Do People Born Close Together Have Traits In Common?

Strawberry Fields comments on the astro-twin blog:

“I don’t think age has anything to do with having “much in common”. Marly agrees…

I heartily disagree. The baby-boomers (with Pluto in Leo) have something in common that the next generation with Pluto in Virgo do not. That’s a large group of people with a slice of life in common. As you narrow the group (as the birthdays are nearer each other) the slice of life the people share, grows.

Now in the case of astro-twins, or people born very close together… when two people have most their planets in common, they are going to have similar tastes (Venus)  and ways of getting what they want (Mars). They’ll have similar ways of communicating (Mercury) and expressing their vital life energy (Sun).

Further, whatever aspects dominate one chart will dominate the other. The way you interact with one of the people will be similar (not the same) to the way you interact with the other because the contacts between your chart and theirs are the same.

The SF guy (Scorpio Moon) and the Salesmen (Aquarius Moon) both hunt me… and flare me up, piss me off, etc. (they activate my Mars). And there is another pair…

My life long friend, Leon is a Libra with a Scorpio Moon. I met him when I was dating his friend who was born a few days later than him the same year… Libra with an Aquarius Moon. And I have similar experience with both of them, that is, I find them both ultra-hip.

I think the reason people resist the idea people are similar like this is the same reason they reject astrology in general. It’s because they want to be recognized as individuals. They don’t want to feel as if a drawing on a piece of paper can describe them, however it can!

And this has nothing to do with how a person expresses their energy! As I have said many times, energy is NEUTRAL until directed. But the fact that astro-twins and others born close together (same year, same generation) have similar energy is absolutely undeniable. I mean, if this is not so, I may as well discard all these charts I have been looking at for 30+ years!

Do you notice similarities in people close in age?

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  1. This may all be so, Elsa, but I can’t deny the way I feel in my own body and my experience has shown me that I sure as hell don’t feel at home with people of my generation. We might share the same energy and have similar aspects but as a kid I was rejected bc I had different tastes than they did and as an adult, I still feel that I’m on a different page than others of my generation. I don’t think that’s just me trying to come off as an individual–I was shunned very actively. And people throughout history have had the experience of feeling at odds with the times or with their generations–surely they had astro-twins too and surely they shared commonalities in their astrological charts. But that doesn’t deny the experience of being regarded as an oddball by people of the same age group. Saying all this doesn’t deny the influence of astrology.

  2. Marly, I wonder if people who feel at odds with their generation have soemthing in their chart that reflects that. I never tried to look at it. My mother, for instnace, doesn’t belong to her generation – her ideas and opinions about life in general were decades ahead of her time. She’s far closer to my generation than her own, there was never a generation gap between us, except maybe her taste in music :-). And she has some difficulty getting along with people her age – they seem to her boring and foolishly conservative – there’s a generation gap there :-). My mother isn’t sure about her birth hour but if what she remebers is more or less accurate then she has Uranus in her 11th house which reflects what I described.

    Having Uranus in the 11th house is pretty straightforward regarding how you might feel with your own generation, but there could be other, more subtle indications in a birth chart. For instance there are planets and aspetcs that affect an entire generation – Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and even Saturn and the spects between them. For example, an aspect between Pluto and Uranus and their signs will affect an entire generation. Maybe if an idividual has in their individual chart personal aspects that challenge these genrational aspects then they would be “singled out” in some way by their peers or feel they don’t belong with people their own age. I have no idea, it’s just a thought. Maybe it worth checking.

  3. There can be all kinds of similarities between people, and all kinds of differences. One similarity is people of my generation having Pluto in Leo, another kind of similarity is people having Sun in the 7th house. One can be similar to a person much older/younger than them in this sense, but very in the placement of their Pluto. I am not denying the influence of astrology at al. astrology is also composed of many bits and parts, just as an individual has many facets to his/her personality.

    so in that sense, each of us is an individual, yet similar in many ways.

    My astro twin might be very similar to me, (and i am a person who likes similar, who welcomes similar), but all i can see r the differences. Like Marly said, i can’t deny the way I feel. May be someone else will see us as totally similar, but i don’t. at the same time i can feel how similar i am to a woman much older than me, who probably has only has the same sun sign as me. I see how similarly we look at things. at times that feels good, and at times it doesnt. bcoz i want to react differently but i see her reacn and know tht’s wht my instinctive reaction was. sometimes whn i am with her i want to be different just becoz. Sometimes i avoid her bcoz of our similarities.

    so my stand on similarity is astrology-yes, generation-no.

  4. Correction: I like similar. with one BIG exception: I can’t get along with capricorn sun’s. probably because i subconsciously know i am like them, and am trying to move away from that. i know i can be pessimistic, gloomy, negative, and boring. and i don’t want to be. (my sun is my most challenged planet, followed by venus, also in cappy) i hate those parts of me. give me a gemini moon any day. (which is also me, btw). i like that similarity. give me mars in aqua. give me all the positives i have. give me saggi, give me aries, all that i don’t have. but dont give me my negatives. don’t give me people who call me back to what i am trying to leave behind.

  5. Elsa u’ve got my mind in a spin. i am analyzing this thing from all possible angles…so pardon my multiple comments. 🙁

    Elsa i am reminded of your post about evolved souls and actualized people. do u think it is possible for two people to be astro twins, but one is actualized where the other is not, and so they appear to act very differently? I think that is wht i meant when i talked about people and their energy.

    In all possibility, my astro twin and me r similar in our energy. we started out quite similar. studied hard, got into a good college. we were in the same class. he sought me out to be friends with me. he was very popular in college, whereas i was a total outcast. then we went our different ways. But he has made a fool out of himself since then. he is not even respected by people any more. all he can think of is money. any new friends he makes, its because he wants something out of them. the guy has totally lost it!

    this is my experience….and that is why i was so vehement about us being different. i rest my case.

  6. I never met astro twins so I can’t tell. As for age, I get along well with people around my age and also with people that are older or younger than me, even 20 years older, I never noticed any difference. It’s like A says, there are all kinds of similarities – having Sun/Moon/ascendant similarities in sign, house and aspects seem to me more powerful than Pluto’s sign. So I think that if I met someone with Sun, Moon and asc similar to mine, even if they were born 10 or 15 years before or after me, it might be more powerful than people that were born hours before or after me but have different ascendant and Moon. If they were born a couple of days after me and have a Virgo Moon and rising Capricorn and no 8th house/Scorpio/Pluto significant influences – forget about it. Even if their Venus is in the same sign as mine we won’t have the same tastes since Venus is in a different house and since we normally like things that in some way reflect ourselves.

  7. I totally believe in the idea of like-mindedness among people with similar planetary combinations. Perfect example: I was born in the 50s, thus considered part of the Baby Boom generation. But I’ve never identified with their sense of entitlement and need to make a splash and get all the attention. Then I found out my Pluto is in Virgo, and it all made sense.

    There are people born after me whose Pluto is in Leo, and I’d bet they identify more with the typical Boomers. I think social historians are getting the generations all wrong just going by solid time spans. They need to factor in the positions of the outer planets.

  8. yes.
    i had a friend in high school born 23 hours after me (3 times zones away.) there was soooo much we had in common, implicitly. we ended up valuing certain things differently, though- the contrast between my virgo and her libra ascendent made a noticeable distortion between us.
    neither of us ever hurt the other, we just grew apart. but that friendship held a strange surreal sense of kinship for me.

    my mother’s best friend in high school + was born on the same day as her, also on the far side of the country.

    and, of course, there’s the difference between different grades in school (jupiter and saturn at work) and gen X, gen Y, gen what (pluto/neptune at work.) i can’t say i have any definite conclusions, but there’s obvious patterns. just not quite sure what they all mean, yet.

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