Astrology Forum Has Five Million Views!

Colosseum_2007Β What a trip. I’ve been poking around the site looking for problems. I didn’t realize there was a counter on the forum page!Β 

There actually was no counter, until I installed the plugin that offers “related posts” on the blog side. It adds a counter. I think I’ve had that plugin for about two years.

This tells me, the forum here (formally the boards) have easily had ten million views, probably twice that. Not bad, ya think?

Visit here – The Forum @ ElsaElsa – The Astrology Blog

We’ll all be glad to see you!

14 thoughts on “Astrology Forum Has Five Million Views!”

  1. So, to celebrate this, one more view (& answer) from me: CONGRATS!
    Great to know that you’re doing “not bad”!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I love Elsa and look so forward to her astrology report daily. I love what she says and I love the way she says it.
    David Gibson, in Richland, GA

  3. I am NOT surprised, Elsa! You are one of the very best astrology bloggers on this planet. I’m just surprised you didn’t know the global extent of your hits. Congratulations!

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