Astrology, Energy, Astro-Twins and Levels Of Evolution

“A” writes regarding astro-twins, etc.:


Elsa you’ve got my mind in a spin. I am reminded of your post about evolved souls and actualized people. Do you think it is possible for two people to be astro twins, but one is actualized where the other is not, and so they appear to act very differently?

And regarding his/her experience with an astro-twin:

“We started out quite similar. We studied hard, got into a good college. He was very popular in college, whereas I was a total outcast. We went our different ways.

He as made a fool out of himself since then. He is not even respected by people any more. All he can think of is money. Any new friends he makes, its because he wants something out of them. the guy has totally lost it!

This is my experience….and that is why I am so vehement about us being different. I rest my case.”

A – I don’t think in terms of levels of evolution at all so I have no idea what to say about that and as far as being “actualized” I think you may misunderstand what I think that means.

In my vernacular to be “actualized” is not a judgment of someone’s merit. I just think most people use very little of what energy is available to them, and those who are able to consciously integrate the whole of their being I would call “actualized” but this is for good or ill!

For example, take a pair of (theoretical) astro-twins. One is a mass-murderer, the other a psychologist and a writer. And let’s put them in cell together… one is interviewing the other for his / her book.

These lives look very different, but the energy of the two people, the current flowing through them would be very similar. Like “tribe”. Because the pair are simpatico on some level, the writer is able to be able to be in the room with the psycho and communicate very effectively. Er… perhaps the murderer slayed and exploited his victims while the psychologist slays and exploits the murderer for his or her book. And both of them may be highly actualized as well.

In other words, they may both use all (or most) of their skills to do what it is they do. So maybe this clarifies my meaning.

And in real life, I can use my Special Forces ex and the Salesmen at the gym. They have lived completely different lives. And while I love one of them to the bone, I feel nothing of the sort for the other.

But this does not change the fact their energy is nearly identical because it is.

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  1. “But this does not change the fact their energy is nearly identical because it is.”

    Okay, BUT the way that someone uses that energy transforms it and, hence, the way others experience that energy. Sitting in a room with a convicted killer, that energy is going to feel just plain creepy and sinister. Sitting in a room with a psychologist can feel equally intense and uncomfortable but bearable IF you realize that psychologist is using it for healing. Or, let’s talk about Plutonium, since these energies are somewhat Scorpionic. Being in the middle of Chernobyl, that Plutonic energy is going to feel terrible, dangerous, lethal because it is! Every cell in your body will yell: Get the fuck out of here NOW!! Sitting in a room receiving chemotherapy, the energy will feel terrible as hell as well, though to a different degree. And every cell in your body may also scream: Get the fuck out of here! but in a different key bc your brain knows that this pain will lead to healing.

    So, yes, the energy may be the same but the way that people experience that energy will be somewhat different and it’s the difference that counts for something, no? Or don’t we take into account people’s perceptions of that energy? Someone can look at you and you can be turned on in two seconds flat while someone else can send you that same energy and you want to run and wear a full-body purdah.

  2. This discussion about astro twins is highly interesting to me. I’m now searching for the person who I’m sure is my astro twin’s information. I agree with the energy thing. We both want to be writers and have this passion for things. The same energy is definetly there, but like Marly said, could be used in different ways. Like how my astro twin is by far more introverted. She keeps her energy more contained and keeps it under a leash. To some extent I do the same, but I tend to project it out more. Both people are intimidated by our energy..we have moons in scorp conjunct pluto. Mines is also conjunct my midheaven. She has this quite, underworldly vibe that I’m extremly attracted. I use the same energy in my life and have intense, life changing experiences, while she uses the energy to write more about life experiences than actually experiencing them. Yep…as soon as I get her information, I can do some more comparisons between me and her.

  3. It seems like what is debated is duality, a judgment applied to pure energy. The energy that lights a bulb is the same energy that electrocutes. The energy is the same; it is the judgment that is applied to the outcome that seems to be the difference.

  4. Not necessarily the judgment–the FEELING! Being electrocuted must be unpleasantly shocking but a mild shock can be pleasantly thrilling. kwim?

  5. Marly, I think what Elsa is saying is that the chart can only indicate the type of energy, the “vibes” – it can’t say how this energy will be used and to what extent – the chart shows a sort of principle, potential energy – the way it’s going to be actualized and whether it will feel good or bad by others, destruct or construct, and to what extent – this will be decided by the person and the world. So in satori’s example and yours of electricity, the chart can only indicate an electric energy, it can’t say if it will be actualized in an electrocuting manner or in a pleasantly thrilling manner, or if it will be used excessively or mildly.

    For instance, in Elsa’s exaple the psychologist/writer might be living his/her own “criminal mind” and instincts through the mass-murderer by projection. Like Elsa said, it’s similar energy but each expresses it their own way – one is acting out his/her criminal mind/instincts and the other is observing and researching and getting in touch with the “criminal”/”animal” part of his/her mind through observing criminal minds – one is living it out, goes for the action, and the other doesn’t want this destructive action – what he/she wants is knowledge, either for healing like you said, or just for the sake of knowledge. One is preying on his victims and the other uses his “predator”/hunter instincts to study his subjects, a sort of mental hunting – he uses the same instincts for studying or healing. So it’s the same coin, but very different sides of it. It’s very different sides of it, but still the same coin.

  6. Elsa, thanks for addressing my doubts 🙂 (i am mighty pleased tht i figured on your blog, hehe). now i see wht u mean by ‘actualized’. i guess it wud mean the ‘vibes’ u get from people. for example a scorp influenced person has a very different vibe than a person with heavy neptune infleunce. hmmmm…i’ll think over it.


  7. Yes, Debby, I understand what Elsa is saying. What I’m saying, though, is that the way that people use their energy also has some correlation with how others feel around them: someone uses that energy creepily, you’re going to get a blast of that creepiness and you’re going to move away, hence you won’t be around long enough to find out if you have anything in common–nor would you care! See what I mean?

    I think this is a crucial difference, independent of judgment. For me as a Pisces Moon, if I get a vibe from someone that s/he’s dangerous, I better listen to that vibe and move out of the way fast!! In many many instances, I have done the opposite and taken the non-judgmental side of Pisces: Oh, he’s not so bad, I can stand this, etc. Bad idea.

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