Uranus in Libra.

  12. I have Jupiter widely conjunct Chiron in Aries. I’m a happy person. I don’t know how this relates to my philosophy necessarily, but the philosophy I’ve kept since age 12 is that kindness is the only thing that matters.

  13. lol at jennifer- that’s not a bad philosophy…and shannon, i like that song, too. it has come on the radio to lift my spirits exactly when i needed it before.

    i have Jupiter in the 11th, in Gemini, trine Venus. i get a lot of my warm feelings from connections with others, have few (but VALUABLE) friends, and consciously switch my perspective to optimize optimism and choose a positive focus.

    one of my favorite quotes is the old Chinese proverb: “Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” My belief is that our limits are self-imposed, and that others don’t have secret knowledge about our potential. we do.

    i also have a good access to Pisces energy from all my Virgo as i understand it, and when darkness does fall in my life, i can often dissolve it via perspective, understanding it’s there for a purpose and can serve me if i choose to process it that way and grab that energy for something helpful.

  14. I have a picture on my door that always inspires me, it says: “The possibilities are endless, if you just believe…”. Imagination is limitless, all opportunities possible, but only if you BELIEVE.

  15. Shannon-LOL! That song reminds me of my crazy Libra friend, when we were in high school, around the time that song came out her mom smacked her in front of me for mouthing off, and she sang “I get knocked down, but I get up again……!” Her mom couldn’t help but laugh. Not to mention this girl has made me pee my pants twice in the time that I’ve known her (14 yrs.). She even made my mom pee her pants one time in Blockbuster. Embarrassing!!

    My philosophies change with my mood I guess. Sometimes it’s something real deep, sometimes it’s something like “Who gives a shit?”

    I also read Eat. Pray. Love. I thought it was inspiring too, but I get most inspired by Buhddist philosophies. Also, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle was so good. Especially the tips he gives on how to control what he calls your “pain-body”.

    I’d also like to hear the 6 word quote, Elsa. Please do share 🙂

  16. “The darkest hour is right before the dawn” was the last thing I read before the spiritual awakening.

    I also like “Don’t sweat the small stuff; and it’s all small stuff.”

    I am Jupiter energy of the Pisces variety. Jup ruled Pisces rising, Jup in Cancer conjunct Uranus in Cancer (1 degree)in the 5th house. Jup rules 1 & 10, Uranus rules 12th. This conjunction trines an 8th house Saturn in Scorpio, so that involves two important water houses for spirituality.

    So many things in my life have been blessings in disguise, from a spiritual perspective, so my spiritual belief system does trump everything and anything else.

  17. Satori, that’s like my all time favorite Buddhist quote. That says it all: Chop wood, carry water (is that my Virgo 9th house talking?)

    I’ve got Jupiter in the second house, and a Sag rising. That’s supposed to be a very fortunate placement, or config, according to some I’ve read. Then ?qustion coming? Jupiter is retrograde, though, so does that mitigate the Jupiter factor somehow?

    Anyway, most of the people I know (and often love) end up being somehow amazed at me at some point in our mutual lives, because of the things I choose to do and believe (which are not very much at all like what “most people” choose to do/believe.)

  18. I associate the quality of bravery with Jupiter so my favorite Jupiterian quote is ” Ships are safe within the harbor but is that what ships are for?” I always flash back on that quote when hesitate to grow or travel or change because I’m afraid. It’s pretty effective.

  19. Cassi–and in the moment, the joy is infinite because we only ever really have the moment we are in. Congratulations on being successfully in the moment 🙂

  20. The first time I ever heard that Chumbawumba song, I totally mondegreened:

    I get knocked down
    by Snuffleupagus
    but he’s never gonna keep me down

    Which, of course, sent me into giggle-fits for days. (Oh, burrrd…)

    Unaspected Jupiter rising, maan. The absurdities keep me goin’.

  21. I love this thread. I’m printing it out.

    I’m a Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising and I think I have a well-aspected Jupiter in Libra. Trine Mars, Moon, and Neptune.

    I have taken optimism for granted… it’s what I’m grounded in, even though I’ve taken some big hits in life. I’ve never thought about this before.

    I also take a lot of risks. I didn’t in my early days, but then (don’t laugh) I saw the movie “Strickly Ballroom” (1992). The grandmother tells one of the characters “A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.” Changed my life… still does.

  22. Geez, I have Mars in Saggitarius, too. Now I’m thinking all this happiness may be what makes me a lightening bolt. lol

    I also have Pluto opp. Sun — I’m just ripe for the picking. Oh well, at least I’ll be happy about it. 🙂

  23. Happiness? Well, be a Tigger…with Sag sun; Jupiter Pisces. I may get pushed down, i won’t be down for long. I am bouncing around with a smile.
    “When Tigger is in a bouncing mood he is actually expressing his zest for life and is a form which he often uses as a technique to share his eagerness and happiness or even fondness amongst his dear friends.” ~AA.Milner

  24. “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John heals me when I ache.

    I’m still standin’, better than I ever did,
    Lookin’ like a true survivor, feelin’ like a little kid.
    I’m still standin’ after all this time,
    Pickin’ up the pieces of my life without you on my mind…

    As for a belief system…well, I’m eclectic, to say the least. But I believe that even when things go to hell in a handbasket, there is something better around the next corner. Until I’m dead, there will always be something good coming around.

    My mantra(s)? Leave it to the Universe. It is what it is.

  25. “Ships are safe within the harbor but is that what ships are for?”

    This whole thread is inspiring- many of the quotes worth copying- but, I particularly liked the one above (from 2008). It sort of describes the conversation between my Saturn & Jupiter, both in Aquarius.

  26. I live by
    ” as long as I am alive I WILL be happy”
    that’s it.
    I think its Rick Patino that said “success is a choice”. I just woke up one day and decided happiness is a choice. You have to take responsibility for it. Period
    I do have a decent amount of Jupiter so I guess that explains it.

  27. “In breathing grace may twofold be.
    We breathe air in,
    We set it free.
    The inbreath binds,
    The out unwinds,
    And So with marvels life entwines.
    So thanks to god when we are pressed,
    And thank him when he gives us rest.”

    – Goethe

  28. A belief system? No, no longer. I did until I was about 17 and then I lost my Christian faith – too much edukashun and reading did for that… and learning how often the Gospels contradict one another

    If I’m anything, it’s a kind of Bleake-ian or even a classical Pantheist. I’m drawn to recincarnation and other ‘occult’ beliefs but in the end, I’m an agnostic about eveyrthing… even astrology. I strongly believe in the moral life – ‘Do as you would be done by’. But it’s hard to live without a belief system and in a way I envy those who can put their faith in a plan to live by… and an explanation for it all. I can’t see one, which is convincing.

    But then, as GK Chesterton said: “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything”. The mental state of agnosticism also takes courage!

  29. I do, actually – not sure if it’s Saturnian or Uranian (my two most dominant planets) or from my Saturn in Pisces or my Jupiter in Gemini (which I reallllly like! Perfect placement for me, a writer) but whatever else, it’s very simple. I believe in myself. That’s it. Oh, and in some of the more esoteric theories of quantum and astrophysics (and that IS Uranian right there and I love it, LOL!))

  30. @Jenn
    My 11 yr old son still sleeps with the Tigger he’s had in his crib/bed since he was 10 months old.

    He has been bouncing and leaping since before he was born. A real hail-fellow well-met, bears no ill-will, never expects anything bad. Jupiter conj ascendant in Pisces.

    He is Tigger personified. How did I never make that connection??

    Thank you!

  31. I picked a nontraditional religion, but basically I’m with the “don’t be an asshole” crowd. Another quote I like is one that says, and I’m paraphrasing because I’m braindead and I can’t think of it: Be kind. Nearly everyone is fighting a battle you can’t see.

    (Also, I love these reposts for things like this: I don’t remember seeing SaDiablo’s comment before, and now all I can see is Snufflupagus knocking Big Bird down with his forehead, and Big Bird flailing on his back like a turtle …. *snort*)

  32. toomuchpluto, that reminds me of another of mine. the one that actually comes out in a pinch. not jupiteran, very mars, John Carter of Mars, in fact: I live yet.

    I said it to myself in crisis earlier this week. seriously. and it got me through. and I triumphed over certain defeat.

    in the books John Carter never gave up even when death seemed certain. he said, “I live yet.”

  33. When I was a little girl my favorite book that I owned was “The Little Engine that could”. And that is how I live, I am that red train that could and did. That is my bible.

    Sag sun with Sag stellium.

  34. “There is an infinite flow of happiness and well-being flowing toward me constantly, whether I choose to partake in it or not”.

    The beliefs we choose to adopt determine the reality we will eventually experience, so it is in our own best interest to choose ones that serve us.

  35. That I am doing as well as i am, all things considered, could be looked at as being partly courtesy of the boost from Jupiter in Sag.

    I guess I can see how that part has triumphed over the Scorpio, although the Scorpio has won many a battle. But I am still alive, and getting stronger, at least mentally, if the vehicle could use a professional restoration.

    The thing that used to get me through was a saying on a plaque that a nun once gave my father as a gift (she was my father’s psychiatraic patient): “Love is a basket with five loaves and two fishes; it’s never enough till you start to give it away.” For some reason, that has always been like a call to arms for me. Gets me out of my frequent ruts. Actually, I was in the basement literally and figuratively in the early ’70’s when I first remember finding that :-).

  36. Not sure who said this, but I’ve come to really appreciate it:

    “Those who say they can, and those who say they can’t, are both usually right.”

    Jupiter conj Sun in Gemini, opposed by Neptune…so I think it’s hard for me to see the “luck” when it happens;-)

    “I wish these blessings would just take off their damn disguises already!!!”

  37. Elsa,
    I have Jupiter in Capricorn. I do ground what I believe in. Obviously I believe in astrology and people are constantly willing to argue with me on my belief trying to attack with scientific fact. I don’t have all the answers so to the end of the argument I just stay quiet and keep what I believe in heart and mind no one takes that.

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