Venus In Sagittarius Wanderlust

lostlake.jpgWe’re going to the mountains today so if you live up there, put your kids away!

This in spite of the soldier thinking Colorado mountains aren’t real mountains as they are full of Coloradans (who make things will love… story for another time).

In whatever case, I used to live up there (with Shack Man) and I assure him Colorado mountains have their fair share of inbreeds but of course he’s believe it when he sees it!

Where are you going / did you go today?

10 thoughts on “Venus In Sagittarius Wanderlust”

  1. Just got home after spending the morning with 4th grade kids. I’m teaching ’em how to be reporters. Today we focused on writing to pictures. Anyway, they’ve chosen their topic for documentary number one: gross food in the school cafeteria. 10 year olds rock!!!!

  2. Into town to do some shopping! It’s a beautiful autumn day in British Columbia – the maple leaves are all a brilliant shade of gold.

  3. I went out for carnitas at the new mexican restaurant…that was my big exursion for the daylight hours. But tonight ~ magic show! 🙂

  4. I am working today doing hair ’till this afternoon, then gym, and then taking daughter to a Halloween party. She is dressing as Wednesday from the Adams Family,lol.

  5. Didn’t go anywhere. Very gloomy out it’s rained all day. Didn’t even do a lot around the house. There’s still time. We just hung up a door frame that’s about it.

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