Credibility: Discerning What Is Real

I was talking to satori about the soldier…

“Well he’s got some pretty way out stories,” I said. “They are way out there. But here’s the thing. He told me the same stories when we were kids. He used to say this same stuff and when someone tells you something weird and they tell you the same thing decades later, well you have to grant them some credibility. Because people can think all kinds of things. They can go through a phase but if the thing is not real, it will drop off.”

“That’s true.”

“For example, my name. There was a time I was going to change the spelling. I was going to be Else with an E not an A but still pronounce it the same.”

She laughed.

“Yeah, it was stupid. I was trying to be interesting or something and it didn’t last because it wasn’t real. It was not authentic so it could not be sustained. Lasted about a week or two. Because who am I named after? Elsa Martinelli. I am named after a sexy Italian actress and considering I have a packed 8th house and Venus in Leo, I don’t see how I could have a more appropriate name. I’m Elsa not Else for Godsakes ans my point is when I met the soldier he was a kid. He was 19 and he was telling me wild tales. If they had no basis would he still be telling me the exact same story, utterly unchanged and  not embellished 25 years later?”


“I don’t think so either. I think he knows this stuff and always has. It’s the same as astrology. If I talk about it when I’m 15, that’s one thing. Maybe I’m crazy. But when I’m still talking about it decades later you have to either call me a raving lunatic or accept the fact I really can make sense of the symbols on the page. Because the order and the consistency in my thinking and what I communicate exists. And he’s the same. You can’t punch holes in his story and that is because his story is sound, he is living it.”

Is there something about you that has to be acknowledged as credible? What?

11 thoughts on “Credibility: Discerning What Is Real”

  1. I’d like to have my razor sharp intuition acknowledged. However, my father has always taught me to “second guess” my intuition because it’s not based on logic (he is not a logical person himself). The thing is, before anyone has to even acknowledge that I have this powerful intuition, I should probably stop second-guessing myself.

  2. Anyone wants to shed a light on Scorpio Moon’s intuitive powers. Myself being a moon scorpion feel this quite lot of times with very powerful thoughts. Please let me know your views on this.

    Also, Elsa, please let me know your comments also since there are a lot of articles published on with Mars (being the native for scorpions) being the first focus.

  3. I’m equal parts consistent and inconsistent. I’m very steady, but can also do 180 turns that leave people who don’t know me well spinning…
    the people who do know me well probably just think “there she goes losing her bloody mind again”

  4. Yes. I’m kind of idealistic. People have been telling me for 20 years that I’ll end up pessimistic. Hasn’t happened yet.

  5. I had a friend recently, (we have been friends since 3rd grade) tell me when her boyfriend suddenly stopped calling her she actually told him in an email….that when her friend Dena caught wind of his behavior, “she will be so pissed off and you better be scared buddy, cause she will woop your butt”!! I was laughing so hard….she said “you are so protective Dena….if anybody messes with one of yours, you go apeshit on them”….I had not realized this about myself and I just had to laugh… sounded so silly coming from a 48 yr. old woman, but she was talking to me as if we were still 9 or 10….very sweet…and very true at the same time.

    Reason she said that was because I had spoken to him on the phone once and I did say that to him…..he better treat her right or he would hear from me……

  6. Well, you have my inner security (Sun trine Moon), which really irritates some people, y’know, they think you’ll grow out of it when you’ve been through the hard knocks school of life.. and then you have that generous thing that Jupiter in Cancer gives (Jupiter rules my chart so it’s a pretty strong influence), most people find that strange, if not freaky, and there is also the sense of fun and good living that both Venus in Taurus in the fifth andJupiter in Cancer give. Most people think <i should have grown out of that years ago.

    I feel like shouting at them.. “but I have Jupiter in Cancer, this will never change!” but I don’t.

    Then you have the Moon in Aquarius rebelious thing. Foor most people that was just a teenage phase that should have been long gone by now.

    But most of all, what bugs me is that the people who are irritated by the way I am (or appear) don’t realise that I have a tight Pluto/Uranus conjunction square my Sun. That means that every social interaction feels like a power struggle (Pluto Square Sun), and always in a really surprising way (Uranus square Sun). They see all the good stuff and don’t see all that bad stuff on a totally deeper (Pluto) level.

    But then again, the whole Pluto/Uranus square Sun thing is just a great description of all my complaints in the first half of this post.

    Ain’t astrology great?

  7. Speaking from my Mercury in Capricorn, consistency in action is usually the proof of a situation. Words and perceptions are fluid. Words can be slung around, perceptions are highly personal and can change with time, but actions speak for themselves.

  8. I’m consistent in the fact that if I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. Don’t question me. I don’t mince words and as long as I consider us friends, I’ll be there for you. Pretty loyal.

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