How To Handle Mental Stress

emotion vs intellectWith Mercury in Libra, I’m not the most decisive person. It’s difficult! Problems refuse to be solved and I begin to stress over them.

In talking to my husband, I was stuck by how differently we viewed things.  My thoughts are driven by emotion. His thoughts are logical.

I tried to see things his way, because frankly, his way is better than mine.  If you have a website to build, you’re better off to follow a flow-chart or some order of operations to complete the project.  Adding emotion to the task seems to serve no purpose at all, unless the purpose is to make yourself crazy!

If something is not working on the site, what difference does it make how I felt last year when there was snow on the ground?  See how crazy that is?

I’m going to try to learn to be more detached when I have a task in front of me.  I don’t mind drama. But I do mind drama when it’s negative and/or unhappy. I’m going to work hard not to whip myself up into a tizzy when there is no benefit to it.

What’s your default reaction to stress?  Could it be changed or improved?

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  1. Default reaction to stress, Focus, Aries Moon takes over.

    As for Intellect or Emotion I would probably default to my INTJ so Intellect I guess. But I still feel my emotions and have empathy for others feelings.

  2. Default position: Moon in Capricorn … I hide becoming the irritated pearl-in-the-making. That is stage one. Hoping again hope things will get better on there own … Saturn and Mars kick in in dramatic Leo to take action. Hiding has meant, over time, I discover the truth of my feelings and THAT is a good thing. Sorting through the watery stuff.

    Mars and Saturn require time and I believe my Capricorn Moon’s need for isolation gives me time to process the stress so I don’t burn myself out with fretting. My balance comes from my partner who is logical, Virgo and loving, Cancer. We make a good team and that is the change that makes life at 60+ better and better more and more.

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    “I don’t mind drama. But I do mind drama when it’s negative and/or unhappy. ”

    Thanks for the reminder that there are different kinds of drama.


  4. moon in capricorn–default reaction has changed drastically since i was young. therapy helped.

    now, i crawl inside the storm. become the eye. wait.

  5. I worry. Yes, I could improve this.

    I find that making and sticking to a plan helps take emotion out of the situation.

  6. Depends what the stress is. I’ve gotten better at other ways of responding. But the default non-specific rage is kicking in powerfully lately and it still freaks me out.

  7. I get stressed quite easily – moon in 12th – but it’s in Capricorn so I try to find a solution. When it’s out of my control I get very stressed and anxious

  8. Mars in Gemini: I think about it, mull it over, run it through a bazillion permutations, ask others for their input, weigh pros/cons (because I have Libra), and then I apply logic to it.

  9. Lately it seems I can’t handle stress, period. (Thanks, Neptune.) But normally I analyze the situation and take on whatever needs doing. It’s just how I Virgo.

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    With 3 planets in Cancer 3rd house (4 if you count Ceres as a planet), & a Virgo Moon….
    I get called a ‘stress head’ by friends & close family..a LOT! :-/
    My Virgo Moon nit picks at every last emotional detail right down to the bone.

    Dam id love one of those natal Sag Moons!

  11. Actually, coming back to this.

    I’m going to try to be more logical and dispassionate about executing things. Because stuff seems easier/clearer when I planned it out, and it made a lot of sense, too.

    I’m going to come up with a logical plan and follow it. A simple flowchart or something. An exercise in discipline.

    Because sometimes I get emotionally involved and over-complicate, worry, obsess, and go around the bend over the damn thing.

    “Keep your head above water.”
    It means keep a cool head instead of drowning in your emotions.

    Adopting this behavior (being logical) would help me in a lot of areas.

  12. Default reaction to stress = I completely lose it. Libra Moon t-squared by 6th House Cap Neptune and 12H Cancer chiron 🙁 Each time it’s like being torn apart in two opposite directions.

  13. I like what Mike said: Let your emotions motivate you. Let logic guide you.

    I’ve been struggling with the same emotion/logic see-saw. I, too, have been working on my own (first) website/blog. I had a gal take photography. She took several different shots that I want on the site. It’s been a month of photo edits b/c I didn’t love them, additions to the website, many revisions of my first welcome post, and more photo edits.

    I felt a little guilty that my process was taking so long. I vacillated between emotion and logic a lot but know I’m much happier with how the site/blog looks now that it’s ready to launch. I think you need both emotion and logic in a process like this. If a certain “look” doesn’t feel right, you’re probably onto something.

    Elsa says to use your Mars to your advantage and I have Mars Cancer. It’s rough sometimes, but i’ve embraced the fact that my projects take a bit longer than it seems necessary. You want to be happy with what you’re putting out there.

  14. I usually bottle it all up until it explodes and triggers anxiety and panic attacks; although I can manage it better these days because I write how I’m feeling and I’m not bottling it up.

    I have Moon in Aquarius with Mercury in Capricorn. Both are in my 3rd house.

    1. PSG, I can relate to “bottling it all up …” That was my old default position A good time to revisit this topic. Things have changed. I’m changing. Mars natally in Leo, has progressed to Virgo. Dramatic difference is possible. I’m practicing: getting angry when I am leads to not being angry all the time. Defusing time bombs, I have such different energy. Process.

  15. Default reaction to stress, withdrawal and concentration. If that’s not possible and the stress is mighty and persistent, my mind goes into wonderland, I remove myself from reality. Scorpio moon. I have found my ultimate stress release modality, easy, 100% bodywork, mind needs to take the backseat and listen to body, which it actually does because the body vibrates and tremors on its own. Major, lasting change, feel more spacious, calmer, much less triggering. Been with it for 10 years and counting. You asked, that’s what has made the difference for me, David Berceli’s Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE)

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