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  1. Hey!,Elsa

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I love astrology. I am also a Pisces, so I think you could teach me alot more about our sign than I could ever doon my own. could you help me gain some insight about what our sign is up to and what is ahead and what is going on?

    I completely feel you on the war and smoke. What has helpedme to blow the smoke away is writing down goals. Dreaming ad allowing yourself to want what you want and not give in to things you don’t want is easier when you write it all out. You can’t win a battle unless you can see…so blowing away the smoke is crucial.

    Love your blog! come see mine!

    Love, ur pisces friend, B

  2. it’s sometimes called “the fog of war”
    mind and focus get all warped by the speed and intensity of the change around you.

    i’ll chew on this.
    i thought i was doing fine with this cross at first but the last week or so is really throwing me into a dizzy haze, and i’m not even sure why. metamorphosis, i guess, but it’s always so difficult for me to trust the process when i’m in the middle of the messy part.

    my pisces mars as an aries (and, eep, i just this week snapped to the fact i had neptune in the center of a t square with my mars and ascendent… how did i miss that for so long?????) has been slammed since the eclipse, pretty much. disoriented. guess i should look to taurus for grounding 😉

  3. I didn’t even know you were a Pisces, Elsa…how silly is that? It’s probably my Sun conj. Neptune that makes me a bit Piscean myself, or not.
    By the way, I was completely ignored today (like the stories of your Neptune MC) and I wanted to cry, I felt so small. But since I know why that happens, I must see it for what it is…

  4. That’s an interesting idea, that the next sign is the one that can bail your ass out… I’m Aries and am forever finding myself surrounded by Bulls!

  5. lol Elsa, I always think of you as Capricorn. Probably because that’s the sign next to mine, the one I run for help and they sure help me 🙂

  6. I’ve been reading “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card and this totally reminds me of a part of the book that really made an impression on me… they’re playing war games in zero gravity, in a sphere. when they enter most of the players either cannot orient or try to orient themselves in relation to where “down” was in the hallway. the protagonist immediately surpasses them because he’s not attached to a reality that no longer applies. he asserts: “the goal is down.”

  7. I find individuals often have persons surrounding them with either the zodiac signs before or after them — not in all case tho. Much has to do with the shared personal planets — ie. contacts between both persons’ personal planets or contacts between one person’s personal planets to the other’s outer ones. As we all know, Saturn contacts tend to bind two individuals OR can be a real damper.

    I am a Sag but my Moon is conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Oddly, almost all of my friends are Scorpios. HUGE numbers of them. Pluto to my Moon certainly gives a Scorponic cast to my personality. The other noteworthy group of friends and famiy have with an Aries/Capricorn dynamic or Capricorn Moon/Ascendant with Pisces combo. My natal Mercury is conjunct Saturn in the 6th house and this gives me a Capricorn theme to me personality.

    To me, Pisces Sun signs to be a most interesting group to study… one really has to look at the entire chart to see what energies will dominate (mutable energy). Some folks can be the iron fist in the velvet glove. Some productive saints and others just float along… trusting life will pan out. I’ve know more than one person with Mars in Pisces who likes/needs to smoke pot — the need the escape is great.

    Libra folks are much the same but tend to be more focused on the dynamics of social relationships –how it impacts them. Neptune (rules or Pisces) and Venus (rules or Venus) are both passive signs, aren’t they? And both are quite powerful nonetheless!

    So when dealing with Neptine and the fog of war, I want to look at Mercury’s placement and its aspects for starters. And is the Moon subjective or objective? This discussion certainly gets one to thinking!


  8. The ‘same war’ analogy is such a strange bit but exchanging the word “war” with “situation”, “goal” or ‘ideal” really worked for me. Kinda of like, well *dont loose sight of yourself*, you’re still right there in the midst of all that smoke.

    have a tight mercury/neptune opposition, also prone to loosing the frame of reference… and then maybe asking, hey is this war worth fighting? is this really my goal? is what I see really what it seems? myself?

  9. This was excellent Elsa! I have Merc square Neptune, Neptune in my 5th house–so I identify. Great point to ponder.

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