“If They Really Knew Me, They Wouldn’t Like Me…”

Last night I was talking to the soldier regarding his new job. He likes the people he is working with. He says they are good people however he has nothing in common with them outside the job.

“If they really knew me, they wouldn’t like me,” he said.

“Yeah, I know the feeling…”

This may sound depressive to some but we are anything but.

“Not that I give three shits…”

“Yeah, I know that feeling too,” I said

I think this scenario may be common. It could be related to having Mercury mashed up with Saturn?

Some keep their mouths shut knowing if they open them, people won’t like what they have to say. I know this is often true in my case so I always wait for an invitation .

Notice there is no impact on the ego (the Sun).
This a thought process or just plain knowledge (Mercury).

Who can relate?

8 thoughts on ““If They Really Knew Me, They Wouldn’t Like Me…””

  1. That would be me. My department head hired my hologram last spring and has spent all year wondering what the hell she did wrong. I was supposed to be brainless, compliant and easily manipulated. Uh–sorry. I dealt with it ok until it started hurting students that I have spent all year building up and nurturing. When you tell one of my kids they are too stupid to take a class and I am stupid for encouraging them you have gone too far!! God provided an escape hatch immediately and she has since had the sense to steer clear. I’m not sure if Mercury and Saturn have anything to do with it, but my Merc. is in Cap in opp. to my asc.

  2. Merc. in Cap, Square Saturn. I get negative too easily, but then I’m also pretty wise about the limitations of communication. It’s just too often I’ve thought I was in error when the message got messed up.

    My hologram is an expansive, curious, philosophizing critter. My other self is a hard-bitten and gut-leveling realistic hard ass. If they really knew me at work, they wouldn’t like me so much.

    Except for all the other philosophizing hard-asses.

  3. I can relate and find that my life is just a bit compartmentalized. I don’t mind it and it satisfies my sat/merc sextile.

  4. Actually, Im going through something quite similar right now. Im not very outgoing socially, I rarely go looking for friends. Recently Ive been trying to do that more (online right now.. baby steps LOL) and it seems as long as I am my light, funny, happy (outward mask) self.. people like me fine. As soon as I shift that mask just a little and some of the real me pops out.. people run so fast they leave skid marks.
    Of course this is nothing new really, just surprises me that at this maturity level, Im still finding it. Guess it wasnt a highschool thing LOL
    Mercury in Scorp in the 6th/conjunt my sun/opposition to my ascendant/opp to saturn/square Mars (and my mars is aspected all over the place)

  5. I disagree to some extent. Maybe part of what one learns at a job, getting along with people who are very different is that people are basically just people. That these things we so strongly disagree about are not so important as being decent human beings. Maybe we need to embrace the things we have in common as a human species?

    Just another way of looking at it 🙂

    When I lived in the Bible belt I felt that way a lot, like people who really seem to like me wouldn’t have if they had known my opinions about things, but now that I’ve moved away I think they knew the things about me that were most important. The qualities that I held to be most important were not the ones that really are.

  6. Amethyst, that is a very cool way of looking at it. I’m going to have to mull that over.

    While I can agree that, at it’s most basic, people are just people and I can relate to them on that level, at heart I’m an alien. There are few people that can take half of what I bring and my opinions and values differ so widely from the norm in this area it’s unreal. Add in the fact that I apparently look/project something I’m not and most people would much rather interact with my hologram than even glimpse my true self.
    But that’s fine by me! If someone can’t handle me, I don’t need ’em in the first place. 😉

    Sun-Merc-Saturn conjunct, Sun trine Neptune. *shrug*

  7. me. but i take such opportunities to study people. guess i’m weird that way.
    and i found if i just share a little bit at a time people are less likely to freak out.
    and i’m probably a lot more cautious than i need to be.

    work is such a weird environment.

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