Astrology And (Real Life) Intelligence

Althera writes regarding Mercury And Boundaries And Who Asked You?

“…Secondly, if someone asserts themselves as a public figure of a form, and is taking up public space … yeah, they are then also subject to public opinion. Standing up on a stage, talking loudly, and drawing attention to yourself full well knowing you are standing in front of an audience, and then saying, β€œwho asked the people in the audience to make comments on what I did up on this stage and why I did it?”

I think the person on the stage did. When that person put his/herself up on the stage. It’s kind of the point of getting up on a stage in the first place.”

Althera – I see your point. I do realize I am exposing myself for public comment. But my point was that people with boundaries (control of their minds and communications) are apt to be the ones with better information.

I am talking about Saturn (discipline) mashed with Mercury (the mind). You read in astrology how people with planets in aspect to Saturn have difficulty with that area of of life but often work hard to overcome and master the thing and I think this is true.

Compare to someone with Mercury in aspect to Uranus. They may be genius but if no one can understand what they are saying, what good is it?

Do you feel you have control / command of your mind? Where is Mercury in your chart?

12 thoughts on “Astrology And (Real Life) Intelligence”

  1. Well…I have saturn sextile mercury AND uranus sextile mercury…so…I do feel that I have control of my mind and can apply my own small dose of genius to situations that ask for it.

    And it’s all in fire/air. Grounded? Kinda.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I don’t. I mentioned that I’m diagnosed OCD, but I’ve been taking medicine for it for a long time, so it hasn’t spun out of control on me. (Unaspected Mercury in Virgo. It’s trine my Capricorn MC, which isn’t a planet, of course, so it’s technically unaspected.)

    But when I wasn’t OCDing, I was fine. After all, Mercury is in an Earth sign, trined by the MC in an Earth sign, and I have a lot of Libra. I can be sharp-tongued and tactless, but I know when to hold my tongue.

  3. Yes I do, but with Mercury in Libra, I am open to communicating about a variety of viewpoints. I can find a grain of truth in almost any point of view, even if I do not wholly agree with it. Now with Mercury and Neptune joining Pluto and Jupiter in Retrograde motion, I am likely to be even more open to reviewing my thinking and understanding. I will pay even more attention to what others are saying especially if I am being asked to look at something from a different angle because at tines like these I find that I can gain clarity and insight by looking at a situation from a different viewpoint, especially if it is something new or something I haven’t considered for awhile.

  4. Since my first comment did not post or is in limbo waiting to post I will try again. And now for something completely different….mercury in libra. No…sometimes I do not have complete control of my mind. Thoughts POP into my head from…perhaps they are your thoughts or intuitive insights from the universal mind or???

  5. I have control of my mind and communications with Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn, unless I’m furious…then the barbs fly out of my mouth!
    So Mercury is not aspected to Saturn…but similar energy in Cap?
    As I can really relate to your earlier post on this theme about only when asked will the information be offered…if only people thought to ask. My Leo moon is just dying to be asked what I think!

  6. Mercury conjunct Saturn – Yep definitely. Interesting enough I usually go to comment on every post on this blog but then hit the delete button and refrain from saying anything. I guess I end up commenting an about half of whats posted. What can I say Mercury Saturn.

  7. Skye, I can relate. I’ve written what feels like chapters on some posts only to not send it in after all. Sometimes I do, though, with the caveat “I’m not sure about saying this, but … .”

    The other day I was playing a video game for the 80-billionth time when a board I always have problems with came around. So I said what I always say in my head, “Alright! My favorite! I looooooove this board!” Except this time I said it out loud. *blush*
    My hubby asked, “What are you doing?”
    “Well,” I said, “I have problems on this level. So if I tell myself I like it, I play better. You don’t do that?”
    I’d thought everyone could think something true up to that point! πŸ™‚ Apparently not, after all, but I can think a certain thing and make it happen: “I shouldn’t be upset about this,” “I’m going to be happy today,” “That sprain doesn’t hurt,” etc. It comes in handy sometimes. πŸ˜‰

  8. I feel I do, but a lot of people don’t so what good does it make. It can’t be of good use, to live in a society that’s full of unethical leaders who by then couldn’t be possibly leading unless it’s leading to the pits of hell. Like mentioned there’s nothing you can do if the people surrounding you are determined to not want to think for themselves. And don;t give me I’m still a good person with morals. What is a moral without ethics? Not much by far and maybe a reason why we are what and where we are.

  9. haha my whole family is mercury uranus πŸ˜›
    seriously we do need some saturn to keep us from floating into the ether. or getting flayed by the machinery.

  10. there is such a thing as too much control. i think it’s necessary to let the subconscious up to breathe and if my grip is too tight i end up strangling myself… or at least my authentic expression.

  11. I have them both! Besides my tightest aspect, these two are the ones that follow, mercury trine uranus 0 degrees and mercury square saturn almost one degree. I feel unprepared, I use words wrongly and (sometimes won’t spell properly) just feeling plain stoopid sometimes, slow but for some reason I don’t feel dull. I can entertain myself for hours with ideas and not get bored,(it could be the uranus trine, it could be my gemini sun) I can even get myself out of sadness by distracting with new information or just having different thoughts. If I wasn’t so paralyzed by the thought of screwing up, I could try various things. I am able to research, can pick up languages and accents, also some good intuition in there and can read emotions and intentions on faces with my eyes closed. But still, it’s hard, if not impossible to be adventurous and take risks thus having more opportunities..? Mercury in taurus.

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