What I Really Think About The US Pluto Return 2022

US mapI wrote this in February, 2022. Today is one of the exact aspects…

A lot of people have asked me about the US Pluto return. I’m not that interested in mundane charts. It’s not my area of expertise but I am interested in sociology, psychology and astrology so I’ll write about what I do know about.

Unfortunately, I will have to contradict myself in this post. This is another reason I’ve avoided writing about this. It’s a sticky issue for me but I’ve decided to go ahead and share my thoughts on this.

First, there will be three Pluto returns in the US chart on these dates:

February 20th, 2022
July 11th, 2022
December 28th, 2022

There is a thread discussing this here – Pluto Return of US.

My lumbar spine scolosisSecond, I would not count on some giant event on these dates. While it’s possible, it’s not likely because that’s just not how Pluto works.

Pluto is SLOW. It signifies decay. The United States has been in decline for decades.

It may help to compare this to my spine. It took many years for it to twist up and rot.  Did it happen on the day that Pluto was conjunct my ascendant / physical body? No.  I would expect the same in this situation.

Capricorn is associated with structure, rules and government. Is our government rotten. Uh… yeah. So this process is well underway.  After a lifetime spent in astrology, I would not expect anything in particular to occur on these dates…

Theoretically, these dates would mark the high/low points of intensity. But if you think about a devastating storm coming through, that leaves an area devastated, does an exact time matter? The result is the same.

Or how about an apple, rotten to the core.  Do we know when the decay began or peaked? Does it matter?

Third, Pluto transits wipe things out.  Post this event or process, the thing does not magically reconstitute itself.  Think of the rotten apple…

It falls to the ground. It will decay and perhaps be picked by birds down to the seeds. At this point, the apple would be dormant. At a point in the future, one of those seeds might take root and you’d have a new (legacy) tree. You see again that this is a process.

Fourth, the process takes time. A LOT of time. Decades at least.

  • If you doubt me consider Pluto transiting Libra which wiped out marriage.  50 years later, relationships are still “transforming”.
  • How about Pluto in Scorpio and all the incest that was exposed? Are we done with that? Not even close.
  • Pluto in Sagittarius. Shadow side of religion (sex scandal) and publishing. These things are also not fixed.

Now this is a PLUTO return. Do you really think it makes sense to single out a day?

Fifth, this is where I have to contradict myself and possibly anger people – there still may be a major event on one (or all) of these days.  But why? Here comes the ugly…

In astrology you often read these words, “you can’t make this up.”  This is said when an event matches the astrology of the day to a magnificent degree. I’ve said it myself though not recently!

I’ve not said it recently because I’ve learned that not only can you make it up. It’s a common occurrence.  The event is orchestrated.

This is no different than a couple electing the day of their wedding. It’s just on a much larger scale.  So if we see something devastating on one of these days, you can bet it was planned.

These are my ideas.

What do you think?

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      Janet Landers

      Transiting Pluto is in my first house, and my spine looks remarkably like yours! Squaring my 3 Aries planets…ah the trials of the Cardinal Cross!! What a world…what a world. My karmic cross to bear…thank you for your wisdom!

  1. Great post, Elsa.
    For years I have used the line “bullshit does not survive a Pluto transit.” The US Pluto return brings a collective reckoning. An exposing and stripping away of BS. What is left is having to face our deepest and darkest secrets in the collective. From Capitalism built on slavery, to wiping out indigenous peoples and massive amounts of animals, to environmental degradation and destruction, the list is long and we must face our history.
    I agree with you that this is a slow (and gut-churning) process. It is also relentless and it is always best to ride with Pluto and face our own reckoning.

    1. Just so you know, EVERY Country on earth used SLAVERY for thousands of years before OUR Colonists formed to Abolish it, as Americans. It’s called The Constitution.

      1. Sorry, but in Chile we never have any slaves, the Spanish conolianist were so racist that they never allowed African people to enter Chile. I was 18 years old when I first saw an African American man…that was 1975.

      2. But they didn’t abolish it—at least not in for over a hundred years. The Founding Fathers allowed it because they believed the southern states wouldn’t get on board with forming a country otherwise, and the Constitution could not be ratified without them. Slavery continued until at least the Civil War years.
        Did our Fathers make a mistake in not eliminating slavery at the start? Could we have avoided a Civil War altogether? You tell me.

        1. To be clear …the African tribal leader sold their own people …into slavery with the Explorers going east for riches. The UK held Zambia until just over 50 years ago.
          The Pluto return for the US is in the second house…Taurus house…being ruled by the elder Earth statesmen…it is a time of reckoning for the banking sector …. and our values as a nation. As opposed to bitching about the past crimes of a United States in development …. maybe keep watch of what begins to unravel in the banking sector and the payola Swamps of Washinton DC…. keep watch .. it’s coming and what you will realize is that all of us have remained in different type of very unjust slavery of a very different kind!! We can’t do anything about the past… but we can pay atention to the present and create a very different future.
          The first astrologer I worked with over 30 years ago told me this: Pluto is the roto rooter of the zodiiiiiiiiac…he flushes all the gunk to the top to expose it so it can be cleaned up and healed.
          Focus on 2nd House issues and enlightenment comes!

          1. I know I am months late but I am really, really tired of these racist “gotcha” comments that keep popping up about the atlantic slave trade and its effect on the black community. Especially in the astrology world. Africans being sold into slavery by certain tribes, if true, does not reduce or absolve the issue and the longterm trauma it has caused. It does not change 500+ years of oppression, humiliation, and degradation by Europeans and their descendants. You lot who want to tell blacks to “just forget the past” seem to not realize how terrible our past has been. You can’t just bury centuries of hell and trauma in the sand like an ostrich. If this was your history we would never hear the end of it. All one needs to do is crack open a book and see the truth – slavery, lynchings, segregation, bombings, violence. So much violence. It is not true that nothing can be done about the past. You can own up to it, stop chastising blacks for wanting answers, and stop being willfully ignorant of all the horrors that came with the building of America. Until this country takes a good, hard look at the problems stewing underneath the surface – eg the white nationalism/neo-nazism which has always existed but people dismissed as “fringe” weirdos in the woods – we’re never going to get anywhere. We’re never going to evolve. But who I am kidding? This is just going to fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

            1. Thank you, Blue, for being truthful and calling out the Neo-Nazi propaganda that has permeated the minds of the willfully ignorant citizens. We need more people with your kind of courage at the Pluto return of the USA.

            2. How would the past 500 years have been for your ancestors and their descendants had they never been taken from Africa? How does the life of indigenous people throughout the formerly colonized African continent today compare to that of African Americans today? Did any part of Africa remain untouched by colonization?

            3. “You can own up to it” you say …. How and more importantly WHY? Are the sins of my ancestors my responsibility?? Collecivly in 2022 the white man didn’t do it ….what I would really like to know is HOW would the African American population choose to have it “owned up”? Reparations are about money … Affirmative Action is about placement .. the new Diversity and Equity is about positioning people in a workplace based strictly on their skin color and not their qualifications … which harms the individual’s self esteem more. Look at the young black woman acting as the US Press Secretary at this very moment. She was positioned as a “token” black and lesbian … and is ill equiped and failing miserably. So all I’d like to know is in order to move forward in the 21st Century how would the African Americans like the issues of the 19th Century dealt with so they can be healed??

              1. Avatar
                Jennifer Yates

                How is Karine Jean Pierre failing? It’s not easy to live up to Jen Psaki’s example, but I think she’s doing fine. She’s perfectly qualified – she was Psaki’s deputy press secretary. Do you happen to believe that every Black and lesbian woman who achieves a powerful position is a token?

            4. Slavery goes back into prehistory, when instead of killing all the men and boys, conquerors allowed then to work as slaves instead and produce things.Some became free.Native Americans had slaves and traded in slaves…BTW, there is no doubt that nearly all African slaves were sold by their tribes…It was very difficult and dangerous for Arabs or Europeans to venture into a hostile Africa…

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            Janet Landers

            Yes…good insight. I keep reminding myself we all chose to be here. Pluto moving into Aquarius is forward thinking. Must clear itself of the dross before we can fly! Neptune exalted in Pisces allows us to dream a better future. The “technology” lies within…peace & love

    2. What annoys me ever so much is having to modulate my progress (as in, I’ve figured it out; why haven’t they?)

      I say, ish or get off the pot. If you can’t keep up, don’t impede the progress of everyone else… Yet, society coddles the stupid and maligns the acutely aware.*

      *if anyone’s lack of reading comprehension or spiritual integrity compels you to make a highly insensitive and narcissistically inappropriate comment based on the face of my comment in order to gaslight me because you feel some sense of power in doing so, then I implore you to just KINDLY MOVE ALONG. YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE IS NOT MY CONCERN OR PROBLEM. Learn how to handle your ish.

    1. I’ve only visited the US and i think that internal politics is up to US Americans to sort out. However, there is literally no other country on the planet where it is normal for people to shoot school children en mass every other week or month with mass shootings of adults in between. I’ve travelled to many countries and have never seen regular people carrying guns in the street anywhere else. The violence inside the US and the violence perpetrated by the US (and allies) in foreign countries is so far beyond acceptable it has to end.

      I hope this Pluto return is the end of it. Not the end of Americans of course.
      I read somewhere that an historian researched the average length of Empires and it turned out to be about 250 years, he was not an astrologer but this is the length of the Pluto cycle.

      Re Ukraine: NATO led by the USA, provoked the war in Ukraine just after the first hit of the US Pluto return in February. There was already a civil war raging since 2014 in Ukraine a genocide against the Russian speaking Ukrainian population. The Biden administration is funding and controlling the Ukrainian side as many members of the US government as well as Hunter Biden have money interests in Ukraine, including Metabiota Bio labs conducting very dangerous “research” on pathogens.
      It is a dirty business.
      The US congress continues to almost unanimously support more and more billions to go to arms for Ukraine in spite of huge problems domestically in the US.

      I think this war in Ukraine is going to turn out to be the physical catalyst of the demise of the US as Empire.

      I agree with Elsa in that some of it it will take along time and also that there probably will be some shocking collapse type events before the end of the year.

      Natal Pluto is in Scorpio on the midheaven of the Chart of Ukraine conjunct transiting south Node. I don’t see how this can be positive for stability or success.

      As for Russia, Natal Pluto was already in Capricorn in 1990 for the birth of the Russian Federation out of the defunct USSR, so Russia is probably quite comfortable with the death and restructuring cycle having been through it so recently.

      Obviously I have no clue how this will pan out, but I do believe that this war, the fall of the US dollar as reserve currency that is coinciding with it, as well as the emerging of the new Multi Polar world is already defining the Pluto return of the USA.

      For people who think that the USA is no body else’s business, I can only say that I wish it was so and that no one generally wishes harm to the people of the US, we just want it’s government and military to stop bullying the world and become a regular country with the rest of us.

      1. K, what Russian chart? In 1990 Pluto was in Scorpio. Pluto began Capricorn transit Nov of 2008.
        I’m missing something…thx.

  2. We are projecting Pluto everywhere and failing to digest what it is asking of us as individuals.
    This conjunction between Mars, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn dredges up things every bit as significant as the Pluto Saturn conjunction of a couple years ago.
    And it is much more personal this time and survival related as well – as Mars equates to the first house and Venus equals the 2nd house. The Moon Nodes are also involved….

    1. Exactly!! The world will go as we do. We must first be the world we hope to see. That means facing our dark sides. Do we walk in integrity? Or do we walk the dark path of parascitism,parasites, to take what isn’t given. We must first be the world we hope to see. Not by fighting with those who walk in darkness, lest we become that. But by putting up our boundaries appropriately for the threat and then letting them destroy themselves. Not out of malice. Intent is everything. The Four Agreements are not suggestions in these times. They are a guide for how to live. Always be kind and connect with others who are of integrity. You will know them as you are willing to see your own shadow side (Scorpio). I agree completely with Elsa’s description also btw.

  3. This could fit in with the Pluto transformations. What is going on in Canada, some think its the end of their Democracy that their leader has gone to draconian efforts to halt their ability to peacefully protest. By freezing the 10 million Gofundme money then another like fund to now freezing personal bank accounts, arresting the leaders of the trucker convoy group, 4 major banks are shutdown online to prevent a run on banks, and more Totalitarian efforts. Some feel its just a matter of time its hits the US similarly. Read more about this on substack, rumble…. Normal media has been bought by the Elite Globalist so anything counter to their narrative-global coup of the world, is labeled misinformation.

    1. …which is why digital currencies and autonomous electric cars scare me. We humans just don’t have the benevolence to have them work in everyone’s favor. Without the right to dissent, and without highly conscious leaders, we are always subject to authoritarian impulses — having our money cut off and freedom of movement curtailed.

      1. What is fascinating to me, is how so many real issues (less the imagined conspiracies) the USA must deal with; yet at the same time, we continue to focus on external threats, by use of force or projection of force in many cases. This plays into the hands of the authoritarians who are actively plotting our demise. With all our internal conflict, nothing improves – and we are seen as hypocrites. Let us work together to protect and expand our personal freedoms/rights (voting rights,women’s rights, term limits, repeal of unlimited corporate contributions, making marijuana legal- not guns rights) and fix/improve our experiment with democracy…this is how we can save this country (and the world, by example)…imo

          1. thank you X-rayed:) I appreciate that! I was encouraged by this take on Russian conflict by astrologer Ray Merriman (from his free weekly letter last week): https://files.constantcontact.com/6c600f5f201/d92c67a4-530b-4b05-8b69-910e0ad2e1e9.pdf

            “I am not one to follow the beliefs of many that these are the end times. In fact, I am much more optimistic (and perhaps unconventional) about the future of humankind, believing that these periods of crises are necessary steps to be taken as we prepare for this next renaissance when Uranus moves into Gemini and trines Pluto in Aquarius in the latter half of this decade”

  4. I agree. I don’t think we need a democratic extinction event to have a full Pluto expression. I think what it is functionally can be transformed to such a degree over time incrementally that we can have only the trappings of representative government and but essentially something else in practice.

  5. I agree that the USA is toast, and most regimes don’t last more than 250 years anyway…And now the DHS is targeting ordinary citizens for complaining about the deadly “vaccines”
    and election fraud that everyone knows occurred…But what comes next will be better, small, and local…

      1. USA is the ONLY HOPE for the WORLD. We WILL Defeat, DEMOLISH EVISCERATE the DEEP STATE. Just like THEY did to USA, starting 9-11,2001. In fact, that has already happened and is habbening…INCOMING…1…2…3…

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Thank you Elsa for rhe Pluto explanation. It helped me
    I was a little concerned about Aquarian Pluto transiting my 5th house in 2023.
    Especially since my natal Aquarian Saturn sits at 5 degrees there with my South Node.
    I do want deep transformation since Im in my 2nd Saturn Return.
    I just might tap you on the shoulder to help me through this. I just might need your no nonsense approach to things.

  7. The Buddha was also a master baker.
    He was endlessly fascinated with the “point” at which dough became yeast.

    He’s still checking, as far as I know.

  8. me and my husband were talking about the corruption that is probably hidden in the USA, but there’s a side of me that believes that there is always good and justice and people who will fight the temptation to be corrupt and be good. That good prevails. When i was in USA taking uber transportation, one of the uber driver is a USA citizen but lives in Mexico and was born there, and decided to live there the rest of his life becuase of taxes and cheaper but he revealed to me that his daughter who is a lawyer has to go along with the corruption there, or else be killed basically. or be out of a job and never be hired again. Career destroyed. Kind of like a mafia maybe? When i tell others about this everyone says, ” everyone knows mexico is corrupt government and no one fights against the injustice because the money is too temptation” and if you’re in a poorer country with so much poor what are they to do? But i also talked about how come people like Anna Sorokin (wannabe socialite trust fund baby) or Bernie Madoff (ponzi fake scheme) can get away with making checks to an expensive establishment? You dont do this in Europe or at least not in Western Europe, you need proper ID. Which is true we noticed in cheaper hotels, if you rent a cheap hotel for under 100 dollars a night, clean but cheap. They wont let you in without proper ID no matter what. Ive even seen them turn away homeless looking lads and ladies who were 5 dollars short of a nights rest becuase they didnt have enough money for deposit either. But in an expensive hotel, like the marriott or hilton hotel, you can give an ID that is not allowed but based on trust because you went there or dared to go there, and if you are honest then everything is good. but if not, i guess they will hunt you down. I guess they did this with anna sorokin but she was hunted down and her so called society friends paid for everything anyway. thats why. But it’s the conversation of writing checks that’s weird. In northern europe you can’t do checks anymore, thats abolished so it allows more restrictions. In USA, checks are allowed and that’s when Anna Sorokin wrote those bad checks and took them out when she realized that they were gonna cash them so she cashed out the bad checks. In Europe you can’t write checks, everything is digital now, use paypal payments or bank transfers or mobile payments connected to your banks. It will allow for less corruption. The only corruption going on through mobile phones and facebook these days if someone is going to ask for money and pretending they are part of the government taxes or you were fined for something you dont remember getting anything in the email or mail for, and need your bank ID for money.

    so i do believe USA needs to change their ways of freedom, and more restrictions to allow less corruption. I mean in poorer countries the government is corrupt because they want to keep poor people poor. Is USA becoming the same way?? Because there are more homeless growing. It’s changed over the last 10 years and especially after covid pandemic. It’s growing like India, where they have lavishly super rich and the caste and the super super poor on the streets. And India is considered super poor country. even though they have super rich there. And USA needs to change their way of thinkin in the government so maybe the government needs new changes. More restrictions which will cause more freedom. it’s like an oxymoron. Because the more freedom you have the less you have. Kind of like the homeless, they are free but they have nothing, no responsibilies and therefore less of anything. And isn’t responsibility very saturnic?

    1. How about you stay in your own restricted freedom lane, and we Americans will Keep our Freedom. All poverty is engineered. The Western Central Bank will be abolished by the time Pluto leaves Capricorn, taking the Rothschild/Schwab WEF CABAL straight to Hades. BYE!

      1. haha i happen to be an American too. Just giving my thoughts and opinions because i traveled and seen things. no one has to change your thoughts of freedom, The rich will always want to get richer and the poor sadly are designed to stay poor. you learn this in school in economics/social division of class.

        1. You don’t sound American. Actually, the opposite is true in America. ANYONE can get rich in America with Their OWN Business. My niece did at 25 years of age, as a WAITRESS, baking biscotti for the place she waited tables at. Basically, she started her own COOKIE Bakery. one mixer at a time. Rented other bakeries ovens. made deliveries on her BIKE. By 30 she was a millionaire. NO LOANS, no money, just a recipe from her POOR yet smart childhood days. 25 years later, she’s still in business today, in spite of her Socialist Marxist Communist fake installed Dem run state and city stacking every deck against her 45 employee company for years now.

          1. In other words, you were educated by Communist ideology and NOT American CAN DO thinking. THINKING is what makes America Great. Not warped, failed narratives. Pluto’s kicking All that out now. What’s going to perish in Pluto’s Crucible this Capricorn cycle’s end, is LOSER Mentality. Hide and watch.

            1. no i’m just realistic and i was brought up in the USA,met my first two husbands in the USA too. all american boys. Drug addict first husband who came from wealthy family but stayed in prison in and out, repeat offender; and mid west abusive 2nd husband. Sigh. The 2nd husband was aggressive and competitive and went his way up to be a successful man before he was 22 years old. he was super smart and just knows how to get what he wants with some connections and good communication skills and hard work.

          2. aw thats nice to hear about a success early story. but not everyone has the same upbringing or energy or talents. You know this. But its nice to hear the proudness in your writing over your niece. But when u say ” anyone” ..its not realistic. Theres still racism and there’s still people favouring other people over others even if one of the individuals are more talented than the other. It really all depends. Your niece got lucky break, with her hard work and stamina and even connections. Sometimes its also connections. well actually most of the time it is.

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              Hildagarde's Noviciate

              Yes it is Elisa. People get new jobs through someone they know 70% of the time. Business is the same way. Its through networking. I have lived with the working poor and they do have significantly more challenges than alot of people do.
              I think the world has been this way since there was “mine” and “yours”. The sad part about America is that there was a recent point in time where we could have taken the path to follow western European’s sense of civic responsibility. We didnt. And we are paying for it now I think.

              1. i knew that when i was really young, and saw how others got jobs because they knew the owner or knew someone there. it was consistent and wont change. as for writing checks, well, my parents still write checks, they will keep doing this till they pass. Same with their own generation. the newer and newer generations will not use it and many dont and have never done it. It just takes time as always.
                as for europe, there’s also corrupt everywhere. if there’s human beings in a big population there’s gonna be corruption. Statistical because if you get down to the smaller picture, someone is going to feel left out and their life isn’t going anywhere, and they might feel life is not fair; and the easy way out is to do crime.

      2. Avatar
        Mary Helen Welter

        Yes! Pluto is painfully and slowly exposing it all! And time to build from the ashes. We are going to have to go back to the original and organic Constitution for the United States of America. Self governance and it starts actually with your County! You might want to check out: http://www.national-assembly.net and get involved with your County and State.

    2. Like anything else, there are at least two sides to every story, and there are as many different viewpoints as there are people. Opinions are as ubiquitous as a certain body orifice, and everyone has one.
      As it pertains to the Pluto Return in the US natal chart, I see history repeating itself: the corruption, lies, self-serving actions and betrayal of the political elites( career politicians) and “deep state” entrenched government bureaucrats has been exposed, and the mostly working-class citizens are rising up against the oppression of illegal mandates, lockdowns, censorship, Federal intrusion into school curriculum and other abuse of power. The so-called dedicated “public servants” have forgotten who they work for and whose good they work for. To be fair, however, “we the people” have been asleep at the wheel and allowed this to happen. Now that rights and freedoms we took for granted are being taken away, it’s time to wake up, clean house, and take back the power the Constitution and Bill of Rights provides.
      If America is such a horrible country, why do millions of people from all over the world risk their lives to come here? I don’t hear many stories of people beating a path to North Korea, Venezuela or China. If you are willing to work and do what it takes to succeed, you can be successful. America offers many opportunities to start with nothing and be successful. Many of the homeless are not employable. They have mental illness or drug addiction. Many choose to be homeless.
      I believe there is a mindset component. As someone who was homeless for nearly 6 years I saw this up front and personal. It took me a long time to gain traction, but I never gave up. I never gave in to being a victim, entitlement, “life owes me”, or wallow in self pity. Most every homeless person I encountered on my “journey” to hell and back had a “poverty” mindset, and if we as a society want to truly change the amount of homelessness, changing mindset, providing therapy/counseling, and traction(safety, stability, security) is the way to go. (That does not include $30 million in free crack pipes from the Federal government).

      1. Amen. And to your point, Another great thing temporary withdrawal from stable shelter can do is provide an Ultimate Reveal, which is, we are NOT how much money in the bank we have, but the content of our character. It’s VERY freeing to know you can survive on the “street”, knowing yourself to be totally reliant on God’s “Ground Scores”AKA Real Wealth. Everyone should experience it at least once in life. You lose all sense of real fear of “poverty”. That “State” is an illusion.

      2. i have noticed that popular usa tv shows are about drug lords, or drug trafficking such as ” Ozark” and “breaking bad” and even some movies. I know that they crack down on drugs all the time but due to my first husband being so addicted to drugs and the prison system is so filled, and plus the homeless are usually mentally incapable and i’d take a big guess many are drug addicts too. The distribution of drugs has caused alot of this, and the other night me and my husband were talking about how in the past history, they used to have moonshine when alcohol was illegal. Now if drugs were legal it wouldnt be such a big problem but i dont think it will help because there’s still alot of alcoholism and many homeless i bet are also needing alcohol to numb their reality.
        As for Venezuela china and north korea, i dont think anyone can just go to the latter country. its really restricted, not even south koreans can go there.
        providing therapy and counseling will help homeless but that would cost money and i remember hearing the goverment abolished mental hospitals in the 60s. about 1967. i bet many of the homeless would go there. it might have been due to money again. and people will complain about taxes. Also, the rich should pay for the mental hospitals if we had it our way. It doesn’t benefit jeff bezos or bill gates or elon musk or china’s billionaires to house and give counsel help for them. Most rich want to help only if its gonna benefit them. Rich people dont want to part with their money most of the time. I was even told by an uber driver that homeless people are the ones who tip big. The rich usually are cheap.

        1. wow i just read that mental hospitals also had to had a law signed by Reagan that a bad judge or legislation couldnt lock you up to the mental hospital, (to protect citizens). SO much red tape in the system even if in general many of the mentally ill homeless need a place to sleep and medication and safety /counseling. I think under the Aquarius stellium (humanitarian) or pluto aquarius coming, homelessness is going to be addressed seriously. Not just looked away.

  9. The Buddha was also a master baker.
    He was endlessly fascinated with the “point” at which dough became bread.

    He’s still checking, as far as I know.

  10. As a student of history I like to look at planetary cycles and see what events took place during a significant transit. What was happening in this country 246 years ago? The American Revolution. Colonists were actively revolting against the tyranny of their oppressors, Britain’s King George and British soldiers. Colonists were willing to face imprisonment for sedition or die for Freedom. Thomas Paine’s CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE would inspire fellow revolutionaries: “Give me Liberty, or give me Death” rallied George Washington’s rag-tag troops against incredible odds.
    Meanwhile, the French Revolution was taking place around the same time. The populace had had enough of the ruling elite class and their “let them eat cake” attitude and brought out the guillotines. “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!”
    Any of this sound familiar, given today’s political unrest?
    British Astrologer Pam Gregory describes this Pluto Return as “the reckoning.” A period for this country to re-evaluate its principles and review just how far it has strayed from those values. As a collective we will redefine our national identity.
    “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”(Margot Channing/Bette Davis)

    1. You forget in your examples that you’re talking on both instances of not popular movements but instead the masses masterfully manipulated to make it look like it’s popular movements to cover up what were in deed apron men coups.

      And the apron men cult can indeed pretty much be represented by •Pluto/Hades/?Scorpio, hence the US elections happening always at near the 8° of ?Scorpio making the people obese scared children ?Cancer♋️ ruled by crushing domineering manipulating government that not only invented paper ??money??? at said French Revolution but also FIAT and now digital number on a screen out of thin air big brother ??6?6?6 ??money??? without which no one can buy or sell i.e. full control over the people and those who don’t obey see their ??money??? disappear from their digital cash account. Have I not been describing Hades •Pluto ?Scorpio? The trillions of dollars of debt? The ☠️?War⚰️ mongering to uphold and finance the military industry? Isn’t this all ?Scorpio/Hades/•Pluto?

      Doesn’t thus •Pluto moving to ♒️Aquarius equate apron men’s cult (•Pluto) changing society (♒️Aquarius), again? In 1917 there was talk of ?World domination plan called the ?World Republic… isn’t that what is being prepared and tested?

      Well, they did it 246 years ago and the naive populace thought it was their doing. How about now with all the looney global health domination sham?

      Couldn’t be clearer to me what they are scheming, sorry what they are planning to make •Pluto in ♒️Aquarius to be…

      Will their plans ?Pan out?

    2. Indeed. My 5th great-grandfather and his brother built rifles for Revolutionary War 1776 out of Paradise, PA. The town my family founded in 1709. I will die on my feet. NOT as a slave. Be BRAVE or be a SLAVE.

      1. Otter, I agree with ALL your comments on this thread. Very interesting take indeed, Miguel. Glad to see people who are AWAKE. The CB and the ‘Apron Men’ will fall.

  11. Elsa, Elsa, Elsa. you have opened up the flood gates!!!
    1,000 comments? probably and more. Everyone has been waiting for this. I understand why you did not want to go here.
    Corruption, slavery, is old as time. All races, all countries.
    Most people have NO IDEA what hi tech is truly capable of. I’m talking remote, broad band, invisible, untraceable, thru the walls,atrocities/damage. There are no laws, no ethics. There is no safe place. I thank God, the Ancients(the unknown celestial powers) and Astrology. I pray for higher vibrations for all.

  12. Side note Uranus is in Taurus for first time since the Great Depression. I believe we are financially doomed in the next 3 1/2 years while Uranus finishes his tour there.For example: Every time he stations to go retrograde or direct the on line currency has been crashing. I have been watching this closely.

    1. What’s DOOMED is the Western Central Bank. Their COVER has finally been exposed. What the ENTIRE HOAX perped on the WORLD 2020-2022 has been about. & Their Totalitarian Regime is FAILING before our Eyes! Watch X22Report to get a fast education on this subject.

      1. Haha yessssssss…X22 Dave. I see you Otter! Watch him every night. I got my 84 year old retired Special Forces Grandpa to watch him every night too.

  13. Is Ottawa, Canada the testing ground for bigger and bolder American rebellion against its government? Half of the Canadian truckers’ convoy donations came from Americans. Americans have a stake in the showdown. American ‘freedom fighters’ will not be outdone by their ‘weaker’ northern neighbours. Storming the Capitol in January 2021 was just the preview, no doubt. Rotten since day one. Land back to the indigenous people of Turtle Island.

  14. Well, I am English and Pluto will tear down the top people and rulers and countries and the USA stock markets , money and shares, Pensions!!!!!
    Consider the English wanting America to keep giving them taxes, goods etc. Then consider the arrogant England thinking the Americans would not fight the redcoats. England was completely wrong as THE PEOPLE came out in white coats to fight the redcoats. Who won? The at the top of the tree English or the people of America with the French of course? You know that answer. Pluto return means you may as well tear down the Statue of Liberty.
    This time around I feel that Russia and China are the aggressors, but Johnson and Biden looking for a fight, again, sigh.
    We’ve had the Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Sun and Ceres at 22 Capricorn, which sits on China’s hidden Jupiter in its 12th opposite the health House.
    No one has blamed China because its very likely USA heavily involved in that. Sorry, but I do feel that’s true. Never mind the other worlds leaders. Capricorn holds down the people, the home, the family and the leaders have certainly tried to kill us all off one way or another. Neptune supporting Uranus trine Pluto, oh dear me. The vaccines!
    So, Pluto 27/28 Capricorn on Sabian symbol, birds of a feather flock together. The swine at the top in our World are raping all the money and land.
    So, the people, the moon, family, people must fight them by taking back what’s been lost. Just like the whitecoats did.
    There is not even a smatter of good news until the Neptune Saturn conjunction in 2026.And look at who was born under those conjunctions in the past, Putin, Stalin for just 2, and I think China’s leader. Just as an aside. World War 2 started 3rd September 1939 with Uranus at 21 Taurus, 2024 is Jupiter/Uranus at 21 Taurus. Its all one big depressing circle of money greed instead of humanity. Hitlers death and Uranus own north node. Sorry, better to be prepared which ?? people are not!. Us Europeans know only too well about rationing food and coupons instead of cash. Uranus in Taurus.
    Jupiter in Capricorn, detriment, only for the rich. I wish I had it natally. China year of the Rat, 2020, often brings viruses, so 2032, will bring Us all The Rat and Jupiter in Capricorn. By then it’s all over, no semblance of pre 2020 life left, unless you are a billionaire. 2008, your housing crash for ordinary hard working people, as soon as Pluto hit Capricorn. I love Astrology.
    I don’t think humans learn anything.
    Remember this, knowledge is power.

    1. Thank you for such a good summation. Knowledge is the power to be better prepared.
      Also, to Elsa for another though provoking post. Thank you.

  15. First thought, eventual balkanization, the hints of it occurring around those dates. But I hope not.

    A lot of people want the USA to collapse. Funny, it seems like other places are “collapsing” before or along with us. Are they experiencing Pluto returns, or are they just too tied to us?

    Those of us who know astrology keep thinking, “this is it, the Pluto return, we’re done, it’s over.” I’m not sure it’s that dramatic, but it could be. Will Pluto slowly take out everything? Or just the parts of the USA that need it, leaving the seeds to start anew, a return to the beauty that was our founding?

    I don’t feel like I can speak totally freely on this subject, but I will say we are being actively harmed by our own institutions, occupied by people who do not care for us beyond how they can control us and profit from us. Those of us who see through it have been demonized to no end, by both the people in control and the people they have subverted.

    Subverted how? A great number of people have been tricked into hating themselves and passing that self hatred onto their children. What a great way to destroy a people. And divide them. Add in mass migration. America is no longer cohesive.

    How do we come back from that? That’s why I think balkanizing could happen and might even be best case scenario even though I wish more than anything that the US could rise from the ashes completely whole, alive in her people, shedding the predatory institutions in the process. Not that it wouldn’t be painful. But the USA doesn’t have to die entirely.

  16. I’ve read most of these comments. No one has mentioned that Pluto also rebuilds after it destroys. Scorpio (Pluto rules) is the saint/sinner sign .After the destruction, comes the reconstruction. Please note that Pluto will enter Aquarius in ’23 and permanently in ’24. Uranus will soon enter Gemini after that. Sounds to me that humanity (Aquarius) will be in a revolutionary mode. I see a positive future but a lot of destruction of various kinds must occur first.

    1. Also, Pluto tends to disempower in order to empower, as part of a cycle. When you are in the disempowerment phase there is often no way of making contact with the sense that you are heading towards empowerment, it seems impossible, almost abstract. There is a blind period, so to speak (Elsa mentions “dormant”), and attachment to giving away or projecting power, to feeling helpless (others, alternatively, will cope by claiming power falsely). Getting in touch with this abject helplessness (we are all born helpless and utterly dependent on others), an experience which is repressed, allows a person to integrate the reality that they are no longer a helpless infant and have many potentials and resources internally. These have to be discovered through periods of crisis, when primitive unconscious fears are unleashed. That’s when you steadily come in contact with your own ability to empower, through overcoming your own destructive impulses, and drawing back your projection of power onto others (that is a fantasy that has structured the world for a long time). Love is an important force in healing to empowerment, finding love within and then locating it externally – the light in the darkness. Many comments here are written from being at a point “in the process” of empowerment. It will be interesting to revisit in the future, post-crisis.

      1. Thanks for this. It’s astute!

        “Getting in touch with this abject helplessness (we are all born helpless and utterly dependent on others), an experience which is repressed, allows a person to integrate the reality that they are no longer a helpless infant and have many potentials and resources internally.”

        This makes me think of people who care for the aged and often demented parents. It may be grueling but it opens doors as well.

        1. After posting, I realised that every individual is born under a Pluto conjunction. Sometimes Pluto will move straight off (um slowly!) and not return, other times (especially if born under rx) he will cycle back, maybe a few times. It’s worth checking the ephemeris because it means a person already survived a Pluto conjunction when really young (the birth crisis) and possibly a Pluto return soon after. It puts things in perspective!

      2. @Sophiab

        I am having a Pluto 12th house transit and you betcha I feel powerless and as if everything around me is cracking and crumbling. Things that I thought would be around forever are dying. One crazy example of this, is an old pine tree that stood in my in law’s yard since a relative planted it in 1906 is being torn down/uprooted by the folks who bought the place. My husband and I were married under this tree in ’97 and I used to stare at it and wonder how many things that tree had witnessed and what it would witness. Now, it is a casualty among a great many other things and people gone from my life.
        Pluto is very harsh.

        I am speaking as a Sun conjunct Pluto person who has dealt with a lot of loss over my 50 plus years, too. I was not prepared for the destruction that is happening with Pluto in Capricorn.

        1. I’m sorry to read of the loss of this tree. Trees are so important. I would feel the same. I hope you can find a way to bear it and know the tree lives on inside you. Perhaps plant a new tree for yourself in memory of this one, one day it might mean something to others too.

          1. Thanks, and I have planted trees. One that I planted in 2011,a mulberry tree is grown large now, despite an attempt to mow it down by someone else. We put duct tape on it and it survived and grew big.
            But yes, I love planting trees and watching them grow. I need to plant more.

  17. Everlasting Karma for *good or bad.
    Days of reckoning, not a single reprieve.
    Cleansing of the eternal soul, to hell and back.

  18. I agree with the comment on Ukraine. On the day the Olympics opened Putin – Russia (Authoritarian and Oligarch) announced an alignment with Xi – China (Authoritarian Government and Oligarch) stating that they were creating a new world order. If Putin does this he will be under Xi’s Thumb for the next 25 years – plus they share a very large land border. If you think it is bad here – try living in Russia or China. Putin is doing this so if he ends up invading Ukraine and the NATO cuts off all access to the SWIFT transaction systems he will manage all trade and financial transactions through China.

    Never forget, China holds a lot of USA Debt.

    In addition, China is not too keen on Putin invading Ukraine.

    Also, China has had its eye on Taiwan for years, so keep your eye on that as well.

    Rome and UK both survived multiple Pluto Returns, but things changed for them.

    1. Putin won’t be under China’s thumb at any time, more the reverse with Russia’s vast petroleum reserves, but an alliance against the nefarious US Deep State serves both nations well at this time…

  19. Whoa, lots of comments; some quit lengthy. I’m adding mine before reading these. A specific yet brief and often referenced dictum by this amateur Astrologer was brought to mind by Elsa’s essay:

    Correlation does NOT imply causality!!!

    I find that Astrology is best when the correlation mirrors the event or a personality. Still ,it’s always wise to recognize the weather report when heading out or making plans. When I relate a transit and I’m asked, “But what does it mean ?”,
    I reply, “What does that (energy) mean to you ?”

  20. What an incredible post Elsa! When Pluto was in Sagittarius one thing that changed was the Truth. Political correctness became more important than the truth. I believe we are now seeing the result of that through Pluto in Capricorn and the decay and rot in our government and businesses that was created by not allowing the truth to be told. A large factor in the general population’s tolerance of what’s been happening was the Political Correct movement. For example, when voices raised concerns about illegal border (Capricorn/boundaries) crossings they were stomped out of existence and labeled “White Supremacists”. Now those illegal border crossings have resulted in the number 1 cause of death, in the US, in people under 40, being drug overdose. Most of those drugs came across our border. This is just one example of how this psychological warfare, that started as Political Correctness, is destroying solutions and has basically silence 50% of the population.

    1. The term “political correctness” was used in 1983 with Pluto in Libra. I know this for sure because my husband heard it when he was in college. He has a visceral reaction at the time.
      His (immigrant) father was also refused a teaching position at that time – wrong party affiliation. These are hard dates.

      1. Political Correctness starting when Pluto was in Libra makes perfect sense actually. I don’t know that we’ll ever recover. Too many younger people have no idea what it was like to just talk to people and accept people whether you understood or agreed with them.

  21. Serbian ambassador to Portugal Oliver Antic just found dead today after allegedly falling off a cliff know here as “Mouth of Hell” (where Aleister Crowley faked his death). They calling it a suicide, with his driver as the only witness andsaying he asked him to pull over the car at that specific location.
    Hah. Feb 14 2022 he had just written an article about the 140yrs of diplomatic relations between our two countries. Im seeing this as much a suicide as Thomas Schaefer’s, the finance minister of a german state that also allegedly got himself ripped to pieces by a passing train, March 28 2020. I speculate about Oliver Antic’s death but hey… Serbia seems to want to be on the news one way or another lately.

    1. For those interested,
      Needless to say, this ambassador is not a random figure at all. Lawe professor and politician affiliated with the Serbian Radical Party, counselor to the president, etc. Things are gonna hit up in the balkans again I guess?
      Enter natal chart for the Independence of Serbia
      July 13, 1878 AD JC, 2:58 pm LMT, Belgrade (44n50, 20e30). Uranus 27 Leo.
      Full moon anyone?

  22. About February 20th, 2022 it equates to 20.02.2022 and *they* love that kind of thing!

    ♒️Aquarius the sign of change still has its rulers squaring each other still even though by a wide orb i.e. structural disruption.

    The ☀️Sun☀️ will be in ????Pisces? with both its rulers also in the domain, that’s a lot of ?water?, cutting ?water? or a ?Deluge?/?Tsunami? Of some kind, after they tested the waters with the Tonga ?bombing? blast?

      1. Actually, Elsa, the 20th is already this Sunday. 2sday will be the greatly expected 22.02.2022, a very special date in terms of Healing ✨??Power⚔️✨ available for use towards the Greater Good (more ??Starships??) ?

        Looking forward to 2sday, my dear ?

  23. You say “there is not even a smatter of good news until Neptune/Saturn conjunction 2026.”

    And I say: What about Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces that we have coming up this April?

  24. I’m happy that the pluto return in Capricorn is exposing a lot of deceptive practices in the structure.

    Congress owning stock which makes it obvious a lot of laws they’re pushing out is for their own benefit not the people.

    BLM being investigated for fraud. I wonder how many other nonprofits will fall as well as a number are just piggy banks for the select few.

    GoFundMe being investigated after selecting who to fund and who not to while profiting at the same time.

    I wonder when Pluto enters Aquarius (in the US 3rd house) is when we see the downfall of tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, even Google) who selectively push out agendas and censor people who do not promote their agenda despite promoting things like “freedom of speech.”

    1. Or would it be, on the other hand, total domination through digital i.e. globally controlling people through those behemoth extremely addictive “social media” digital companies, through inserting chips or digital certificates — note that everybody is already carrying a unique IMEI number device which has become an extension of the Human body turning people into virtual cyborgs who cannot function without their smartphone — and also through EMF radiation tech including discrete everywhere antennas and low orbit satellites? Are they just waiting for 2023 to get started for real and this has been only testing the waters, don’t you think?

      Why do you assume it’s the better outcome given it’s •Pluto we’re talking about? •Pluto is Hades…

      Nah, the Iniquitous got it planned to a T, been planning this for more than 100 years. Did you know that in 1917 the plan was called ?World Republic? Germany Emperor Wilhelm II wrote a letter to the Pope warning him of that just days before being brought down.

      I totally believe ✨Miracles✨ will start happening and the whole thing will crumble and fall. But from •Pluto’s doing? ?

  25. Interesting to read everyone’s comments. They’re kind of all over the place, a little bit here and a little bit there, which goes to show how well our media/propaganda works. So much trickery – the kind I hope to see come to a crash during the course of Cap Pluto.

    Anyway I have no monopoly on truth, but one thing I know about America – the land, the people, the history – is that it is in tune with human spirit, liberty, freedom, etc.

    Above, Otter mentioned family from the revolutionary period. I know others who traced their ancestry back to that time and before. We know about the sacrifice it took to win this place and build it from wilderness. We’re not going to just take a bow and sign off. This land was to be passed down to us and protected. Instead we’re surrounded by cowards and infiltrated by subverters. Even the ones who profess to be American can’t manage the will to stand up to the smallest of things going on right now. They keep sacrificing their own children to it by default. (I’d elaborate but I’d go on too long)

    I’m sure our ancestors would be disgusted with what’s going on right now, but consider Capricorn Pluto – that’s the stuff that needs to go – the corrupt, enemy-occupied government and institutions that obviously seek to destroy us. I guess it’s time to test our mettle, as theirs was in 1776.

    Beyond that, it sounds like good vs. evil. Imho, this is old stuff. There will forever be good and evil, battling it out. Evil likes to trick and make you do things you wouldn’t otherwise. Pluto Cap, I expect, will help a lot of truth continue to come to light through destruction of those who took advantage of their so called authority.

    Everyone’s scared, it seems. Expecting hard times. But it’s not just the masses who would experience that. The ones getting torn down are in for quite a bumpy ride. Hang onto your souls world wide, ride it out and keep building the future we need for our children, as much as you can. It’s about ensuring our children a chance at a life that doesn’t force them into submission against their will. Other solutions welcome.

  26. The U.S. is being shown her dark side—and this has been going on for some time. I see a lot of my fellow Americans refusing to admit it (even I have trouble admitting it!) There are parts of our nation’s history we are not willing to face or acknowledge.

    For example—recently I had a discussion with a Native American lady I know, about a massacre in which hostile Creeks killed some of my ancestors. One of mine was scalped and barely survived. She cried over how her people treated my family, and here I was, ashamed of how some of my ancestors treated the Natives!

    I don’t see a lot of my fellow Americans showing a willingness to have uncomfortable discussions like this. Instead we censor and shut each other down because we don’t want to squirm, even a little bit. I’m just as guilty as anyone else on this, by the way.

    By the way, I LOVE MY COUNTRY, so don’t get it twisted. Being a Patriot does NOT mean blind allegiance to a country.

  27. *** admin note ***
    I had someone email me about my back. If you’re new around here, my back was repaired in two surgeries over three days. I am virtually pain-free at this time. The doctor who fixed my back was the 9th orthopedic surgeon I saw over about 15 years. Pretty miraculous, really.

  28. The effects of Pluto sweeping a sign are really interesting … off topic but any ideas how Uranus sweeping a sign affects people in general trends? Aldo heard the rebuild from Pluto rtn will kick in from 2025 when Pluto trines Uranus …Uranus will just be going in to Gemini and Pluto will be going into aquarias and if I’ve read the ephemeris right they’ll be sexting Neptune and at another point Saturn… the Saturn-Neptune conjunction…I’d that a bisextile? They are positive right?!

  29. I enjoyed your article, thank you. The variety of comments, and the spirit expressed through them, leaves me amazed at the human ability to politicise astrology, as everything else. We explain the world in ways that correspond with our personal interaction with planetary forces as they impact our developed belief structures. Not even Pluto seems capable of dislodging those without a good fight. And Pluto doesn’t lose … it pounds to dust over inexorable time, then from new-found humility, surprises us out of our defeated ego with truly surprising, unexpected, innocent new life. I find the thought comforting that whatever I think/hope might happen … probably won’t. We can say with some certainty that a deep transmutation is happening, but we should admit our ignorance when it comes to second-guessing the outcome of a Pluto return. If we knew, it wouldn’t be Pluto.

    We are the caterpillar in the cocoon. Now we have to collectively move through a process that will destroy us and rebuild a totally new creature from the constituent substances.

  30. Anything built without integrity eventually falls. The USA, zero integrity, is a sociopath projecting all its shadow out into the world while feeding the black hole of greed, corruption and power. It is a Wetiko nation. Watch the Status Quo carefully, they provide lots of clues. They are blindly following “authority” right off the cliff into Plutos fire pit.

    Anyone who sees in black and white, yin/yang, binary is viewing the world through the lens of trauma. Send light everywhere!!!

  31. Haha well, I thk that’s a pretty accurate analysis. I think it’s also important to consider the fact the last time Pluto energetically returned to earth was around the time of the American Revolutionary War. Right on par with the Birth of the nation. Are these new ascending energies & sentiments we see today— not eerily similar, to that of the energies present during that very time in America?

    Also, I thk normally it’s a bit too hard to look at Pluto by itself. It just doesn’t give me enough to go of off, alone. But looking at it
    in the context of, say, the basis of the 3 outer planets— we start to see this beautiful relationship taking shape over the next 2 years; acutely similar to that of the Renaissance period.

    In my eyes, those that only see collapse, are still a long way from reaching home- plate. Shining the light of truth, inevitably stirs up that, which takes comfort in dark corners;
    yet a little discomfort now— acclimating to the steadily increasing, ascending, energies; will save those delay, from an eventual, continually harsher Awakening- point, later down the road… best case scenario.

  32. First, 👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️ to Elsa.

    Second, Pluto is one heck of a wrecking ball. It has wreaked havoc upon the cardinal signs and a good many that I have known have not survived this transit.

    There have been a lot of things going on recently with mars squaring pluto, that do feel staged or done to set something big into motion.

    A hundred or so food processing plants have been destroyed and now several oil refineries have been sabotaged. Things are escalating and you can’t really discuss pluto in Capricorn without getting political and thinking about what is really happening. We just saw an assassination of a former Japanese PM take place on a Japanese street under the strongest gun laws.

    Pluto in Capricorn may be our return, but it still means governments of all kinds are being transformed.

    My question is will this weaken when it hits the 29th degree?

    1. “My question is will this weaken when it hits the 29th degree?”

      Interesting idea. I couldn’t make a case for this though. But thinking about it, I’ll go this far: 0 Aquarius will feel more trepidation that 29 Capricorn, simply because late Cardinal degrees have been through soooo much!

      1. Thank you. I hear some Astrologers say the power weakens at the 29th degree, while others think it is as strong as 1 degree.

        I also know people who have early degree fixed signs that are about to experience things they have no idea about how tough it is about to get for them. I pity those in the line of fire next.

  33. Just a note to say Pluto 🅿️ was at 19 degrees of Aquarius ♒ on May 5, 1789 when the French Revolution started. Will history repeat itself?

  34. I hafta take exception with your comment that Pluto does not coincide with major events. The Oklahoma City bombing with Tim McVeigh was on the day of a Pluto stationary (I forget if it was going direct or reverse). And during that decade, there were a few other events that happened.
    The one that happened to me personally was on 2 October 2019. Liz, the woman I loved for 7 years, was suicidal even when I met her, but that day in October was the final straw for her. Pluto was conjunct her Asc and natal Saturn at 14 Cap was within 6 seconds of arc to being her 2nd Saturn Return, along with transiting Pluto about to go Direct. I knew she was going through Hell, but I never expected that. She hung herself, and when I found her body in the house, I had to cut her down as carefully as possible because I was not sure if she was dead yet, and I did CPR. Nope.
    That was the worst day of my life.
    And to verify what you said about Pluto in Cap and people thinking of dying, she did talk a lot about killing herself. She also had lung cancer for the previous 2 years, and I know she was in a lot of pain.

    1. My late husband passed April 9th 2019. His asc was in the 12th house of Capricorn. Sun in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn took everything he had materially and at the end his life. He suffered so with his disease and also wanted to take his own life in OCT 2018. I just could not let that happen. Now I wonder if I made the right decision.

  35. Wow. I agree and as I was reading thinking the same, in different words. I have Pluto 12th in my ascendant, it can be a sad super power but when it’s in a chart, cough, of some people, They are flat out pervs. But it was the slow Pluto thing you mentioned, I always see it as the undercurrent. Still waters run deep. You probably can’t see what it’s doing until it’s too late. And the orchestrated planned event, I was thinking the exact same. I had a discussion with my family yesterday, a very christian family, about how astrology isn’t the evil many christians think. The magi, Daniel and old testament Joseph all knew astrology. The church interpretation of ancient books guilts us about astrology because it wants control. The Vatican doesn’t study the stars for astronomy!! They’ve been using Astrology to manipulate from the beginning. Our president, Last president, war dates, Hitler, etc all chosen by manipulation. I explained that astrology in itself is amazingly accurate, the bible states from the beginning the sun,moon, stars govern, and it’s considered them celestial beings we are not allowed to slander, if you actually read the book. 2 things can make astrology evil, the worship of the stars or trying to manipulate the future. You can’t predict the future, astrology only shows energy, that’s it. In it’s purest form. It’s when the elites use it for evil, and they want us guilt driven to avoid it. All that said, yes they use astrology to create events and magnify their evil potential. Most likely knowing how Pluto works, they to will be doing dark things in the shadows and attempt to hide their dealings. When I looked at chart of current president it’s clear he’s a pervert but his spiritual karma is his inability to communicate. (I’m not an astrologer so pardon my interpretation) A blubbering idiot. It’s bad. Real bad. I had no idea how bad his chart was. He had to have been chosen. His plagiarism speeches decades ago was an example of how he’s going down. Saddest part to me is most people have forgotten how magical and beautiful this life is. Go outside and gaze at the stars and moon with barefeet. In the early morning hear the birds, we have fireflies here and it’s so peaceful. Our greedy government keeps people offended, angry and upset or sexualized because it’s easy to manipulate angry, horny, upset people. They are overwhelmed and lost. I hope more people cut the psychic cords to the matrix and learn to soak up the magic again. We don’t need the government, it needs us. I’m content homesteading, if it weren’t for property taxes we’d be free to cut physical cords with the US government parasite. If politicians had to use public transportation, no bodyguards and paid minimum wage they’d quit acting like a monarchy and oligarchy. Only people passionate about the country would work for it. These old lifetime elites are certainly drinking the full cup of God’s wrath and they’re so drunk on power they won’t see the undercurrent of their downfall until it’s too late!

    1. Also don’t forget the fact that it was the Christmas Star that allowed the “Wise- Men” to know, not only that the Messiah was born & even got them close enough to where they could find it and ask those farmers or whatever. We must also remember that the Stars & Planets are the creation of the Godhead, and as creations of the infinite one, we must worship them accordingly. However, worshipping them OVER God, would be wrong— perhaps, more closely to what the Pagans were doing. But yeah the Bergolian Church is Fckd! Dudes no Pope of mine; not sure if you follow Archbishop Viganó’s writings, but I’ve always considered him, the one TRUE Pope of Christendom. Catholicism was already Dogmatic enough as it were, Christianity went and just changed ALL their rules on how a Parish can be governed— or by whom! And on top of all this BS they’ve been changing since the 60’s-70’s slowly & quietly, NOW you have BERGOGLIO himself, CHANGING CANNON, that was established by Church- fathers(some of the greats!) decades ago. Things along the line of, Cannon that came before a certain point(established many, many years ago) can never be changed by any man. Yet this Satanic demon in a white robe has managed to change things like these and much more, the warping & twisting of good ole’ Judeo-Christian values & morals themselves. Even going as far as changing the meanings of issues as deep as “Original- Sin” or “how & who makes it to heaven,” seemingly with no explanation at all. The Demon just says these things, & his brainwashed pawns simply agree, despite previous Church Cannon and Papal Law, set forth by the main Church Fathers. Francis shouldn’t have a leg to stand on, yet somehow he does… of course MUCH more of our current infrastructure has also been infiltrated: banks, Goverments, Intel agencies, Corperate Media, Big- Tech, CDC, WHO, WEF; the list goes on & on depending upon your location. But we must remember things are “darkest before the dawn” not because there is nothing but darkness around us— but, because a light has been shined in every dark corner & hell- hole on this planet, and now… there’s nowhere for them to hide.

  36. As usual I find Elsa’s take on this issue of the U.S. and Pluto quite deep and insightful.

    I think the whole thing hinges on how technology manifests itself.

    Frank Abagnale did a talk at Google 4-1/2 yrs ago. He said that with technology where it stands now anyone can do anything. Somehow, wouldn’t Uranus triggering Pluto factor in there?

  37. All l could think of was that xray of your spine. I am sorry you have to manage that.

    A friend told me about cysts on hers today…

    It has made be feel lucky that my bones (knee/foot) continue to improve slowly.

    There are big world structures and human world structures.

    All can break down.

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