Tips From Pisces In Regards To Projection

Pisces mermaid green fabricRegarding the Venus Neptune opposition in the sky I was chatting with Pisces, satori last night and she came off with such a widely applicable and quintessential line, it’s got to make my blog. She was talking about how she runs her business and other people’s attempts to control or manipulate her…

“Well they have nothing to say about it,” she said.

“What do they do when you tell them that?”

“I don’t tell them that. I just keep going and try to ignore them. It’s up to them to figure out what reality is.”

“That they have nothing to say about how you run your life? No sense telling them?”

“Yeah. They can figure it out reality or not. I could care less. Fact is, they have nothing to say about it and I don’t care if they know it or not.”

Ha ha ha.

11 thoughts on “Tips From Pisces In Regards To Projection”

  1. The gift of the piscean is that trusting in their intuition can enable them to see multiple realities. It is not realistic to ALWAYS share this with everyone…there is not enough time in the day to do this. The mature, intuitive and gifted pisceans can hold their boundaries in this way. It is not our (pisceans) responsibility to explain this in every interaction…this is what we hold dear to us and it is for others to open their eyes and take responsibility for their reality.

  2. Reminds kinda of what I tell my kids when they get upset with other kids. The important people understand, the rest won’t get it anyway. So as long as the important people get it, the rest don’t matter. No sense in wasting energy (and oxygen) trying to get through to them.

  3. Neptune conjunct Scorpio Asc here. I do this too, but the Scorpio in me sees it as manipulative. Letting people dig their own grave.

  4. I have a Pisces moon and an Aquarius rising, but my Leo sun is in the 7th house. Sometimes I need other people to react against in order to move forward (my Aquarius rebels).

    Pisces moon just goes along with what Leo and Aquarius say.

  5. I completely agree. It is a waste of energy. I often get misunderstood, partially because of 12th house planets I guess, also because I’m not a very good communicator. Also because sometimes people have stereotypes and take liberties they shouldn’t.

    But they figure it out eventually, or they go away. I figure that’s their lesson, I’m busy enough learning mine, I’ll leave their lessons to them.

  6. Oh, Cheese, I need to start living this line! My problem is, with a Leo sun and Aquarius moon, I feel a ~need~ to tell people where they can stick it. *le sigh* I gotsta learn to choose my battles better. . . It’s been a rough Saturn transit.

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