Is A Kite Better Than A Grand Trine?


With all its self-indulgent Grand Trine pitfalls, my chart does have one saving grace – an opposition between the Moon and Uranus which combines with the Grand Trine to form a Kite. Now, Moon-Uranus connections are hardly comfortable, and oppositions even less so. And that’s what makes it so great!

Difficult aspects help us grow. They’re the conflict that drives the story forward. They’re compelling. No one ever mane a movie about a hero waking up, having a nice breakfast, and reading a book in his pajamas. If there’s no villain, nothing to fight, is a hero even still a hero?

So many times clients have come to me worried about that particular square or opposition in their chart will do them in, when it’s obvious to me that it’s actually their greatest strength. In my chart, Moon/Chiron in Gemini in the 2nd opposes Uranus in Sagittarius in the 8th. This has obviously been more than a little unpleasant at times, but it’s also been the great plot of my life. Look at what I do! I use unusual (Uranus) knowledge (Sagittarius) to understand other people’s psychology (8th house) and heal their emotional wounds (Moon/Chiron) by talking to them (Gemini) and helping them understand their worth (2nd house)! The most painful part of my chart is also the part that allows me to give to the world.

So if you’re frustrated or unhappy with parts of your chart, try asking yourself how that aspect serves you, and how it helps you serve others. You’ll be surprised what you find.

What parts of your chart drive you crazy? Can you think of ways they’ve made you who you are?

6 thoughts on “Is A Kite Better Than A Grand Trine?”

  1. Interesting thoughts. I too have the moon/chiron 2nd gem. But uranus is a bit far ahead in the 8th. I wouldnt say i envy your trine for i derive much pleasure from all ive accomplished. Lots of oppositions here 1st/7th. As for the giving out to the world, my moon/ch sextile venus/merc in the 12th. I always know stuff people would not believe i do. And thats where i fail to give out. They fail to believe so i feel i must be an observer and it isnt without pain.

  2. I agree with your guidance to ask, how does this serve? I have a Cardinal Grand Cross and while it certainly is a “cross” in many ways, it supports and demands my integrity relentlessly.

  3. I have a grand trine of Chiron just short of my Pisces Asc., Neptune in Scorpio and Mercury in Cancer. Pluto is the opposition with my Asc. I do seem to attract very intense, powerful and intimidating individuals into my life for good and bad. All in the learning curve I guess.

  4. I found this post trying to understand the kite aspect. If Midara is still on here, or anyone else who is very familiar, can you explain the kite? I may try posting on the boards as well.

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