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Last night I heard someone talk about how you can’t just see someone and order yourself to fall in love with them. It doesn’t work that way. Instead, you see someone and you’re hit with a spark.

The thing is, if you do not act on that spark…if you do not go after that love, nothing will happen. The spark will die out.

You have to chase stuff like this. Love. But also an idea you might have, or some other kind of inspiration.

When you’re hit with a spark, do you run with it? Why or why not? What’s the astrology here?

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  1. Oh yes… I have so many Neptune Squares and a such a compulsive Pluto opposition that yes, I’ve gone for it!!!!!!!

    Now, my Virgo Moon takes over, and I like it that way – feel empowered to hesitate.

  2. NO ! maybe in my mind.. I’ve got a Saturn in my 1st house that opposes all my 7th house planets ( venus, mars, jupiter). I barely tell someone

  3. I don’t go after it anymore because it has never panned out; me going for a guy makes him run for the hills and I don’t have the confidence anymore.

  4. It’s been my experience that anything that fades away wasn’t worth the price I paid….

    The sex was vexing!

    But then my North Node is in Virgo and I am meant for something stable.

  5. I ‘ ve done the chasing game twice. Once I ”got ” him but I don’t think was worth it in the end. Second time I was considered desperate => my enthusiasm it’s gone.

  6. It is not wise to act impulsively on insight.
    I’m tempering my reaction to lightning bolts.

    As for the love spark, I could go so many directions with this right now. I do advise that one follow their heart and speak their mind/feelings. But know, just because you do that, it doesn’t give you rights to that person. Be brave enough to do it. Be brave enough to accept that it may not work out like you expected..this time.

  7. I wish I knew how! I have no practical idea how to turn a spark into a hey-I-like-you-do-you-like-me-let’s-get-together situation. What are you supposed to do? Plus, it’s usually one-sided anyway. What yahoo would like me? The only thing I can do is pine but boy do I do that like a champ. Venus/Neptune!

  8. If it sparks, I chase it. End o’ story. 😉 It’s part of my no-regrets philosophy (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t).

    Astrology…? Um. Jupiter rising? Mars conjunct Venus? Those seem like to two best culprits. 😛

  9. I was called “desperate” too! To a man, it must seem the only reason a girl would be that direct, I guess?

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    curious wanderer

    I’ve chased my sparks when I could. The sparks seem to like me better after I’ve stopped chasing them. : / I’m sure Saturn sq. Venus has something to do with that.

  11. It’s not even worth it without the spark, so if you strike the spark in me, of course I will go after you.

    Probably mars conjunct Venus in 7th house

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    saturn square venus here too. I always chase the spark. Rarely ever worked in love. But it’s good for ideas for business, work, travel, helping others etc. I’d say the sucess rate (on a large scale, not the small intermediate set-backs) is easily over 50% on that side of things. It’s work.

    Now, I don’t always chase it, I stop and think about my energy and other commitments first. I think that is a factor of age… but I have another spark that I’m researching as of now that I might chase. 😀 What was that about old dogs and new tricks? Or habits? 😀

  13. have Venus/Pluto minor grand trine with 12th house Jupiter rising at the apex square Uranus. I am a lofty-eyed optimist and maybe even a bit aggressive when it comes to going after opportunities–knowing in the end all will work out. With a Mars in Taurus 10th, I’m stubbornly cling to those opportunities and persist until I get what I want. Attribute it to a bit of bullheaded-ness :D.
    Mercury trine Uranus = flashes of brilliance. I can go through long periods of creative drought (which is so very annoying because they can last years and years *sighs* :P) and then when hard aspects hit, BOOM! Inspiration will bolt down from heaven like lightning and I can have a portfolio’s worth of ideas, inventions, and art.

    With Uranus in the 4th and Aquarius on the 7th… I shamelessly seize lightning when and where it strikes. Carpe Diem, baby! 😀

  14. I’ve felt the spark, but I don’t act. If he acted quickly enough he might hit before the spark goes away. That happened exactly once. I won’t chase a man, although I can be pretty directly flirty if a man engages me.

  15. When I’m hit with a spark, I obsess over it and weigh it. I look at both sides. This includes ideas. Especially ideas because they’re generally nebulous, and I want to make sure it’s even a viable option/realistic expectation.

    Then I decide whether to pursue it. If the spark is strong and it’s okay to go after the spark, I pursue it.

    Mars-Mercury in the 8th and Mars-Saturn.

  16. Well, I only got the spark for guys who actually (gasp!) wanted to get involved with me. So “act or not” was never really an issue. It worked out nicely.

    On the other hand, “give him a chance” dates never worked because if I didn’t get the psychic ping about it right off the bat, then it wasn’t going to change and happen.

  17. yes, I have! but the spark must actually be there… you can Neptune yourself into thinking there’s a spark when there isn’t. or at least I have. I did know on some level, though, what I was doing. I wanted there to be spark, so I imagined one. but as you said, you can’t manufacture spark. and I’ve ended up feeling sad that I tried… sad that I wasted someone’s time!

  18. I’ve learned my lesson not to chase…never works out. I wanted the spark to ignite; no dice. Venus sq. Neptune The spark must be there otherwise it’s a waste of time.

    My enthusiasm (Sun conj Jupiter) is perceived neediness. Dies out if their spontaneousness isn’t there. Planned out moments are boring for my Aquarius Venus.

    Life is an interesting ride…

  19. Venus conjunct Saturn here…when I was younger I used to actually shame myself for feeling the spark, because deep down I assumed I would get hurt for pursuing anything I felt and I used shame as a way to keep myself safe. During my Saturn Return I did follow the spark, though. It was not safe, but I think it was worth it.

  20. Yeah, like Sunlover said, if there’s no spark I’m not even gonna bother. Without the spark I just wouldn’t care.

    The astrology, uhm…Sun/Uranus, Mars/Uranus? Venus/Pluto?

  21. I cautiously chase. I don’t like the spark though. It makes me all lovey-dovey and googley-eyed. I become a hopeless romantic and that’s not me at all.

  22. I definitely run with it because I know it’s there to lighten my life and the life of the igniter, no matter what the outcome may be. Uranus conjunct Venus, Jupiter in the 5th house.

  23. Yes, I love sparks! Uranus in the 6th House and Gemini sextiles my Leo Mars Saturn conjunct. I love great ideas and have had lots of fun fanning the flames. With Saturn transiting Scorpio, the sparks are volcanic … appreciate a little holy waater from Neptune to cool me off before I blow a fuse.

  24. Correction to my previous post :

    I have a Sun/ Mercury Trine to Uranus.

    The spark is essential….love at first sight.

  25. How can we live without SPARKS????
    God I walk into a room & ZAP…never ever wrong & always a surprise…..
    not many in my life thank God but ohhhh soooo sweet as he always has the same spark too….Scorpio Sun Moon Merc & Uranus in Cancer.
    My song for this SURE ENOUGH U HIT ME JUST LIKE LIGHTENING by Al Jarreau & Randy Crawford.
    Phew…thx ALL here for understanding this phenomenon!

  26. Pretty cautious here. There can be some deliberation with Merc and Mars in Libra. Moon opposes Venus, so the nature of the spark can often be befuddled. Also, ASC, Sun, and Moon are all Fixed signs, so it can take a big spark to get me moving.

  27. Lots of fire and air here; sparks are the easy part! 🙂 Not getting burned or smothering them out is the hard part… 🙂 Venus conjunct Saturn here too.

    This is so timely for me, Miss Elsa! I’ve been trying online dating for months and finally had my first meetup on Saturday. Sparks “on paper,” but not so much in person. I’ve been talking myself into being patient and waiting (at least one more date) and seeing. I’ll be looking at the Love Class. 🙂

  28. Hi! I have Venus in 1st sqauare Uranus in 5th ..INSTANT chemistry. With unusual, off beat types / “weirdo’s” Lol. No one ever grows on me & nothing ever lasts. For some strange reason I wouldn’t change it;)

  29. I feel the spark but yeah, the other doesn’t always. I have Venus inconj. Uranus and though I am always attracted to off-beat types, it can go either way for them. But I also have Venus sextile Mars trine Pluto…so I do chase if I feel it! But not in a agressive way. Just don’t hold back if there seems to be a connection.

  30. I’ve had sparks that are just hormonal, pherehormones or whatever, both prior to and after meeting the love of my life. I have known at least one man, who sets this off all the time in females, (including me) it was funny/sad seeing how women would think this meant he was supposed to be the love of their life. Since I already met and married my love/husband, I could tell the difference, and would just run home to my husband with my jacked up hormones.
    There was a mutual spark with me and my husband, but it was different, more of a feeling that we meshed, could be very open, vulnerable with each other. We took our time with the feeling, slowly grew it, tended it, more like a seed sprouting, rather than being too impulsive. I wish I knew his time of birth to put a story in Sartoris His venus is in _________ .

  31. Wish I did more. I did try in the past and need to again. But have been led on and lied to and also humiliated in the past and also feel I don’t know the right way to respond to the electricity.

    Also I try to be considerate to others feelings and find it odd when I approach the lady that gives off these sparks I am not taken seriously, and then a rude obnoxious person comes in and she swoons and a week later she finds he was not interested in her feelings.

    Other problem is I study, analyze and try to prepare for every contingency, the astrology, I am Scorpio Sun,Mercury,Venus,Neptune,MC and 8th house Jupiter,Uranus,Pluto. Also Saturn rx Taurus wreaks havok in these circles too with my t-square with Scorpio Venus and Aquarius Rising Mars/Ceres.

    Shell shock, I do talk, I do smile, I do wave, I do listen well, and I am there for those in need. I am not very impulsive and very introverted and this doesn’t help either.

    I do recieve many smiles back every day, but they are around the corner and gone forever before I can find anything out about her to determine if I should ask her.

  32. I thought about that spark today. When it happens, my soul is absolutely illuminated. It’s like I feel energy that for whatever reason, I am unable to touch on my own, no matter how hard I had tried.

    The spark has brought me some beautiful events and people in my life, but also dragged me through so much pain and disillusionment. The thing about it? I’m not so sure I’d want to live without it.

    As a wise person once told me, if I close myself off to love, then I deny something that makes life worth living and don’t allow that part of me to live (and this is coming from one with a well-aspected Venus in Aquarius!).

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