What Does a Taurus Moon Need in Relationships?

WHERE is my Chinese food???

A Taurus Moon is a beautiful thing. The fixed earth of Taurus creates a sense of stability in the otherwise erratic Moon, and the influence of Venus, Taurus’ ruler, lends itself to a profound appreciation of the sweetness of life. No wonder the Moon is exalted in Taurus. Jealous yet? Me too.

But the Moon rules need. And yes, even Taurus Moons have them. So if you’re in a relationship with someone with a Taurus Moon, how can you help them get their needs met?

The key words for Taurus are stability and comfort. A Taurus Moon is not looking for a whirlwind romance or a wild night out. They’re not trying to experience life’s highest highs and lowest lows. They are loyal, stable, and reliable, and they need you to be, too.

A Taurus Moon has a deep, powerful need to know that you feel the same way about them in the morning that you did the night before. They need to know that you’ll react the same way to the same stimulus every time. They need to know that they won’t come home to huge group of unexpected guests, or to find that (gasp!) you cleaned out the fridge and threw away their leftovers. And speaking of food, a good meal is the key to any Taurus’ heart, and for Taurus Moons this goes double. Having a pizza, a comfy chair, and their love by their side is a night made in heaven. Love, sustenance, and comfort are all one with Taurus.

And comfort is what it is really about. On some level, the Moon in Taurus is bewildered by the break-neck pace of the world. This Moon doesn’t understand why everyone seems so fickle and love seems so fleeting. It’s horrified by the betrayals it’s witnessed and doesn’t know why people can’t just stay. Stay together, stay loyal, stay honest, just STAY. When you are loved by someone with the Moon in Taurus, they’re hoping against hope that you can be their anchor. That the two of you can stand together in the midst of the swirling chaos and watch the world go by. Let everyone else have their harried running, their jam-packed schedules. Let everyone else worry about juggling their priorities and trying to have it all. Taurus knows the truth. With the two of you together, they already have all they need.

That’s the real beauty of the Moon in Taurus. There is no needless complication, no unnecessary nuance, no endless shades of gray. There’s no drama, no ulterior motive. There is just the pure, sweet simplicity of love. You. Me. Together. Forever. They’ll never suddenly abandon you, never leave you standing, broken and confused, wondering what changed. They’ll never decide they’re bored with you and cast you aside while they search for the next great adventure. They’ll stay, loyal and true, for as long as you’ll have them. All they ask is that you stay too.

Who has experience loving a Taurus Moon? Any Taurus Moons in the house?

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  1. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    My Moon is in Taurus…

    “Having a pizza, a comfy chair, and their love by their side is a night made in heaven.”

    My love and I do this every Wednesday night! We have done this for nearly 20 years and always look forward to it. It’s kind of our midweek TGIF except we say “it’s pizza night!” as we are getting ready for the day in the morning.

  2. Me!
    Taurus Moon in 10th. Venus in Capricorn to boot.

    Very true about what you said. Stability, consistency and transparency. Keep it simple, earth bound.

    I love company, only when I invite them. Keep my few yet favorite foods around, which aren’t hard to make.

    If my desires aren’t reciprocated, I’m out. I don’t ask for much but will ensure you’re comfortable and more.

  3. my taurus moon is sqaure my pluto in leo, first house for pluto, tenth for taurus and my chart is full of gemini, scorpio, leo and cancer and t squares galore so a little stability in a chart full of adventure and depth is a good thing

  4. The only Earth sign in my chart is the Sun on the very first degree of Taurus. So, in spite of the 5 planets that I have in Fire signs, I can relate to this. Being stable can be an impediment. Many prospective partners are looking for adventure! Someone who is wild and unpredictable. They must be responding to the 5 Fire planets, and when that fails to manifest, it is out the door and down the road. Oh, well.

  5. Wish I could join the above chorus about Taurus Moons. I was married to one. His Taurus Moon and Mars are close to his MC. His MO is: accumulating financial wealth = security. No love was involved.

    1. I find it soothing to be around a Taurus moon family member. They don’t have to do or say much; they seem to give off a “everything’s going to be ok” vibe.

  6. My baby has a Taurus moon! When he was very little, he loved pillows. All the comforts, really – lay in some pillows with his bottle and his mommy nearby. Trips aren’t much to him. He loves to be home. Every single morning I make him the same exact breakfast and leave it at his place at the table. One morning it wasn’t there on time and he was confused and very upset. He is the only one of my children who has a stuffed animal that he cannot be separated from. If we can’t find it, we turn the house upside down. I think I can see how he’ll be as an adult 🙂

  7. I’m a Taurus moon married to a Taurus Sun. Our home is filled with animals (3 pets), a terrace garden full of flowering plants and herbs that I use in cooking, lots of tranquil colors and artwork, and home cooked delicious food. I cannot abide loud, chaotic homes or people, untidiness and crassness. I suffer from IBS and when I am in very erratic surroundings, I literally get abdominal spasms.

    Right now I am eating a mixed berry tart with vanilla icecream, the sun is streaming in through the windows, and my husband is snuggling the dog on the sofa while reading a book. Life is good.

  8. Have Taurus Moon myself. Unfortunately my Moon is in opposition to Venus (plus a concentration in my 8th house), so I do like drama, but it’s more like when you squeeze the bottle cap in harder so that it will never be opened again…
    Also have Mars in Virgo so, I stay off crazy stuffs :p

  9. I have moon in Taurus (conjunct Venus, Mercury and Saturn) and I’ll remain loyal as long as my partner has a strong moral compass (environmental & social values), dresses well and confidently wears vibrant colors, smells good (natural essences not synthetic fragrance), eats healthy food, has fine, eclectic taste in music, is financially independent, commutes by bike, loves nature and helps me in my garden!

  10. I knew a woman with the moon in taurus – she was the opposite of most of your description. She was a good time good had by all, a marc bolan- t.rex-rock.chick-hippy.chicky-tart.with.a.heart with one hell of a temper when she lost it. She was just all over the shop, but she survived by being really pretty – she had one thing bad happen to her in the distant past which she could not get over – pitty as she had a great singing voice, and good looks, and was the singer in a band – but boy well wayward.

  11. my youngest sister is a taurus moon, she has wealth and great career, beauty and easy to make friends, she does have a terrible temper. It really is true about the taurus charging. I dont usually get there with her. lol but i’ve seen her get angry in traffic over some guy who cut her off. She actually went to chase the guy down and i got scared. I hope she never does that again. Taurus temper is terrible. she was overweight in the past, too much indulgence but now she has maintained a good weight thanks to her expensive dieting plan. So good food, quality people, and a gorgeous home. lol

  12. Currently seeing a taurus moon man. who’s moon trines my cap moon. He definitely has the chill everything is going to be okay vibe…buuuut. His moon trines his neptune/uranus conjunction in Capricorn which means those two also conjunct my moon.
    It’s like some spacy alien distant stability that feels quite hard to parse:/. He’s ‘so chill’, but also far away and dreamy, in his own world, one that will make room for others, but perhaps not one he’d want to leave or build a bridge into another one…

    It’s funny because I’m an outer planet dominant and he is inner planet dominant (all his personal planets are Aries to Cancer – minus Pisces merc) and mine are Sag to Aquarius minus arise venus. We both have out-of-bounds planets (his cancer mars, my cap moon) which happen to oppose each other.
    I swear it’s like we’re both aliens from two different planets who happened to meet each other hahaha

  13. My man has a Taurus moon in the 8th house, Venus in Cancer sextiles from the 10th. Other than that he has a lot of Gemini (sun, mercury, mars) in the 10th.

    We met when I was 25 and he was 29. Both had married young. Within 8 weeks I left my husband (Scorpio with his foot already out the door) and committed to my Taurus moon man for 10 years as I pursued a career and nourished friendships. He stayed with his wife. She struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. I watched his misery and his love of family until I couldn’t anymore.
    I moved as far away as I could and later married and had 3 children, finally discovering my true loves in them. Ten years ago my Taurus moon man reconnected with me. His wife was dying a slow, sad death and I spoke to him on the phone every day boosting his morale, offering advice of caring for a woman at home by himself.

    She passed away and two years later, with my children young adults, I returned and am with him.

    I’m a Sag sun and Pisces moon (four planets in Libra say something about me too).

    He was loyal – in his way. I am now caring for him through two terrible illnesses.

    Perhaps our Karma being repaid.

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