Saturn in Pisces Guide – Available Now!

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Saturn’s transit through Pisces will be challenging for almost everyone. Sorry, but facts are facts.

You can expect life to become disorienting at some point during this transit. Some will experience this throughout the entire 2.5 year period. If you’re not well versed in Neptune-flavored challenges, you can wonder if you’re going crazy.

Saturn in Pisces transits Mercury – there goes your brain, slipped on a banana peel.
Saturn in Pisces transits Venus – you think you’re lousy, but it’s a mirage.
Saturn in Pisces transits the Moon – you imagine you’re going to wind up homeless or be alone forever…


Does this sound easy? It’s not!

I’ve been an astrologer for many years. It’s impossible to cover the endless manifestations this combination of energies can produce in an hour long conversation with a client. This guide is meant to fill the void and help you get a handle on this energy which most find hard to grasp.

If you think you need it, I assure you, you do. Click over to get your copy… edit to add – some people are having trouble with the download, most are not. If you have trouble, don’t worry. Just respond to the confirmation email, let me know and I will send your Guide, manually. Thanks! 🙂

Saturn In Pisces: How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs And Structures Dissolve


14 thoughts on “Saturn in Pisces Guide – Available Now!”

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    James Slattery

    Saturn is on my 2.5′ Pisces Asc presently. I’m having wisdom tooth and ankle problems at the same time! That’s the Saturn alright. Neptune in there has deeply affected energy levels and my attention span is truly awful although that has been clearing as it prepares for Aries in the 2nd house. Retirement is coming up.

    1. Transit Saturn over my Jupiter 3* Pisces in tenth house just got through surgery on my teeth! Freakish emergency. My moon is 28 cap so as Pluto moves a bit off my moon- I get Saturn over my midhaven conjunct my Jupiter- then Saturn transiting my sun Venus mercury I could go on I have a Pisces stellium! The eclipse opposes my south node Oy . I tell myself my Saturnian moon has prepped me for this Saturn transit but oh boy does Saturn take teeth as payment hhhaha

      1. Wow dumb blonde olympics over here I just realized the eclipse is conjunct my north node ! I’ve been so focused on it being transit a friends sun on her birthday that I forgot about my north node it’s Taurus 0’ so out of sign conjunction but it counts

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    Audreyanna OBrion

    Saturn in Pisces is transiting my 2nd house Natal, along with Pluto in Aquarius transiting my 1st house, and Uranus in Taurus is transiting my 3rd house. Anyone know what I can expect from all of this energy? Wow!

  3. Uranus in Taurus in the 3rd.(My sun and Merc) My neighbour is doing reno’s and is pregnant–her new boyfriend moved in. We sorted our differences and all is well…my ‘other’neighbour –still not talking to him…and loving it– rotten old mysoginist that he is…lots of neighbourhood stuff–mostly good –but you can’t like everyone.Thinking of getting a haircut–work on teeth –cosmetic.

    Saturn in the 2nd too..l’m.moving to a less risky financal institution…checking, rechecking and double-checking the transfer every step of the way…

    Also reviewing spiritual values. Very important.Gnostics teachings …keeps popping up in conversation. Gospel of Mary Magdalene esp. Why? For me to explore.
    And time seems to have sped up…and l have decided tp help out my niece with money, while she is getting herself sorted.

    1. Sorry, Sat is not in my second…hanging about in the 12th…coming up to the Asc.Jupiter in the 2nd.
      I will own my own messiness.

  4. Oh…well this is timely, considering my post in What’s Going On. Not exactly tipsy turvy because that what’s been par for the course, but it’s more of dealing with the slap in the face. You’ve been slapped in the face before! Yeah, but it’s different this time. 🥴

  5. Thanks Elsa for writing the Saturn in Pisces Guide as I am a Pisces with Virgo rising and I have 3 planets plus the North Node in my Pisces 7th house. I have downloaded your Saturn in Pisces Guide and I know it will be immensely helpful to me.
    Thanks again!

    1. I am right there with you. I had to create a my own bottom bridge using mold-able plastic recently as I try to avoid the dental, medical, and pharmaceutical industry. With Pluto on cusp of my natal 6th house I am OCD about getting all the nutrients and exercise my body needs through natural or self-made ways but still crap happens. I found out yesterday that not all exercises are for me as I developed a terrible pain that kept me in bed yesterday from one leg exercise. Thank goodness pain went away today as I was starting to worry I was going to need a hip replacement. And with my solar chart rising sign being Aquarius mostly all I can do is duck!

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