Aries vs Libra: Fighting Effectively

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Libra has a lot to learn from Aries. My husband is a retired Green Beret so he definitely knows about fighting. His Aries opposes my Libra. He’s instructed me over the years. It’s been a big help.

Starcrest writes on Mars & Self Censoring:

“…I had a conversation with a psychologist/therapist friend the other day. We were talking about friendship dynamics. I mentioned that having 2 dogs taught me about pack leader/alpha/beta hierarchy. I have found that this is true of human relationships as well.

I compromise and harmonize much more than I would like to. In other words, I’m way too beta for my taste but with all the Libra I usually can’t bring myself to be confrontational – whether negatively or positively.”

This was interesting and timely considering my husband was talking about survival last night… and about how our (4) dogs behave in a pack. Fighting for their position and such.

My husband will always fight for his life. I know this, but he mentioned it.

“Why is that?” I asked, when my curiosity kicked in.

“Because I’m a dog,” he said. “Everybody will fight for their life, they just don’t realize it,” he added.

It reminded of a conversation we had years ago. I wrote about it at the time because it was important information. He explained that people will always fight for their life – always. The problem is, most of them will wait until it’s too late.

It’s too late, when your attacker is on top you, has you restrained and is actively choking you. It’s too late, when the bag has been put over your head… you see he’s right.  Now, you kick but what good does it do you?

Understanding you’re going to fight, eventually, you see it makes sense to fight when you still have a chance of prevailing.

I’ve said, my Mars is broken in Libra, but when he explained this to me; I could see the obvious truth of it. It changed my life.

He got me to think about this, before I found myself in a situation. I know what I am going to do; I’ve run it over in my mind so I can execute my plan with something akin to a muscle memory.  Since working this out, I’ve felt no fear in my home. I’m confident if threatened, I’ll act quickly, catch the person(s) off guard and have a very good chance of survival.

Would you be able to defend yourself against an attack? Where’s your Mars?

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  1. Thanks for this insight, Elsa. As someone who was bullied in grade school and abused by my mother, I learned early to lie down and take it “or else.” No one ever stood up for me. Then unfortunately I married a bully who did not love me and who ruined my life. It reverberates to this day.

    I don’t know whether I have any fight left. I’m old and tired and everyone is concerned about their own battles. What point is there to fighting a battle? People are stuck in their consciousness, just like I am. Does that make sense?

    I’m grateful that I had my dogs. I miss my boy terribly (he died a month ago) and when my girl is gone I’ll get another dog, but not 2 dogs. Now that I have only 1 dog, the dynamics are different. It is back to the way it was before we got him.

    I’m going to have to think about this Aries-Libra dynamic. With Libra rising and Saturn right there, and Jupiter in Aries (6th house though) this is the main lesson in my life. It’s like the 2 of Pentacles, constantly juggling issues, needing to be consistent.

  2. One more thing about dogs:

    My girl is a fighter. She doesn’t back down (she’s the alpha). When my boy was alive, he was not a fighter (the beta). He loved other dogs. He only fought back once, briefly, at a dog park. It was interesting to watch. It ended quickly because he walked away. He was calm, wise, gentle – a real wise soul. I do think if the chips were down, he would have fought. Having two such different dogs was enlightening.

  3. I’m Mars in Pisces in 5th house. It’s squared by Saturn from 2nd house. You’d think I’m competitive with Mars in 5th conjunct Moon there but no, Saturn square must be why not. When I’m angry I just get upset with people, and get emotional and cry sometimes. So people think it’s me getting upset but that’s just anger, a passive-aggressive expression of it. Basically Pisces Mars square Saturn finds it hard to express anger so he cries. Another side and that’s a good expression of anger in me – I like sports! But not competitive of course 🙂

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    Isabella Johnson

    I was actually attacked in my car 30 years ago, attempted car jacking. I froze. Seriously I was simply immobilized. I’ve since doubted my ability to defend myself in any situation.

  5. That happens to me, too. I think what Elsa wrote, what she shared about her husband’s consciousness, is very good. We need to practice being prepared. Having courage. Trusting that we can win the battle or stay alive, even if injured.

    1. Yes! Look around your house. Find the thing in each room, that is heavy, you can use as a weapon. If there isn’t something there, put something there. You are going to throw the flower pot, then run,,, whatever.

      Or if you do have a gun, figure it out. Are you resolved to use it? Then get that in your mind.

      Instructions for that (from a pro)? FIRST IDENITFY YOUT TARGET. This takes just a second or two, you must make sure you are shooting a friend / family member. Then aim, center mass, at the closest person to you -and empty the gun.

      The point here is the others will run when their buddy fails. Empty the gun, because of things like meth. People on meth can keep coming.

      Note you don’t have to be a good shot. If you commit to this, you will have more than a fighting chance, but you want the decision made… because while you’re waffling, you can be disarmed.

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    Libra Stellium

    Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus is Libra. You would think I can’t fight but I can and would if necessary. But first I’ll run like the Sag sun I am.

    1. i was reading yesterday on Bruce Lee (Sagittarius sun Sag rising /double sag) but he has scorpio mars/venus scorpio conjunct. it has to be the libra that doesn’t like confrontation because Bruce Lee confronts and doesn’t run,like that strong scorpio mars.

      this is a great article to address the mars in libra/lacking confrontation and how it can be helped/learn from mars.^^

  7. One of the things I realized, and I think this is important when thinking about fighting battles, my ex-husband tried to goad me into flipping out. He woul push my buttons. He wanted me gone, out of the picture. I refused to go. Then I realized he thought about his position in the U.S. He wanted that citizenship, so he played his cards. Made nice, to a point. Didn’t prevent contact with my children but was a B–d in every other way. He won. He got rid of me. For the record, he is from a historically warrior-like country (I cannot say which one, without identifying factors).

    If someone tries to goad us, we have to fight. There is another issue. A lot of women (and perhaps men) are so intimidated that they don’t take steps to defend or help themselves. I should have fought harder, but I had no support so I laid down and was as good as dead. Hindsight. The only thing I can do going forward is to be prepared and fight in the future, no matter how that battle might need to be fought.

  8. I have Mars in libra, I won’t hesitate to fight for the ones I love,or the underdog. I usually wont attack anyone but will fight when I feel threatened. I would say that’s the scorpio stellium.I usually attack with my words. Mercury in scorpio.

    1. my mother has a mercury scorpio too, and she does attack with words but her Aries mars is fierce. I really see the difference between libra and aries in mars. she is a libra sun though, but the mars is strong. (i can see why astrologers deem libra in mars is detriment/broken) i am very curious because my son has this mars. However the libra in her likes to be co-dependent and love marriage, whether bad or good.

      1. i get it now, why my libra sun mother (taurus rising scorpio stellium with aries mars) is so confrontational. she’s a fighter. It is scary and i thought wtf? why is she so confrontational? she’s unlike a libra. >_< now i understand alot from astrology. Her libra only comes out with beauty/ love /alignment with venus/taurus and like marriage but she likes confrontation!

        1. I can’t say I like confrontation. However, I won’t back down when being attacked. I admit I can be passive aggressive but in my mind that is so much better than being physically aggressive like my first husband was. I think my mars in Libra also wants to make excuses for peoples behavior. My neptune is in Libra as well. Even though My Sun, mercury and saturn are in scorpio, I also have my Sag asc, sag moon and sag venus. As I have aged, I have realized that I am a completely different animal than most scorps.

          1. i so agree with you, i prefer not fighting and avoiding. what your first husband did was disgusting, i also had a very violent ex husband; his chart was full of mars/saturn (malefic, no soft edges). with the theme of the topic, it’s good to be prepared when being attacked, so libra doesn’t hesistate so long.

  9. My Mars closely conjunct my Sun in Capricorn..I’m always ready to fight, too ready really, but I project that so I never actually have had to fight, outside the Dojo…Most people are waayyy too trusting, that’s the problem IMO….

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    Yup. I will fight for my life. Happily.

    Mars in cancer. Conjunct saturn.

    Ya see. I do not pick fights. I will do everything I can to avoid troubles. But if I am standing there and cannot run I will fight. I garden, I cook, I feed people, I fix the house and shelter people. I am not the person you pick on as I mind my own business and give to the community. You want to mess with that?? Okay. Fine.

  11. Libra Mars! I don’t like fighting but I do have some Aries too. I’ve thought about this though, especially what I’d do if I had my kids with me and something happened. It’s scary. I’m really not prepared emotionally tbh.

    A few months ago I went on a hike alone. I carry, so there’s that. BUT. I don’t want to shoot anyone, and I’m well aware that I’m not big and could still get hurt even with a gun on me. A man could grab my arms, and that’s that.

    Anyway, as I was walking I noticed two men, older, who were in street clothes and just gave me one of those “off” feelings. Two of them – how often do we picture getting attacked by multiple people? I don’t normally. So I passed by them – they were just standing there, being weird. I picked up my pace. I took the safety off of my gun and just prepared myself. Would they follow me? Would they take a trail and cut me off by surprise, flank me?

    Faced with this reality I realized I have no desire to shoot anyone at all. I knew it, but now I could feel it. Would I? Yes, but I really, really never want to. I would if I had to and hope the law wouldn’t punish me for it.

    Perhaps my saying that I don’t want to shoot anyone is really, I don’t want to be put into a situation where I would feel like I had to.

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