What Happens When A Planet Transits A Stellium In Your Chart?

stellium in aquariusElsa,

I have a large stellium in Aquarius. I always experience some serious life issues when an outer planet like Saturn hits my chart. I am just starting to breathe again after this last Saturn transit in Scorpio.

I have six planets in Aquarius with all of them in the 3rd house. It feels like I get bulldozed each time by an outer planet either squaring, conjuncting or opposing my stellium. How does a person with a stellium prepare for these transits ?


Hi, R.  That’s quite a chart!

A transit to a large stellium is often grueling. But when I see a chart like yours, the word that comes to mind is “elegance”.

2. the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.
“the simplicity and elegance of the solution”

You’re dealt certain cards in life and that’s it. That’s what you have to work with. If you’re dealt a chart like yours, straight away, you know that you’re special. How could you not be? When planets line up like they did when you were born, it’s an anomaly that is reported on the news around the world.

That’s a fact. It’s static.  But how you deal with your exotic chart is up to you.

Currently, you frame this in a negative way.  Bull-dozed by Saturn?  How did that happen? Aquarius is Saturn ruled!  You have Saturn in it’s own sign!

It sounds like you pitted yourself against Saturn and suffered because of it. If you’d welcomed this transit, you would have had a much easier time. Saturn would mature your massive Aquarian vibe.  What’s wrong with that? Why not see it as an update to your hardware? An upgrade?

The answer for you and for anyone who has a large stellium in their chart is to embrace your chart.  It’s not an accident!  You were born to specialize in something and every transit that comes along is designed to hone your natural abilities.

Here’s an analogy…

My husband joined the Air Force when he was 17 years old. He went through basic training with everyone else.  After basic training, he was selected to undergo an additional year of training so that he could learn to program a missile.  He was confined to his base the entire time.

I don’t think he enjoyed this, at 18 years old. But too bad! Like you, he’s special.

Next time you see a (daunting) transit coming, tell yourself the truth! You’re an anomaly, going in for special training, because this is exactly what an anomaly needs!

Do you have a large stellium in your chart? How to you cope with years-long transits?

Got a question? Ask here!

23 thoughts on “What Happens When A Planet Transits A Stellium In Your Chart?”

  1. My son also has 5 in Aquarius, 4 in the 11th house (Neptune, merc sun, uranus then Venus at 29 in the 12th). Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023- he’ll be 24. I’m a little afraid to be honest. I hope it’s a good transformation. Knowing him I think he’ll do much happier as an adult making his own choices than what his life is now. He also needs to be around more people like him- find his tribe.

    1. Don’t be afraid. Seriously, the fear will only create another burden for him to face. Transformation is necessary. Pluto transited my Stellium starting when I was an adolescent. I survived and I can assure you, the other side is a blessed perspective on reality. He is fortunate to go through it when he is young.

  2. I’m sorry. I have to give the long answer. I know some of you don’t like this.

    How I deal with difficult transits to my Stellium (mercury, north node, sun, uranus, and mars in Scorpio in the third house, mars exact on my IC):

    I taught myself to love Saturn, pay attention to the energy of the time, and then “author” my own existence by choosing my own circumstance/ structure to work out my responsibilities.

    For example, when I saw my first Saturn return coming (Saturn in Leo conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th house square my stellium), I chose to sacrifice (12th) a lucrative, comfortable life I had made for myself in order to move cross country and start over in a new city where my daughter could grow up with access to her father (she was 3 at the time). I timed the move date for my Saturn return exact. I figured: okay, Saturn, I see you coming. In my self critique, I recognize where I have to make a situation right, so I will take responsibility for this and choose my own “punishment”- reap what I sow time.
    My prize, three years later, was the peacefulness that came from living away from my family, and in the peace, the return of my long lost sense of pure love. (I had lost it when my Grandmother died- when Pluto traversed my Scorpio Stellium 20 years prior- and had been living heartless).

    For this recent Saturn movement over my stellium, I chose to move again, this time for my own protection. Leaving my larger family (parents and extended family), again, to make a life for just my little family (myself and my Plutonian daughter). Saturn is about limits. Scorpio is about extremes. Put the two together and you get major danger- life threatening consequences for actions (hello, AIDS). I had many people around me living unaware and continuing to test those limits. I couldn’t be a part of it anymore. I warned them, please be careful, but they wouldn’t listen. I had to isolate myself because I can’t not care. The choices they were making were impacting me, my future (my family liquidated all of their property/ assets), my health (my ex had given me a disease that was becoming life threatening/ cancerous). I had no choice but to self preserve, so I found a super cheap living situation (hell) and decided to hibernate for a couple years, pulling in all of my energy. No new stuff, live off only what I have, sleep a lot, be celibate. What was born out of that time was a set of rituals that I do to self nurture: long walk, tai chi forms, strength training, seated meditation, bath or sauna soak, and Mayan abdominal massage with castor oil packs and herb soak. I pulled myself back into health, the cancer danger went from stage one to gone, but it took me more than a year of this process. Natural process takes longer, requires patience and consistency, self discipline (Saturn). If I had stayed on the trajectory I was on, I would have had to literally cut/ amputate the ill part of myself off. I saved myself and provided space and time for healing of a deep, old wound.
    This is first chakra stuff, you can’t move forward in life without a strong base/ structure. That’s a Saturn rule. I chose to do a “tribal transfer” and realign my base/ first chakra by practicing union with “the now”. Anything or one that stood in obstacle to that, there was no room for, no spare energy to give to them. As their lives started to experience Saturn’s motion into Scorpio over their own charts, I couldn’t be there for them as I always had been and they had to suffer without their usual guide. I saw them making major life choices based in fear. This sets life on an entirely different trajectory than basing your choices on will. I choose will. I cannot be passenger to lives based in fear. So, I prayed for the ones I love and held at a distance, but I stopped communicating with them so I could do my own work.

    As this time is ending and I am previewing what reconnecting to the collective feels like (thanks Venus), I feel like a dormant electrical cord being plugged back into the wall. Totally in shock to climb out of the underworld to find the horrors my loved ones have made happen for themselves. It’s painful because I see my own fresh complexion and healthy, strong body and feel survivor’s remorse. My loved ones are worked over and haggard and still so very afraid/ lost, more lines on their faces, more burdens that are more than they can reasonably bear. They expanded during a time they were suppose to contract. But, that’s not something they teach you at school in the America/ Pluto in Leo ruled time.

    This never ends, either. Pluto approaches my moon for a conjunction in February 2022- the exact same degree the US will experience its Pluto conjunct Pluto. I must prepare!

    1. “Natural process takes longer, requires patience and consistency, self discipline (Saturn). If I had stayed on the trajectory I was on, I would have had to literally cut/ amputate the ill part of myself off. I saved myself and provided space and time for healing of a deep, old wound.”

      Yes it does. Kudos for your hard work AMarie!

  3. Libra stellium in the 8th house (Moon, Mars, Pallas, Saturn and Pluto). Transiting Pluto and Uranus have been hammering me in profound and unsettling ways. I’ve had to cope with not coping off and on for quite some time. I’ve ended up in therapy, and I’m journaling. It’s definitely time! Needless to say when I reach my mid 40s I will be a radically different person.

  4. To the owner of the chart with the huge stellium in Aquarius: Can you tell us what you are using your 3rd house stellium for? Don’t answer if this is too intrusive but I was just curious.

  5. This is absolutely fabulous advice. My oldest, my sparkly Taurus has a double stellium in Gemini (that’s what I call her 6 placements in Gemini, including her moon, venus, merc, mars, Saturn and her NN). I’ll have to pass this advice on to her. Especially in a few more years when her progessed sun starts to hit each of these placements one by one,

  6. My two sons both have stelliums. One in 3rd house Scorpio (massive stellium). The other is in 5th house Capricorn.

    I have four personal planets in Sagittarius 12th house (three of those planets conjunct the Sag ascendant).

    I’ve already been through a Saturn transit of Sag and I am looking forward to this next one. Transit Pluto completely changed me. For the better. The last time Saturn went through Sag it prepared me for huge changes that came into my life after it crossed the ascendant.

    Saturn was moderately difficult for my son with a Scorpio stellium but he just turned 21 and he’s actually doing very well.

  7. “The answer for you and for anyone who has a large stellium in their chart is to embrace your chart. It’s not an accident! You were born to specialize in something and every transit that comes along is designed to hone your natural abilities.”

    Thank you Elsa, for consistently guiding us toward the most beneficial use of placements, aspects and transits. How often we see the worst in a situation. Thank you for reminding us that it’s OUR choice whether we look for, and take advantage of, beneficial possibilities, or limit ourselves by seeing, instead, challenges to be feared.

  8. For those like me who have stellium in Scorpio….. transiting Saturn has been interesting.

    I’ve used this as learning opportunity, mostly in how to express my opinions (my stellium crosses 2nd-3rd houses). It’s been an eye opener, that’s for certain.

  9. If a dear friend asked me this question, I would have 2 answers. First, because your case is so specific and rare, you will never find an astrologer who can give you an answer based on experience as would be the case with a more common transit, so you are on your own experimenting with this to some degree. Just remember this also makes you very special.
    Secondly, Donna Cunningham just came out with an e-book on stelliums, and I believe it’s the first ever written on the subject. You can look at the following link to get an idea of what’s in it and to purchase it if you want. It sounds very uplifting. It costs $15.
    Finally, I really love the book “Making the Gods Work For You” by Caroline W. Casey. It has you working with each planet as if you were in the ancient Greek days, and as if instead of going to the temple to venerate a specific god (i.e. the one hitting you by transit) you determine to do everything in your power to honor the principles this god stands for. This is actually what is demanded of us when a transit occurs. It is a moment when we must honor the god calling for our attention. I think this would help you find the positive side of the transit’s energies.
    Good luck!

  10. I keep an open mind and embrace change! I have a 5 planet 8H stellium (4 Sag, 1 Cap). I like Jeanne’s advice to treat each transiting planet as a god a lot! For Jupiter transits, be generous! For Saturn transits, work your butt off! And for all.planets, dont resist! Resistance is futile and fucks you up.

  11. oh Lord, this answers a lot of questions for me. I have a five planet stellium in Libra all in the second house. I’ve never really known what it all means. if anyone has any tips or insight I’d love to hear. my Saturn is in Libra, so what I can gather and surmise is that my work in this life is my partnership, my marriage. when Saturn was going through Libra, I can safely say that it was the worst time of my life. I’ve always been an irresponsible, fly by the seat of my pants, California beach girl. racking up debt, going through men, friends, losing possessions, not taking care of business. as I approached thirty I knew I’d need to get my shit together and I wanted to settle down, have a family, all the usual stuff. when Saturn hit Libra, the love of my life wanted to take a break and sow his wild oats, I had to move in with mom, all my good times came to an end, reality hit hard, and baby was it ugly! there is no hiding from life. I wanted to die every day, until it got much worse! I married an abusive alcoholic who’d pretended to be something else until the vows were said. then wham. worse to worse. my family basically wanted nothing to do with me while I was with him. I was working my ass off, being responsible , and really tried to do everything I could possibly do to be a good person. I realised after a little over a year that I was going to have to escape and start over again, which wasn’t as bad as staying. the love of my life, who had separated from me died of an aneurysm a week after I left my abusive husband of one year. I started repairing a relationship with an older, longer lasting and more steady old flame. Saturn saw hard work, my commitment, my sweat, tears, responsibility and I didn’t kill myself! I pushed through. bloody, muddy, but strong and having gone through war I stand tall now. knowing I have seen the worst I could ever feel, seeing my soul mate with another, has made me a tank. I can handle anything. I am a Scorpio, but when Saturn entered Scorpio I didn’t bat an eyelash. I’ve had a baby, gone through an impossible and crazy boss, but I am reaping the rewards. gone is the beach girl. on my days off I’d rather catch up on laundry, run errands,get things done, and go to bed early than go play. I’m paying off debts,responsibly going through an adult relationship, and am up with a seven month old baby every hour at night. but it’s different now. I know hard work and sacrifice equals rewards and sweetness. and I can’t wait for more. I feel like I figured out a magical formula. Saturn is like the old judgemental archetypal biblical father God, he sees all and rewards hard work, morality, and being righteous. ill stop rambling. just wanted to share. I’ve got to say I live our online women’s collective here, sharing life, lessons and wisdom. Amen Sisters! 😀

  12. I have a stellium (Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter) in Libra in the 8th house. My stellium starting with Saturn is being opposed by transiting Uranus and squared by transiting Pluto, lets just say things are abrupt and deeply unnerving at the moment but I’m trying to embrace the changes with the least resistance possible. Uranian and Plutonian people and events are approaching whether I like it or not. I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by the overwhelming feelings of Pluto and trying to manage the massive interruptions to my daily life from Uranus….my sun is in Scorpio in 10th house and my rising is in Aquarius so I understand these two energies well from my own chart, but nothing prepares you for two slow moving outer planets transiting whilst one opposes and the other squares your stellium. It’s like being hit hard from two very different directions with very different styles. I have to remain open to change.

    1. I have a 6 planet stellium in libra in my 5th house. Pluto first then moon, venus, sun, mars, and last uranus. Pluto has just passed my moon and venus, and my relationship with my mom and female relationships at the time always were destroyed. I tried my best to keep everything good, but to no avail. Now when pluto moves direct. It will square my sun and Mars at the same time. What can I expect when pluto squares my sun and Mars conjunction. I have a 0 degree orb conjunction natally and its cazimi. Am I about to kill or be killed.

  13. How would you describe a stellium of 6 planetes (sun, pluto,north node, mercury,venus, jupiter) in Scorpio 8th house? (Jupiter and pluto are actually right on the 9th house cusp but still in scorpio sign)
    Does asteroïdes countes as well?

  14. Hi Elsa !
    I’m a bit concerned as to upcoming transits for 2020. You see I’m a Capricorn ASC in 9 degrees with mars in also Capricorn in 22 in 1 st.

    So the upcoming transits are the following on 1/12/2020:
    Sun conjunct my Mars
    Mercury conjunct Mars
    Jupiter in ASC
    Saturn conjunct Mars
    Pluto conjunct my Mars

    Therefore Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be on transiting my 1 st house
    Oh and CERES will be also moving in to Capricorn on December and also conjunctions my Mars

    I am currently unemployed due to Saturn opposition Venus back in August and since not being able to find a good job .

    So yo see I will be having a transit 1 st house stellium for ti be honest and also my SR Pluto and Saturn was in my first with ASC in my 12 th

  15. I have a Capricorn Stellium Exact in transit of Saturn Uranus and Neptune hitting the ethers at this time, also Aquarius in Mercury Venus and Sun Stellium in transit…October 4th 2020… the universe has handed me double duty..I figure this one won’t be anything less than a chance to birth the chapter ahead. I will focus on the degrees lowest the LEAD and then I will be mindful of the Outgoing planet it’s house. I will take some time to reflect how i engaged last time with these energies, how i would like to improve, and I will allow myself to evolve and grow the way the universe has intended.

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