High Low Art…Hiding Your Finest Parts

I have a great fear of the ladies in my Woman’s Club finding my book.  This is because there is massive swearing in it…sex, and various other potentially disturbing things. Basically, I don’t want to let anyone down. I don’t want people disappointed in me. I figure they relate to my hologram and I would like to not disturb this.

It seems I should not publish something I am ashamed of, but I am not ashamed of my book. I believe it to be high art. I know it is high art. The problem is my high art is low and I will elaborate.

The other day, I was telling a friend about a vibe I’ve been getting off my husband this last week.  It’s quite interesting and she’s got the depth and insight to appreciate such things, so I share them with her. The high lights of what’s going on in my life, this is. The most interesting things I know.

So I was telling her about my husband’s recent moods and in the process, I told her he has only been in one physical altercation on the road. In fact, he’s been in just one physical altercation in the last fifteen years or so.

I told her the story, which is hilarious. Later I mentioned this to my husband.

“You’ve only been in that one fight.”

“Yeah, but I come close a few times. I was gonna kill that guy in Tucson.”

“What guy?”

He reminded me of the time he got out of this truck with a hammer in one hand and his “trucker’s friend” in the other (pictured). “I was going to rip his skull in two,” he said. I laughed.

“You realize you sound like a guy in a Steven King movie don’t you?” I said, with a snort. “Can’t you just picture it? Some menacing gladiator son of a bitch, terrorizing a truck stop with a weapon in each hand.  It’s hilarious. What ever happened with that?” I asked. “I’ve forgotten.”

“I got out my truck, stood there in front of his, with the only weapons I had, one in each hand.  Told him to move his fuckin’ truck or I would move it for him, and I meant it.”

“He moved his truck?”

“Yeah. So I got back in mine.”

Sometimes people denounce and denigrate me, stating I am married to a murderous bastard. I don’t say anything, because I am married to a murderous bastard. This does not mean he does not have more character and more compassion than anyone I have ever met in my life….or you have ever met in your life.

Maybe you see my point. You can learn a lot about men and life, if you are exposed to someone like my husband.  My book is pretty illuminating too, but I will never forget the gal who told me I should remove all the swear words in it. She specifically said she knew people who would pick up the books with tongs, to dispose of it in the trash, because of my  language.

I don’t think she is wrong about that. It’s just there is nothing I can do about the fact that my high art is low. If I try to elevate it, it not longer be art at all.  Any my husband also is what is what is.

I like what my friend, Ben said about this years ago.  He said that it was a big world, and surely there was room in it for someone like him. Someone like him, someone like me and someone like you.

I really hope those ladies don’t find my book.  I would hate to offend them. But I also feel sad that the best of what I am must be concealed to avoid persecution and the like.

Do you have to conceal huge chunks of your life, your love, yourself?  What’s it like for you?

65 thoughts on “High Low Art…Hiding Your Finest Parts”

  1. Of course. I used to much better at conforming, but I can’t hide my Sun-Mercury-Mars-Uranus anymore. I do hide out of politeness, as much as I can, anyway.

    I’ve come to realize that people are who they are, but they are also welcome to associate with who they want. I try to be tolerant, but I can only take so much, so I think that’s what other people feel when they need to tell me go away or leave because they can’t stand who I am or what they feel when they experience me. Hell, if I carry all of what I’ve been through, I understand why no one can stand it at times, neither could I!

    Being persecuted, but living your life anyway, is a what life is about!

  2. “Hiding your finest parts”- I have a friend who says, “No good deed goes unpunished”- I think this is why I hide my finest parts. Too many experiences of things being misunderstood or going boom when I’ve got the best intentions. Even still, I think I want to try focusing on working on my Leo North Node more.

    Another friend said I should relocate to feel more at home & suggested Tibet. I had to point out that they are oppressed. But she sees things about me others don’t- she once looked at someone like they had three heads when they suggested I was quiet. Thing is- I am quiet. Mostly with strangers. But I love her for that 🙂

    I do get people asking, “Do you ever swear?” Elsa, I don’t want to edit the swearing out of my writing either. & I have just started writing erotica!

  3. . It’s just there is nothing I can do about the fact that my high art is low.

    This is a very thought provoking statement.

    I think graffiti and comedy are high low art and writing respectively. I also think high art should stop running from craft. But something about this statement confuses me. Storytelling is probably high low art because it has folk roots. But.. both novels and acting used to be considered very low

  4. Neptune on MC and lately have been thinking about it a lot. It is damn difficult to even define it. But people, even family members think they know all there is to know about me and they think I am weak and spacey. In public, I am very spacey and I swear at times I feel that I am just going to float away into space. And with the Neptune transits now, I do feel like I need a life line just to be in public. Confusion and vagueness are constant. It’s very frustrating and I’ve been researching the subject, but just reading about Neptune/MC is like trying to interpret Chinese writing. Thinking about becoming reclusive just to escape these awful feelings.

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