Venus Conjunct Jupiter In Virgo: Frugality Is Virtuous

I had a client yesterday; her son has Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. His girlfriend is frugal. It occurred to me, he would see frugality as a virtue.

What qualities do you consider to be virtuous?

Can you see this outlined in your chart?

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  1. Elsa: For a learner like myself, can you please quickly explain ‘conjunct’ again? I get confused because one of the charts I look at uses phrases like ‘harmonious’ and ‘discordant’. I think I get that trines and sextiles are mostly positive and squares and oppositions are challenging but conjunct and inconjunct I still find hard to understand. I probably sound like a complete jag off but whatever. I am putting myself ‘out there’ just trying to understand. I have read about these before but the last two (conjunct, inconjunct still confuse me.) I don’t have a mathematical mind. Thanks anyway for your consideration!!

  2. My 7th house Virgo stellium daughter has both Venus and Jupiter in Virgo, but too apart to be conjunct.

    Aren’t the classic virtues something like prudence, temperance, charity, hope, faith, courage, justice? Then there is that saying ‘patience is a virtue’…and of course, the converse to the 7 deadly sins are chastity (lust), temperance (gluttony), charity (greed), diligence (sloth), patience (wrath), kindness (envy), and humility(pride) {thanks wikipedia, lol}.

    For me personally, what i consider virtuous deters slightly from all this. I think it can vary person to person; what someone else values may not be what another values. What type of value system does someone have, anyway? Some people are accepting of liars, while others list charity high on their list.

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think this is very personal and not at all universal.

  3. My husband has Venus conjunct Saturn in his Scorpio 5th house. I know he finds frugality fun – saving money is a game to him. If we go to dinner a coupon is always involved, switching credit cards to earn benefits is constant. I, on the other hand, have Venus conjunct Neptune in my Libra 2nd house. Investing in lovely objects is pleasurable to me, being gifted with imaginative tokens makes me feel appreciated. When he searches for a “special anniversary restaurant” by going through his coupon file, I get pissed and he is just confused.

    We’ve discovered our outlook on money, investments and our values is completely different.

  4. I like to buy fine items, even preowned, at a discounted price. Libra rising with Venus in Sag trine Pluto in Leo and square Saturn in Virgo. But having Mars in Leo means I could never bear a man who is cheap.

  5. And to me virtue is doing what you say you will do, and behaving ethically. It has more to do with generosity than frugality. (Thinking of Scrooge)

  6. I have Jupiter conjunct my Venus-Sun-Jupiter conjunction coming up next year. Also, it will pass my Mercury in 8th house.
    I have a weird feeling of anticipation these days, like I’m wanting to close myself off, not knowing where to go. Jupiter will transit both my 8th house and my 9th house as well. He is a happy camper here I think.

    Also, I have this feeling of “chickens coming home to roost” when I read about all the Jupiter stuff. In a good way, I should think. Saturn will be sextiling this conjunction/stellium as well, making for an easy transit. I can’t way I’ve had a lot of those the past few years (ever since 2011 actually – when Pluto and Uranus began squaring off). It has been a pleasing “relief” to have Pluto sextiling these planets as well, but his hit on my Libra moon in 8th house was a hellhound reborn. Even I didn’t recognize my own hatred for men in those years…

    Now it’s like some kind of anti climatics. We’re so used to strife and upheavel and everything in between and now everything is calming down. Takes some time getting used to I guess. Not in a bad way. In a … virtous and frugal way perhaps?

  7. Venus conjunct Jupiter could be indulgent in some and a frugal partner might be considered an opportunity rather than a virtue. Kind of a switched up Jack Spratt type of thing. Virgo is practical, not necessarily virtuous. Virtues are admired qualities or moral practices, natural or adopted, based on someone’s concepts of good and bad, an internal code. Agree with Goldie, it’s a personal thing and can’t be seen from a chart.

  8. Venus conjunct Mars and Uranus in Leo loosely square Scorpio Jupiter in the 8th. I have approached finances from almost every angle and been at many income levels. I have scratched out a bare living and lived like an extravagant king. Now I’m somewhere in balance and this feels best. Age does help you face the future more sensibly. Neptune in the 8th has led to many startling ups and downs.

  9. What qualities do you consider to be virtuous?
    Honesty and courage to do what is right no matter what your losses will be. For me this is a universal virtue not only a personal one. I think this is outlined by a 10th house Jupiter which trines Saturn in Libra.

    As for frugality – this is not a virtue that I have nor care for much (even though I also have Venus in Virgo – but it SQUARES Jupiter).

  10. My sister has Jupiter in the 12th 2 degrees virgo. Pluto moon and uranus in her first house in virgo. Jupiter sextile Venus in cancer conjunct her Sun in the 10th and 11th house cusp. Jupiter trines Saturn in her eighth house. Her north node is in the eighth as well. I read up on Jupiter in the 12th and found a symbol- a sacred diploma. Applied to my sissy, she’s beautiful,always been an academic achiever( ivy league), success driven,very organized, detail oriented, loves doing finance spread sheets, financially secure and good at extravagant annual vacationing- until recently. The work opportunities are fewer in her field, the romances after the divorce were few and dissappointing, and she’s lonely. I told her she has a sacred diploma. She can perceive perimeters of success and abundance outside the box- especially with the Venus/ sun sextile. It’s not a conjunction but all the planets in virgo, in her chart seemed relevant to this thread. And I wanted to share the sacred diploma symbol:)

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