Taurus – Their Greed, Their Food, Their Appetite

You hear sometimes that Taurus is embarrassed of their greed. This is true, especially when it comes to food. For example, if eating out with a Taurus, it’s important their food is better than yours, less they get pissed off.

They won’t say anything of course. Taurus appreciates grace and tries to be pleasant at all times but you can just tell. Like when I went to a Chipotle with a Taurus, once. That’s the place with the giant burritos. McDonalds bought them and I think these restaurants all over now but this was a dozen years ago when they new and it was his first time there. I ordered the vegetarian burrito, he ordered the chicken. I saw him very slightly raise his eyebrow at me and I knew he was thinking I lacked taste.

So our food was served and my food was twice as big as his. I saw the shock and horror cross his face before he was able to collect and console himself. I could tell what he was thinking too. Mine was big but surely his would be more flavorful. But it wasn’t. He took a bite of his chicken burrito and it was clear he was disappointed. You can tell when Taurus is disappointed in the food in their mouth because they look just like a bull who has been clubbed over the head. Meanwhile, my food was great and I was raving about it so I offered him a taste and he accepted it.

My burrito really was lovely, he agreed and when I saw him glance down at his own meal, he was so plainly distressed that I had no choice but to trade plates with him. I didn’t ask. I just took his plate and gave him mine and you should have seen him. He was visibly relieved. Whew! That was close. Almost had to eat inferior food. And this is why Taurus likes Elsa, by the way. I understand what is important to them (food and sex)… ha ha ha.

Can you relate?

14 thoughts on “Taurus – Their Greed, Their Food, Their Appetite”

  1. ROFL!! It’s been awhile since I’ve spent time with a Taurus but I agree about the quality food & sex . . . 🙂

    *giggle* Taurus & Leo are easy to get along with . . . make sure the first is well-feed & laid regularly and praise the second extravegantly and you have it made! 😀

  2. Oh yes. I am married to a Taurus, my oldest friend is a Taurus, and so are both my brother-in-laws. We eat well around here, or there is hell to pay. And every time my husband gets that “clubbed bull” look, I better get him into the bedroom quickly! The nice thing is with all these Taurii men hanging around, I am so protected, it’s ridiculous. Seriously, don’t screw with me, ’cause I come with an army.

  3. I’m laughing my ass off, because that’s exactly the look my son had when we went out to dinner this week. My man and I decided to go out specifically because I was craving pizza. So we went to the place with the best pizza! But for some reason, my 4 y/o Bull child didn’t want pizza. He wanted spaghetti. Alrighty then… We got him spaghetti, which was perfectly good… But our pizza was way better.

    He refused to eat his spaghetti. He must’ve wanted the pizza. But we’re in the middle of trying to teach him to eat more ‘grown-up’ food, and to eat what he asks for, so he didn’t get pizza. It didn’t even occur to me to factor in the Taurus aspect. *facepalm*

  4. Aren’t they funny?

    Nothing is more ridiculous over money / food / resources than a Taurus-Scorpio pairing which is what I have for a mother-stepfather.

    Food is a very serious and solemn ritual for my stepfather. My mom would trudge back and forth from the kitchen to the bedroom (where they were locked in watching tv at night) getting him special food. Anything with mayonnaise. He’d love slices of French bread with about an inch thick layer of it, topped with Parmesan cheese. Oh, the Parmesan cheese was so special and important it had to be in their room in case the kids wanted to indulge in it I guess. My mom with her suspicious Scorpionic hearing would manage to hear me or my sister creep into the kitchen, and that would bring her out to ‘stand guard’ over the resources. ‘Don’t eat the orange popsicles, they’re Don’s favorite!’

  5. And now after thinking about what went down with the pizza/spaghetti issue, all I can think is, “Bad Mommy, no cookie!”

  6. Wow, this explains so much about my Taurus friend! He always had to have the biggest plate, the most sides, and while he would share, if I got something better, the next time we went to that restaurant, he would order that!! 😀

  7. Oh yeah — I’m married to a Taurus Sun/Merc/Venus. I have seen that beaten bull expression. A bad meal will wreck his mood the whole day.

  8. Ergh, this was me and my friend the other day. She wanted to go to a chichi restaurant. I ordered crab cakes, she ordered a burger (I am not a fan of burgers).

    Her burger was huge. They gave me TWO TINY CRAB CAKES. And charged me $17 for ’em.

    Um, yeah. You bet I was pissed…and ended up with a fourth of her burger and some of the fries.

  9. *lol* Unfortunately all of my Taurus pals have left the picture, but I remember this pretty clearly! Helps that I have Libra, I suspect, because I’ve got a similar drive. I won’t get pissed if my food is less stellar than someone’s, but I am highly disappointed and probably won’t order that dish again.

  10. Um, yes. I relate very well (Taurus here, and yes for many of us sex and food are one and the same..you know, nourishment, pleasure, comfort). It’s very upsetting eating out and getting bad food. I once dragged my SO to a well-recomended caribbean restaurant. There were bones in my tiny piece of fish and I was so pissed off I left the table to go eat poutine (fries, cheese and gravy) next door to calm down.

    My Dad has Taurus Moon and it drove me and my other Taurus sister insane that only DAD had cheese, only DAD had butter while we ate effen margarine, only DAD ate whole wheat bread. I got a job when I was 14 just to be able to buy the food I wanted.

  11. My BF has Taurus moon, so same thing. We were on vacation and I got busy doing something and forgot to feed him. Well…I heard about it. I can easily skip a meal or just eat a snack, but he wanted a “proper” meal, and it was past his mealtime! Very grumpy…when we go out, if I offer my food he refuses. Then, at the last moment, after I deliberately feign being full, he will dig in! But doesn’t evfer wish to lose face…

  12. I CAN relate! My taurus sun wants constant stuffing (food or sex :))and i did get quite big in my 20’s (wasnt getting the latter). But i have a virgo stellium, ceres in aqua too, that wasnt happy being unhealthy so i became a food label junkie and changed the way i ate and i’m now a healthy weight. I do still pig out but am now obsessed at keeping it as natural as poss..now it’s more about whats in/been done to my food. I look to the healthier nations of the world and check out their diets (mars in sag/9th squares..)too. I guess with tau/vir combo i was bound to be food/body obsessed and i can be a bore at advising people on their diets but i find it interesting..get alot of rolling of the eyes when i get started so i’d best stop now before i bore the pants of ya’s.

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