Murder And “Stigmatized Homes”

The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski’s property, previously priced at $154,000 is now for sale, price reduced to $69,500. It brought this old post to mind.

My new book caught my attention on the first page talking about how we as a collective get rid of houses where horrible crimes happen.  The author mentions, “The Oxford Apartments” where, “Jeffrey Dahmer” lived and some other notorious crime scene in England.  Dahmer’s place is a parking lot, another crime scene vacant and grass has been planted rather than replace the structure.

The author also mentions the house where, “Jon Benet Ramsey” was killed. He states it has changed hands several times. It always sells far below it’s value.  Apparently there are various laws in various states around what must be disclosed to a prospective buyer about a property, they range from nothing to everything (including ghosts) and apparently in the UK, you have to disclose if you have had a falling out with the neighbors!

These houses are called “stigmatized homes” in the trade and it struck me because I grew up in not one but two stigmatized homes though I didn’t know it at the time.  I found out about 15 years ago when Annalisa and I went to the house where we were born. I always say I am from the desert and I did grow up there but I lived in town until I was 6.

In whatever case, the police wanted my sister and I to tour the home where we grew up. We agreed to do this. Imagine our surprise when we pulled up in front of the house to find it had been condemned.

Further, it was the only house on the block that was condemned.  Not only that, it had a high fence built around it so we could not go in.  It was a small house on a small lot so the fence was just a few feet from the wall of the house, you could stick your hand through the fence and touch the red brick wall. What stunned us was that the houses on the rest of the block were fine. They’d been kept up, except outs.

Just to finish the story, we walked around the outside of the fence because these cops could not get a key to the gate for some reason. We did our best to peer through the dirty and in some cases, missing windows. The most I can tell you is a house is bigger when you are little then it is when you are big.

Our house in the desert also became stigmatized and remains so to this day. The house I live in is also stigmatized – I am “the mother the bad thing happened to,” as satori once put it.

This is a Moon Pluto thing, obviously. I’ll tell you something: I don’t feel bad to have come out of that. Matter of fact, I feel normal.

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  1. I grew up in a haunted house. To my knowledge, though, there’re still people living there. I haven’t even driven past it in years.

    Moon trine Pluto natally. 🙂

  2. our house in denver was the scene of a murder-suicide. my folks got it on the cheap but didn’t know why till the neighbors told them. I loved that house.

  3. apparently the house i lived in where i first went to school, where my sister was born, was one of those too. didn’t find out until long after we moved away.
    didn’t like it much. but, then again, i spent nine years in the middle of revolutionary war guerrilla battlesites, too… there, they figure, people probably were killed all over the place.

  4. interesting – I lived in a house that used to be a’brothel’ in the 20’s – swear I could feel that decadent energy soaked in the walls – holding secrets.
    You mention moon/pluto thing – I have a mars moon thing and the houses I lived in when I grew up were always full of strife – even now when we (my family of origin) meet, there is this intense underlying competitive edge – wether about ideas or money – winning really.

  5. oh, and on the ‘brothel’ house, as a single mother of 2, the neighbours were always eyeing me, especially when friends came to visit – and my friends are mostly guys – so I got the suspect eye. Can see how once condemned, always is it so.

  6. Yeah, this stuff creeps me out, as the previous resident of my current apartment died here and wasn’t discovered for days. Yeesh. I figure this place needs a Witch Bottle or maybe a Hex Work or some other sort of amulet. But what I really need is a better apartment.

  7. And my house in the desert – it got broke into and the guy got in my bed with me… and then there were the 2 other times I got broke to and the people shit all over and it that wasn’t enough, people also broke into my warehouse and shit all over there too.

    It’s uncanny, I’ll tell ya.

  8. OMG I’m seeing a pattern. Don’t know the history of the house I grew up in, but six months after my parents moved out the ‘nice young lawyer’ they sold it to was murdered by protestant paramilitaries – turns out he used to act for the IRA.

    When I went to university, I lived in a house opposite the corner where the Yorkshire Ripper was finally arrested.

    When I lived in London I had a squat in a house where two people had been axed to death in a drugs thing. That whole street was built on top of a plague pit and the stories of what used to appear at night would fill a book.

    A few years later, when I was working as a gardener, someone phoned me about a job. When he told me about this place I got a severe headache and felt really ill. Then when I turned onto the street the following week I started feeling ill again. So I went and worked there, and noticed that every time I went to do the front garden a black cat would appear, sit on the step and keep watch on the house opposite. I thought it was strange, but whatever. Then one day I got a call from the woman in the house opposite asking me to come and look at her place to see if I could help out there. So we’re sitting in her kitchen and she starts complaining that her dog won’t do its business in the back garden or anywhere round the house and she has to take it up to the local woods every time. Blah, blah. I go over the other house to carry on with my work and the cleaner arrives early. Blah, blah.

    OMG she says, don’t go and work there, that’s where Denis Nilssen lived and they found all the bodies chopped up buried in the garden and in the drains.

    I got Moon Pluto in easy aspect. Ha.

  9. Hmm, when I was younger, our family was one of the first African American families to live in a certain neighborhood. The neighbor directly across the street threatened to “skin that boy” talking about my older brother who was maybe 8 or 10 at the time for playing in his yard. Moon opposite Mars

    Then, on the same street, across the street and two houses down the resident committed suicide in their garage. Moon opposite Pluto.

    Also in that house, I was sexually molested by a family friend. Moon opposite Pluto (and probably a Mars issue, too)

    Moon 5th house Taurus
    Mars and Pluto (conjunct) 11th house Scorpio

    Go. Figure. Not that this is normal or should happen, but these issues deal deeply with what happened in that house. Anger, and violence (Mars) suicide (by way of a person’s psyche and deepest power issues) Pluto, and sex (Mars and Pluto). How tragic. But I’m alright 🙂

  10. The home that our family lives in was built in the early 20s and is located in Bucks County, PA on the Delaware River. We’ve lived here for nearly 17 years. We always felt a ‘presence’ in the house of a male energy but it was an accepting and friendly energy. We later found out that a previous owner was despondent with his declining health and committed suicide with a shotgun in the field behind our home. I have Scorpio on the 4th house cusp with the Moon, Mars and Saturn there.

  11. Wow This interesting. The first house that I lived in as a child was stigmaized. Alot of violence occured but also both my sister and i got errie feelings as kids from living there (she is 12th house stellium and me and 8th house stellium). My sister used to see ghosts…actually men marching up and down the hall and I used to hear it and also ocassional running and sceams. We later realized the house was built on an old army barracks.

    The violence of our lives in the house also created an attached stigma.. it too along time to sell the house. Most of us in the family have moon pluto aspects. mine is conjunct my sun and sqaure my moon. heavy stuff

  12. Some people are very sensitive to the energy of place – I know I am (I’ve got Moon sq Pluto too). I dislike modern houses and buildings, always feel far more comfortable in old ones. My current home is possibly 600 years old

    I had a beautiful flat in a Georgian building in the city where I went to university; two perfect cubes, high ceiling,s and a balcony. The previous tenant died in what was my bedroom, and apparently wan;t found for some time… some bad things happened to me while I was living there, man, and my first serious lover tried to commit suicide in that room too a year after I left (I;d sublet it to friends)

    There was a weird vibe in the sitting room of the farm we had in Tuscany – my husband’s armchair was right under a huge beam which ran the length of the house. I always got a strange tense vibe sitting in that chair. There was a sort of cupboard behind it to the right of the fireplace – it was the old khazi or thuderbox. We were later told that the Brazilian peasant who had lived there for a while used to lock his wife int here when he had to go out – she spent hours of most days locked in there. I’s sure though that someone at some point hung themselves off that beam, I can’t explain why.

    Elsa I think the house you mean that was razed to the ground was Fred and rosemary West’s, in Gloucester. They killed many young women there, inc possibly one or two or their own children iirc. I knew a guy whose cousin was killed by them. Another house which was destroyed, and the street in Lodnon renamed, was the one where John Christie murdered his wife (and prob baby). The wrong man was hanged for that… There was a film about the case starring Richard Attenborough and John Hurt:

    Opal, that’s amazing about Nilsson’s house – how horrible. I wonder if the woman knew? – her dog certainly did! Thank the Deity you didn’t start gardening over there!! Ugghh I’m shuddering a the thought, glad I’ve already eaten

  13. Great stories!

    I have Moon in Scorpio (5th) square Pluto in Leo (3rd). I grew up on a farm in Texas, and don’t have any molestation or ghost stories, but my family was, and still is strange.

  14. My son and my daughter both have Pluto opp Moon – in the same houses no less. Both were terribly impacted by the years we spent in the house we bought when we moved up here. Even as an infant, my daughter would NOT stay in her room alone. At the age of seven, she finally reached the point she did not go upstairs even to get a pair of socks from her dresser. She preferred to sleep on the couch or with me. She actually *saw* and *heard* things.

    My son was impacted in other ways, but being mega-Cap, if he ever saw or heard anything he kept it to himself. He’s been living with his dad now for a bit over two years in my in-laws home – my MIL is in the nursing home, and my FIL died on the living room floor. The kid is…depressed.

    Our old place was sold and completely remodeled. Maddie and I stopped there one day to peek in and see what changes they had made. I hadn’t even driven halfway down the driveway when she said “Can’t you feel how heavy the air is????” Absolutely refused to get out of the car.

    She sleeps fine on her own in the room here at Lee’s. The old house, though…the people who owned it before us were drinking druggies, and there was a significant degree of violence committed in there. No one killed, but enough it left a mark. Maddie wondered if we should let the new owners know the place should be cleared. I have wondered the same thing, but in small town Lutheran world, I’m not at all sure how that would go over.

    I was impacted there as well – extreme depression, to the point I considered getting out of this body. Nothing worked right in the basement, which is in and of itself damned creepy when you consider that a brand new furnace should not break down within two months and do so every single year. We went through four dryers and two washing machines in twelve years.

    My ex decayed there as well. Really fired up his love of alcohol, which was ultimately a deal breaker for the marriage.

    So I say a little prayer of peace for the folks living there now, and hope none of them are afflicted by what ever has left a mark on the place.

  15. Great Stories.

    I have moon in the 8th trine Pluto in the 12th.
    I have a type of stigmatized-home story. Our mother was a ragful woman. Kids were afraid of her. We never invited kids over for fear she would strike out and embarrass the shit out of us. Our Dad was an alcoholic, likable enough, kind to animals and kids, just drunk when ever he was around. I was molested by a babysitter in our home.

    I’ve lived in more than one haunted house.

    Now after years of having no contact with my mother, she and my family are in the works of buying a home together. (I almost daily want to give-up on the whole thing. -Don’t want so much of my own shit in my own yard!)

    My saturn is right on my mom’s moon (pisces) Her saturn is opposite my sun. (gem-sag).

    “I am stuck-on Band-Aids, ’cause Band-Aids stuck on me.”

    I figure I got sort this mom-stuff out in this life-time and have it done with.

  16. Hi all my family and i where just pre approved for a home and we are on the hunt! we found an amazing home and i drove around there today its in selden ny .. as i was driving i saw a neighbour and i asked him what did he think abou tthat block that we were thinking on getting that house next door .. he said did u know what happened in that house? and i said nO? he told me a young man was murdered in that house !! i said really tell me the story and he said the cops killed him he was unarmed and know cops are being sued for shooting that man !! my family and i went to the house yesterday i did not get any vibes but of clean nice open bright house!!! im debating and dont know what to do …… i believe its all what you believe in!!! ive seen many horror films that start like this someone moving into a house and strange things happening !! but its all in the movies!!! i will pray for that kid and will always pray he is in heaven !! =( what would u gusy do ?

  17. I have wondered about such things as I am fascinated by ghosts, yet haven’t seen/felt many, even in situations where there were supposed to be. I have come to believe that, like extraterrestrial beings, they show themselves to those who “need” to see them for some reason. What do you all think?

  18. So interesting. I remember house hunting in one weekend. We had to select a home in one weekend and looked at 34 in 95 degree heat with a 5 month old. The realtor was a trooper & so was my son, such a good baby, stoic actually, until we walked into this one home. He immediately started shrieking and did not stop until I walked out the front door with him. I instinctively knew he was not long to this world and something was at him, so I respectfully left pretty quickly. His Scorpio Pluto is fairly heavily aspected, incl trining his moon & Asc, & opposing his sun.

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