Astrology, Love And Death: Titanic, The Movie

titanticThere is a terrific discussion around death on the Death/Suicide video. It made me think of the Titanic movie which I think most have seen.

I was extremely moved by the movie, never mind the manipulations or whatever flaws and cheesiness that might have been part and parcel of the film. Fact is it depicted a momentous event and I was easily swept into the size and scope and emotion of the movie never mind all that water. I especially liked the length of the movie because it allowed me to be lost for hours but here’s my question:


At the end of that movie the ship is going down and people react in various ways. Some wish to survive at all costs, some behave in a way that is heroic, etc. By far the coolest were the musicians who continued to play as the ship went down and I would like to say I would be one them but I would not.

There was a couple in that movie, who upon finding the ship was sinking, climbed into bed and held each other. I would without a doubt be one of them, however at the time I saw the movie I was alone. I had no lover so I cried extra hard. Seems a person like me very deeply desires a lover like that. So being a Venus Neptune type… I would clearly opt to drown, merged with my lover but what about you?

That ship is going down… there are not enough life boats. What are you going to do? Can you see our choice in your chart?

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  1. Survive at all costs!
    I’m a single mum (no lover) with a 12 year old – which demands survival is imperative.
    Mars conjunct mercury – to win!

  2. I have no idea of how I’d react. Probably do my best to survive – SN in the first house. I have noticed my survival instincts are pretty good at kicking in when needed. My Venus is trine Saturn too so this pragmatic side interferes with the Neptune dreams . . . 😉

  3. Survive, but with my lover. merc/mars conjunct in sag along with the sun. Neptune is there too, so I would believe that I could do it, no matter the odds. I would definitely not pick to die, if I had any chance at all.

    With pisces rising I would be helping other people first though, I just know it!

  4. I’m an Aries Asc/Sun and a Cancer Moon. Currently single, but if I had a partner, we’d do our best to survive – though I would likely help others survive as well (I have a weakness for children and animals!).

    With a sun in 12th, I’m likely self-sacrificing and putting the needs of others first – including my partner.

  5. When I saw the title of the post feed I knew exactly, exactly what you were going to write about! I’m a Venus-Neptune type too and that’s exactly the part of the sinking that I always think about. If I were with my lover and especially if old, that’s exactly what I would do. I wouldn’t want to take a place on those lifeboats that a child could have.

  6. I have Venus square Neptune, wearing those rose-colored glasses, romanticizing anything and everything. So yeah, I’d be the old folk going down together for sure. I was in tenth grade when that movie came out, I went to see it three times at the movies! That part got me everytime.

  7. the mother locked into the hold telling the kids stories as they fell asleep really kicked me in the gut. trying to give them some comfort before they died. trying to have their last memories be peaceful rather than fearful. it was beautiful and horrifying. and that was _before_ i had a child.

    my neptune’s on the cusp of my fourth.

    it would really depend on who i was with.
    i’d be a lot more likely to fight for it if i had a kid with me. on my own, not so much. there is a certain romanticism to the lovers. reminds me of the photos of people holding hands as the jumped from the burning towers. to move into death in a state of love. that’s far preferable to a lot of the other options.

  8. Venus-Saturn conjunct and squaring Cappy Moon. You best believe I’d make sure me and mine survived. I’d push everyone else off that raft if I had to, except of course my love!

  9. My dad, who was in the Navy, sailed the North Atlantic quite a few times. During his first time aboard, the captain called in all the new sailors and told them the score: Do NOT fall overboard in the North Atlantic! According to the captain, in full foul-weather gear (including thermal underwear, etc) you would most likely die of hypothermia before the ship could mobilize to fish you out – about twenty minutes.
    So, that said, I wouldn’t be jumping off the boat! 😉 But I would find some way to survive. Stephanie and I would be playing rock-paper-scissors to see who kept the raft! (‘Cause wrestling for it would be retarded. 😛 )
    I’ve got a super-strong survival instinct, though I don’t know where in my chart this would be. I think the thinking about and making contigency plans for handling disasters comes from my Sun-Saturn conjunction, plus Moon in 8th trine Mars-Venus-Pluto.

  10. i’d fight to live like leo
    but hell if i wouldn’t share the raft with him
    i want my man to live too!
    i’d probably die trying to live and get my man on the raft too
    but that would be ok
    i’d rather trying and dying then just dying

    venus with pluto, sun and mars

  11. i’d go to the nearest business kitchen and grab a big soup pot and a ladle/spatula. if it doesn’t work as a paddle boat, it still holds air and i could “run” people off with the ladle. heh.
    also, i’m sure a boat of that size, in this day, would have a swimming pool equipment room with floatable items.

    resourceful = saturn in 1st
    i have a thing against isolation so i’m not sure i’d be on a ship in the first place without a plan for escape.

  12. Know one knows what they would do in that situation , but I think I would be the one at the bar…..calm, cool and free drinks….What more can you ask for when death is staring you in the face……!

  13. I have a Venus Neptune Trine but freezing and lying down on when having just found out the ship your on is sinking is a completely alien thought to me. I would find out what’s being done about it, either officially by the ship’s authorities or informally through chaotic flow, and then I’d get us–my husband and I–out.

    I have 7 planets in earth signs. None Virgo.

  14. I would have helped as many women and children as possible, but honest to god I would have got on a life raft with any family and loved ones if possible before it was too late. Fortunately in most of my past lives I have had a spouse and children, so getting on board with them would be far easier than if you were a single male and you had to be brave until the last minute and go down with the ship. Mind you I don’t think I had any past lives that were on the Titanic.

    Of course this is also assuming I could have afforded a second class ticket which would have cost over $40,000 per person in today’s dollars. I probably would have stayed in Salisbury.

    That story and two dollars will get you on the bus!

  15. I have such a fear of drowning (had two near-drownings when I was younger) that I was unable to watch the movie once the Titanic began to sink. I left the movie theatre shaking. Just reading the posts above made me nervous. I have Pluto squaring Venus and Moon. I think I would do everything in my power to save my daughter and other people (Pluto and Mars in 12th house sextiling Nepture in Scorpio) but if it were just me and a bunch of strangers on a sinking boat…hmmm. I’d probably find the hightest point on the ship and watch the chaos until I too was swept up in the water and dragged down to my death. I’ve been such a survivor throughout my life (and like Elsa, have been given so many second chances) but faced with all that water–for some reason, I don’t see myself being able to survive a situation like that. The terror would be too much for my brain to handle and I would probably succumb to death rather than fight it.
    PS. I plan on taking swimming lessons this year.

  16. Help as many people as I could to get to safety. I would have a very hard time coasting out to sea if there were faces in the water looking back at me. If I die saving even one person, then everything good about me lives on, and everything bad about me perishes that moment.

    I can’t picture myself having husband or kids to worry about or survive for, so that doubtless affects the answer.

  17. Pluto exactly conjunct Venus in the 8th as a part of stellium including my saturn and scorpio sun. I dont have a lover at the moment but Im definitley doing a leonardo dicaprio – I die trying to fight and save my lovers lifes. Very fit for a Pluto-Venus.


    If I was single and without a family then I’d probably be one of those soliders helping others onto boats before dying myself respectfully with the boat ( Mar-Neptune Conjunction /Pisces rising)

  18. Venus square Saturn and Mars-Jupiter exact conjunction in Scorpio? You bet I’m getting off that boat alive. (I’d probably be playing Molly Brown, what with Leo Sun in the 11th house and all.)

  19. Anna-I almost drowned once when I was younger. I had a German friend that didn’t know English and I didn’t know German (yet we played all the time), I was holding on to the side of the pool b/c I didn’t know how to swim yet, and we started splashing water at eachother and she got carried away and started dunking me under water. Everytime I would surface I would try to tell her “I can’t swim!” but she didn’t understand and thought I was having a great time so she would dunk me again. I remember seeing the light from the sun under the water and I just thought to myself “this is it”. Fortunately, my dad finally noticed I wasn’t above water and jumped in with his clothes and wallet an everything.
    Ever since then I am afraid of deep waters, and I get clausterphobic when I see underwater on T.V. I refuse to ever go on a cruise. And flying over the ocean gives me major anxiety.

  20. Im terrified of deep water, even though I swim quite well on top of it, under it & can tread water as well. Im not sure what I would do, but my guess is push the kids onto a boat (assuming they were there) but theres no way Id get on one without my husband. I can totally see why Rose went back.

  21. In my reality there is no such thing as not enough room for everyone. Maybe that’s why I’ve never become fascinated with the Titanic. Just can’t imagine that everyone couldn’t be saved somehow.

    4th house Pisces Saturn and 12th house moon. Everyone is family and my life rafts have room for the world.

  22. I have a sub personality that would kick in to survive at all costs (Mars in Leo). However, I understand Venus/Neptune. (Neptune in Scorpio inconjunct Venus in Aries). Mars seems to be drying up Neptune this life (thank God).

  23. I can’t imagine accepting and waiting for death to come. I also don’t see myself being all cut throat about surviving. I see myself making the best decisions about survival in the moment and accepting those consequences.

  24. I’d be playing music with my lover 🙂

    I don’t know how I’d act if my son was with me though. I think I’d be pretty ruthless.

  25. hmmm, based on past actions, i probably would be rushing to get on a lifeboat. i think survivor instinct would kick in.. my mars in cancer (fight to be safe) or venus in aries, rush…rush.

    from ’71-’79 i lived on a dead end street, three doors down from a survivor on the titantic. i always wanted to go and talk to him but i never did. this is just as well becuase after reading this post i did a little research and learned aside from helping one person with a book, he never discussed it. i would wave to him on my way home from school…i remember him out mowing the lawn or raking leaves. he was 13 years old when he was on the boat and his father insisted he be on a lifeboat after initially being refused (as an older boy)…his mother, two sisters, maid and governess survived. another thing i just learned was that the family was on the boat to hurry home from europe due to the death of the oldest son in the family, who was only 20.

    my neighbor was john (‘jack’)ryerson, his father, who died was arthur ryerson.

  26. My husband would not lie in bed with me. We’d have to go be heroes and he would shove me in a boat for sure, going down with the ship himself.

  27. My grandmothers aunt was the unsinkable Molly Brown. I would like to think I could lean in that direction. I have that fight or flight reaction, so laying in bed to surrender just doesn’t fit.

  28. I would try to survive–if I couldn’t, though, then I guess I’d go the die-with-lover route; BUT rather than lay in bed as the boat sank, he and I would jump into the water and swim out. I’d rather freeze to death at the ocean surface under the stars, than drown and be dragged to the depths of the Atlantic.

  29. Single, no kids. I would like to hope that I’d just do my best to help as many people as I can, and I’d try to calm everyone down and give them hope and stay cool-headed.

  30. I would make sure my loved ones got safe first rather than my own safety. Whether I lived or not doesn’t matter to me in that situation, but I would need to know for sure that they would survive before thinking of saving myself would cross my mind.

    I would never allow someone to die for me or with me if I was still physically capable.

    But those people in the lower levels of course, knew they were never going to make it. In that situation, I would still try to the bitter end.

    I’m an action person. If someone happens, I just move without thinking.

    Not sure of the astrology of this one though. :\

  31. Save my child at all costs, self secondary, and I do believe I’d put myself behind all children and pregnant women that could be saved. I think that the survivor’s guilt would be great, but I think once the children were taken care of, I wouldn’t sacrifice my safety for another adult’s.

  32. My children come first, and after that I would try like Hell to survive. Hubby says he would insist on me staying alive no matter his consequences…to help with the kids.

    Elsa, I cried so hard in that movie too…I soaked half a box of Kleenex (brought it with me in my purse just in case!).

  33. When I was younger, I had a very strong survival instinct, so I’d have survived at most costs. Now that I have little ones, I still have that instinct, but my 12th house sun would sacrifice if there was no other way for them to survive. As for pertaininng to a relationship, I have venus on the cusp of my 12th (or in it) and I also desire a relationship of that magnatude.

  34. Drowning freaks me out – Venus square Neptune. Yet, being on a cruise ship, sailing the ocean, is where I am at my utmost happiest (and I’ve only done it once).

    I would fight like hell to survive. Aries Sun trine Leo Mars. As soon as something was up, I’d be right at the lifeboat waiting to get on. I try to avoid problems at all cost. Jupiter conj NN – I wanna live!

    If my kids were with me, I think I’d get really ferocious to make sure they were in a boat ASAP. I’d be as creative and devious as I could to make sure my husband could get in the boat, too (if I had one). I refuse to accept defeat until absolutely all options have been tried. A bit tenacious – Pluto Virgo 7th.

    I have one more chart to post in the Titanic 100-year thread. I still have not had time to really look at them all.

    They played this movie again last weekend, and again, I came across it surfing channels and was forced to watch parts of it. I don’t care what anyone says – that door was big enough for both of them, and Jack was smart enough to find another piece of floating something to survive. That ending annoys me.

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