Venus Saturn in Love… And The Three Little Pigs

Saturn is exalted in the Venus-ruled sign, Libra so it does not make sense that a person with Saturn in the Libra-ruled, 7th house is going to go begging for love. The problem is in how love (Venus) is defined (Saturn).

Take the story of the 3 little pigs. So what if you can throw up forty houses made of straw in the time if takes the Venus Saturn person to build one if all your houses blow away?

And age counts. It’s one thing to live in a flimsy house when you’re 25. It blows away and you build another, but what about when you’re 45, 55 or 65?

People get to a point where they want something solid in their life. And if you have not learned (Saturn) to form a relationship (Venus) that has integrity (Saturn) as you get older, I’ll tell you exactly what happens. You get scared (Saturn). Nobody wants to be alone. As Paul Simon sings, “Who’s going to love you when your looks are gone?”

So the Venus Saturn person might spend a lot of years out in the rain, working on their house while everyone else is humping along in their straw huts that are ready to blow. But as with everything “Saturn”, time is on their side. Venus Saturn toils and toils and toils and toils and if they keep it up, eventually someone with an eye for quality happens by and support forms. This is classic Capricorn story and with Pluto going into Capricorn in January stories like this one will come to the front.

Class not trash. This is coming back into vogue, mark my words.

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5 thoughts on “Venus Saturn in Love… And The Three Little Pigs”

  1. Hurray – class not trash!
    You’ve got it right on the 3 little pigs story definitely.
    I never wanted to play around with love. It’s too intense. And right now I’ve established it for good: I don’t want to be with someone just to keep each other company, it will be real and made of concrete – obviously, we could fall on the trap of wanting too much security here, when there are no guarantees of anything. But to each coin there are two sides…

  2. Venus/Saturn opposition

    This puts a completely different spin on things. Keep it up. If we (Venus Saturn people) can start thinking differently, we can start feeling differently…

  3. i just figured there was something wrong with me. “nothing holds up under my kind of pressure.”
    or something.
    but time helps make things a bit clearer.

  4. This has helped me understand my husband more (he has Venus conjunct Saturn.)

    He spent his youth building a solid life/home whilst only having a couple of relationships and being alone most of the time.

    When I met him he was 45. He told me he had resigned himself to being alone te rest of his life yet that he had thought he’d do online dating just in case.

    We met on his Venus return and with transiting jupiter conjunct my natal moon which conjuncts his descendant (so he was having jupiter transiting the seventh.)

    This theme is really clear with this 3 little pigs story, Elsa.

    I’m glad I saw how great he was/is and stuck around.

    He was very very different from the men I had dated, and has Neptune square his chart ruler jupiter so he has enough Neptune to entice me (I have sun in Pisces square Neptune in my chart.)

    My jupiter conjuncts his venus/Saturn conjunction.

  5. this really is a stark reality, of saturn. great post on it.
    “who’s gonna love you when you’re old.” we all need love.

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