What Makes A Person Have A Mean Disposition?

This weekend the soldier told me I did not have a mean bone in my body. I went to argue with him as a natural reaction but when I gave it a thought I realized he was right.

I had an 850 mile drive home to think about this and I am sure… I have confirmed I really do not have a mean bone in my body in spite of being admittedly deadly, so why is that? What does the chart of a mean person look like anyway? What planet rules MEAN?

Well I don’t know. But I do know there are mean people out there. There is the “mean individual stranded in a Limousine” that Paul Simon wrote about for example. There are also people who are completely sadistic so there is a whole continuum out there, but what would the astrology be?

My guess at the moment is that “mean person” describes a disposition and I wonder if the Sun would be involved. I don’t know, I am looking for your ideas, but I have no hard aspects to my Sun at all.


51 thoughts on “What Makes A Person Have A Mean Disposition?”

  1. Still hold by my 2010 comment. It’s the Saturn + Aries Stellium in my chart. Just harsh on people sometimes.

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