Elsa P’s Blood And Guts Astrology Class: An In Depth Look At Love And Relationships

halloween astrology pumpkinVenus and Mars will be conjunct in Scorpio for almost a month.  It is deliciously deep and dark and y’all know I love this stuff.

I don’t like the fallout from writing about it though. I don’t like to censor myself. I do like to speak freely. I don’t like people to feed off me so I’ve decided to do an intensive in the Colosseum called, Elsa P’s Blood and Guts Astrology Class.

We will be focusing on all the dark stuff. Deep psych, the shadow (yours and others), blind spots in charts, sex, manipulation, power grabs in relationships, problems that seem unsolvable, deeply rooted, destructive patterns in love and everything else, hidden, ugly and keen that we can dig up, expose and peruse.

It costs $45 to join. You can submit your chart if you like and I will choose 5 from the group to work with. The class will run about 10 days. I will probably post a chart every couple days and in between y’all can comment on the chart, cross-talk, recover from what you’ve read, have a cow, or whatever you like.


Where does the class take place?

The class will be held in the Colosseum which is a private message board on this blog.  You will need to register on the message boards here. When you pay for the class, please send your user name on the boards along with your payment (there will be a field for this) I will add designate you a “gladiator” on the boards which will allow you access.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes. Participation is voluntary and lurkers are welcome.

How do I submit my chart?

Once you have paid for the class, you can email me or send me a private message on the boards that includes your data and some idea what the problem or question or sticking point is.  Your copy can be long or short. You can send another person’s chart as well but if you send me 10 charts… well that will be diluting something we want to keep focused so you know.  That won’t work. We want this to be tight – we’re goin’ in.

How will you pick which charts to feature?

As will all my classes, there are no favors or favorites. Having no debts to pay, I choose the charts based strictly on what will be most compelling and will work as whole to cover as broad a range as possible on all levels so that we have meaty, satisfying class.

Do I have to be somewhere at a certain time?

No, the class is available 24 hours a day, just sign into the message board and see what is going on.

Who will enjoy this class?

Anyone who likes to go deep and look unflinchingly at what makes things and people tick.

Is satori doing pics again?

Of course!

When does the class start?

September 19, 2010.

How do I sign up?
Fill in your user name and click to pay! See ya there.

please give user name

19 thoughts on “Elsa P’s Blood And Guts Astrology Class: An In Depth Look At Love And Relationships”

  1. Oh man, I’m already doing 41567368 things in my life right now, but this is really appealing to me.

    Good thing I don’t have to decide right this minute. 😉

  2. I need this, but my chart can’t be accurate (nor the composite!) – and both my bank balance and my credit card are maxed out right now, with no money coming in. Damn damn damn

  3. Wow – LOVE the topic! (and the title)

    Now if I say this I’ll sound like a narcissist (or a poopy-head) and believe me I understand the reasons why, but I wish it were possible to go over something from everyone’s chart, or more than 5, cause I really do want to know all about *ME* 🙂 but I doubt my chart would be picked for a “blood & guts” class, cause it is probably not dramatic enough.

    anyway it sounds fun, but since I’ll be away for the whole first week of it not sure what I’ll do…

  4. Oh my lord. Been waiting for another class and now the most awesome’est class of all time and I dunno if I can make the time for it. I want my chart up there soo-o bad.

  5. More info from Questions:

    If your chart is chosen – in order to maximize what you get out of it, it is best if you can refrain from making comments right away so people have a chance to weigh in. People who are in the class may stop by once a day or less, late in the evening so give people a chance to speak because once you start talking they tend to adapt their thoughts.

    Also, if at all possible, try to avoid becoming defensive. People won’t give you the goods if they think they are going to make an enemy. You can rest assured I won’t let anyone attack or judge (we’re not that type anyway) but it may very well get dicey so just try to detach if at all possible and give yourself time to assimilate.

    Also, you don’t have to respond at all. It is by no means expected and totally at your option.

  6. this looks awesome!!! can’t do it, I have way too much on my plate. But I really hope everyone has fun. Elsa’s classes are the best!

    everybody, sign up! you won’t regret it.

  7. Added to all the other stuff happening up in the sky, Pluto will be bouncing back and forth across my sun and Saturn for years! Last time Pluto went a-bouncing, it was over and that Neptune Asc. /Scorpio, so I have a clue about the bigness of the time on this basis alone. +Libra Moon 12th +Venus Scorpio 1st have not exactly been companionable… This looks like the right time to get real to me. Its a revolutionary opportunity to combine experience, genius and technology to mine the depths and expand, ya? I would have to be unconscious to miss this.

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