You Don’t Want People To Lose Faith In You…

With all the emphasis on Libra in the sky, patterns in relationship and various ways of relating and cross my mind. One thing I’ve been thinking about it how bad it feels when someone loses faith in you. It feels as bad, if not worse to lose faith in someone yourself.

If you have Venus mashed up with Neptune in some way, (Venus in aspect to Neptune, Neptune in the 7th, Venus in the 12th or Venus in Pisces), you’re especially prone to this. If you dream someone into a God, it’s only a matter of time before the veil drops and reveals them to be flawed and human. If someone dreams you into a God, it’s only a matter of time before they become disillusioned. These are the extremes but what I want to address is the vast middle ground.

It’s possible to meet someone have them rely on you for reasons that are not pathological. If you do have someone in your life who believes and has faith in you, I think you should do everything in your power to make sure they don’t have a regret over it.

If you adopt a philosophy like this, the other person’s faith winds up inspiring and enhancing you. On the other hand, if you make a habit of betraying people and letting them down, you’ll be diminished over time.

It’s also worth noting that while it is possible to do, it’s very difficult to restore a person’s faith in you once it’s been lost. Most people are not going to bother with this for anyone is who not family or some other close relation they are very invested in. This is why it’s better to avoid the whole scene if you can.

The way the sky is right now, this is more true than ever because people want solid contacts. You don’t want your lover, your family your friends to lose faith you, but you also don’t want your job or your boss to quit believing in you as it’s quite cold out there right now.

When a person puts their faith in you, it’s an enormous gift. I don’t think people see it this way, for the most part and I am not sure why that is?

Have anyone ever lost faith in you? How did it feel? What about losing faith in another?

23 thoughts on “You Don’t Want People To Lose Faith In You…”

  1. Distracted… I love John Hiatt.
    Yes, yes and yes. I remember my second son saying to me: “When you say yes, it means yes, when Dad says yes it means maybe. When you say maybe it’s maybe. When Dad says maybe it means no.” I think he was 5 at the time. I understood commitment through the eyes of a child.

  2. OK, I am not trying to be a negative Nancy here, but I need to get this off my chest..I have lost complete faith in my marriage and my husband at the moment. I have no trust in him, he is far from a supportive husband, and walks around here like a dictator running everyones life, but yet fails to do the work needed in our marriage for equallity. I am tired of compromising all the time and having to change. I like who I am and what I believe in and stand for!

  3. People are all deeply flawed, that’s w/o question. For me, having Venus-Neptune means recognizing those flaws, even if they’ve hurt you, without necessarily losing faith. I think you can see “god” in a person while being fully aware that that person is not immune to a human being’s potential for pettiness, hypocrisy, self-deception, cruelty, errors in judgment etc. You don’t have to gloss the flaws over to have a deep faith in someone.

  4. I really needed this. When I lose faith in myself, I lose faith in my partner and people. How does it feel? Hell on earth. The slow rebuilding of faith in myself is part of the process of knowing what ‘human’ is all about.

  5. I really like your comment isthmus. Recognition and awareness of humanness in the other is important. It means acceptance of the way it is to my perception and from there I can make better decisions about any given situation, because I don’t feel all offended and attacked.

    A co worker many years ago, called it the rules of the game. She was speaking in terms of dating. For example, he cancels or shows late. That’s the rules of the game. From there she made her decision whether or not it was something that could be remedied or something she could accept in a partner.

  6. I’ve always loved this song, since I first heard it (in the Benny & Joon movie). It always touches my heart and right now it touches the heart of my situation. Thanks for the reminder 😉

  7. I have neptune square venus and HELL yes I’ve experienced this

    the worst situations, it’s like I can see from the beginning they are projecting something onto me, and it’s only a matter of time til they see they’ve mistaken me for someone else.

    I hate that

    if I deserve it, meaning, if I’ve truly let someone down, yes of course I’m ok with paying the price (which as elsa points out, can be worse that having someone let me down). But when the whole thing is against me from get go, based on some crazy idea of what someone wants me to be, rather than who I actually am (especially when I try so damned hard to be honest about who I am), it just kills me.

    This has happened so many times. That look in the eye says it all…

  8. “It’s possible to meet someone have them rely on you for reasons that are not pathological.”

    This sums up my Saturn in Libra challenge. I am afraid of commitment because I’m afraid of getting mixed up in other people’s psychological drama. Venus-Neptune for sure.

    But realizing that I need people – a basic HUMAN need – has made me more willing to engage and deepen balanced relationships.

  9. I have Neptune (in the 7th) inconj Venus(in the 12th)

    In the past I have believed in people for to long and it’s often hard for me to not let people back in. But my scorp moon (conj neptune) helps with that once the veil lifts.

  10. I think I’m seeing this from a different angle. I have Venus-Pluto conjunct sextiling Neptune, and when someone seems too perfect to me (ie, when the veil is up), I’m immediately repulsed. I wonder what they’re hiding, where their humanity is. I actively work to rip the veil. I’m gonna find me a damned wart if it’s the last thing I do! 😉

    On faith:
    As sad as this sounds, I don’t know if anyone has ever had enough faith in me for me to betray it in the first place. *shrugs*

  11. Well, this is going to sound boastful, but it is actually true. I have Venus-Sun-Neptune conjunct in Scorpio, 1st house. I have been told by a half dozen men whom I loved that my faith in them and love for them was “the beginning of their life” (as it lifted them out of some horrible place they were in for a good long while). I have been dubbed the patron saint of lost causes and hopeless cases. Sometimes that illusion about someone’s goodness or potential is transformative and healing for them.

  12. What isthmus wrote is true in my experience. The most liberating act I can perform is to open someone’s eyes to the beauty within himself in spite of his flaws, and to teach him to surround his flaws with self-acceptance.

  13. This post was written emphasizing personal relationships – but what about when people lose faith in very large power structures (or the other kinds of “people” known as corporations)? I’m thinking about the sit-ins on Wall Street now, and the potential for them to develop.

  14. funny krustallos should write about that. i work in the field of investments. it’s not a monolith; there are many awful people who work in this industry and many wonderful, kind people. it’s no different than anyplace or any group of people. i am not sure why some people get fleeced by money managers and others are well served and advised. that too may be a matter of personal karma and at the collective level, collective karma. we sure do need the people to rise up and demand reform.

  15. Great post Elsa!

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your music selection. Some of the songs have become authentic favourites. Thanks!

  16. Elsa, if you ever decide to publish an astrology manual, please put this blog entry in it. I hope, of course, that someone well versed in your blog writing would cull entries, for you to after that decide what would go in the compendium.

    Nevermind. Guess what I meant was, “Wow!! Thank you, Elsa!!!”

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