Astrology That Scares The Hell Out Of People: Pluto Transit the 12th House

leprosyIt’s been a big day around here… maybe it shows. Personally, transiting Saturn is leaving my 7th house for my 8th and Pluto, leaving my 11th for my 12th. Now both these transits are dreaded, but I am feeling pretty good especially about Saturn through the 8th.

I am feeling good because I am old enough I have already had Saturn transit my 8th house so I feel equipped. I have not had Pluto transit my 12th though and seeing as my astrology books have been packed for almost 4 years now, I googled “Pluto transit 12th house” and this is what I got… really the only offering:

“Pluto through the 12th house- This transit can either be for better or worse. At worst, powerful and deadly enemies can enter into one’s life, long term incarceration and imprisonment, diseases that are long lasting and/or permanent, isolation.

The person, at this time, may have an intense desire to be alone, or this can be forced upon one, through circumstances. There can be restriction and confinement, mentally or physically.”

Oh for Godsakes! One in twelve people have Pluto transiting their 12th house. Do you see 1/12 of the people around you locked in jail with the key thrown away, body parts rotting off as people plot against them? ::shakes head::

I am going to make a point of writing about this transit so when people search they can pull up some sanity, you think? We can start today.

If you have had Pluto transit your 12th house and did not become riddled with leprosy and go crazy in quarantine, please let us know.


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  1. I have had Pluto in my 12th for a while. Next year it will cross my Mars and ascendant. I’m a little freaked about that.

    My Jupiter is in the 8th. So far, I have had a couple surgeries, some friends and relatives die, and a nephew sent to fight in Iraq.

    I’m sure other people have had surgeries, friends and relatives die, etc who do not have Pluto messing around in the 12th.

    For sure, this transit has not been fun and games but it has been highly transformative for me including in ways I haven’t even understood yet.

    No jail time so far. 😀

  2. During the Pluto transit of my 12th house I left my childhood home, got married and moved from one side of the country to the other, had two children, one miscarriage and decided to divorce the man I was married to for most of that transit.

    I did NOT get leprosy, wasn’t jailed or committed. There were some periods of isolation but I would attribute those periods more to the Pluto transit to my early 12th house moon. Towards the end of the transit I was VERY social and had a great circle of friends.

  3. I was born with Pluto in the last degrees of the 12th house, and for sure I had deadly and powerful enemies, but I was fighting battles I knew were worth fighting, and enemies came with the territory. Many of these battles went on for decades, only ceasing when I just disappeared like a criminal on the lam. I did spend 1 night in jail when I was a teenager, and since then I studiously avoided any battles that might cause a repeat of this experience. The only upside might be if I ever actually changed anyone’s mind, but I will probably never know.

    1. Same placement, same real enemies growing up. Felt like my desires were frustrated or quashed. Once on my own, I began to realize that it wasn’t only the tormentors, but my reaction which hamstrung me. I figured out that the rest of the world didn’t hold the keys to my happiness. It was up to me to become skilled enough to pick the locks others tried to shackle me with. And I did, for the most part. I have felt so far behind the rest of the world because it took me too long to figure out what other people must have known all along. Blind spot.

      1. ‘ I have felt so far behind the rest of the world because it took me too long to figure out what other people must have known all along. Blind spot.’

        That’s EXACTLY how I have felt – like everyone except me was born with a ‘knowledge for living’, and that everything I eventually learned, came too late. Yes, a blind spot for living!
        I have natal Pluto in the 12th house, 6 degrees from the ascendent.

  4. It’s probably just going to get you to know all there is about your unconscious. Enemies being associated with the 12th house I feel is because sometimes we unconsciously do things that piss others off and have no idea until it is brought into our awareness. So pluto going through there you’ll really get to see what you haven’t been seeing as pluto will dredge it up and show it to you.
    Yes it can mean confinement but only if you’re already the type of person who lives in denial or on the surface of things.. then life has to get drastic to get you to take a look.

    1. Also agree with YOUR last 2 lines 100%. If a personal lives superficially (lots of Saturn in the natal chart tends to do this, as it makes you fearful and delays your becoming a true adult, except in the secular world, where you may appear to have all your ducks in a row. That’s happening to someone I know, but I’ve posted a pretty long post before this one, so I won’t go into it. Suffice it to say, he has Saturn conjunct the Moon, Venus and Neptune, and squaring Uranus in the natal chart. He’s not an adult (emotionally and spiritually speaking) and, unfortunately, a very selfish guy. So, the friendship ended recently, with Pluto revealing some thinking on his part that was deadly to others (He’s HIV+ and has lied about it for years. I only found out in November). I suppose this is Pluto uncovering how warped his mind is. I wish him luck, but as you said, if someone “lives in denial or on the surface of things…” Yes, life’s getting drastic for him.

  5. Well Elsa, Pluto is at the tail end of my 12th House as we speak and will soon cross over my Ascendant for a 2nd time to journey for good into the 1st…and seriously, I am so glad it will never, ever again (in this lifetime anyways) go back in the 12th.

    It started sometime in late 2000 but the funny thing is I didn’t even know about it until just recently. So, I went through it all with no knowledge of transits. It’s been a long, difficult 6 years.

    There was very painful aloneness, isolation, confusion, and a sense of standing at the edge of a vast, black vacuum. It has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through so far. And to top it off, the Pluto transits started a few years after that (they continue today…Pluto square Jupiter, square Sun, square natal Pluto, square Uranus, beginning to conjunct Ascendant). There’s been death (literal and figurative), restriction, unconscious coming to light, and confinement – but there was nothing I could do. I thought that the rest of my life was going to be like this.

    As I read about it all now, I can say (proudly) that I melted into that vast, dark void and have miraculously come through the other end. For the past couple months, I’ve been voraciously researching Pluto transits and I’m so happy that I understand what’s been going on.

    Now the good news…besides it being outta that 12th house soon. Some astrologer said Pluto transits are hard but we sure miss them when they are gone. I can see how that is true – I’m glad it’s leaving but I’m grateful it was there. The depth of growth and learning is, for me, impossible to adequately articulate with mere words.

    Yup, it’s a very difficult house to transit. I came across the quote you found when I was doing the very same thing. Keep reading and searching. There’s some good stuff out there to prepare you but if you’re at this stage of evolution for it to be happening, you are ready…and you already know to follow your instincts.

    I describe the last 6 years as the most difficult thing I’ve ever done yet easiest – it just happened and the help and information I received from the universe was truly magic. The 8th house is my home and Pluto is big in my chart so that also could have helped or maybe it just made everything even more profound.

    I didn’t intend to write so much, not usually so long winded in these comments, so that’s all.

  6. Wow, that sounds great. Too bad I’m never going to get pluto in my 12th house… unless I live to be something like 200 years old.

    – sayeth the 1st house pluto

  7. Pluto’s transit thru my 12th hit my Jupiter, Part of Fortune, Mars & Mercury. In many ways, it was an illuminating time where I was able to sort out a lot. Also discovered & read Liz Greene’s books including The Astrology of Fate. Came up with some really helpful insights into the best way to handle Pluto both natally & by transit (Pluto activated my natal Mars/Pluto square too). Learned hard, hard lessons in completely letting go & surrendering to the still place within. It was all worth it, trust me on that! 🙂

    heh, met & married my Aries too during that time!!

  8. My ASC is 26 degrees Sagittarius–my 12th House Pluto transit is almost complete. It began when I was 17 and graduated from highschool.
    This doom and gloom is bullshit. Yeah, it was hard, but life can be hard! The last 12 years saw me develop intimate relationships for the first time, make emotional breakthroughs with family, I don’t know how many people close to me died, I fell in love, broke a heart or two and had mine smashed into smitherines. I met amazing people. I really became an adult.

    I travelled all over the world when I was 20-24 after being hit by a car and suing the driver. How’s that for a good Pluto in the (Sag) 12th story for you!

    Get the dinner table set, because the guests are arriving shortly whether you invited them or not!

  9. imagine havin saturn in 8th and pluto in 12th at d same time.

    Being a cap rising, ive had pluto in 12th house 4 d last 18 its gonna be in my 1st house….yay! i love power.

    now i definitely was not locked up in jail…but yes d past years have been 4 d most part marked by emotional and physical isolation, some enemies too, long lasting diseases. ther was def. a sense of restriction and confinement. the chains were not obvious to others…but i felt them.

    im glad its over!!

  10. I filched this from an archived astrologyweekly forum – thought it might be of some help…

    “I too have had Pluto passing through my 12th, since around 1999, and I certainly started some major changes around that point! As Pluto moves through the 12th, it tends to press you to address alot of beneath the surface sort of things, as Pluto wants you to clean up all those hidden or seldom-addressed parts of yourself. It’s sort of a housecleaning, and rearrangement of the inner self, just as Cossie mentions, for a sort of rebirth as Pluto crosses your ascendant. When Pluto is moving through your 12th house, you’ll make some huge changes internally, but you probably aren’t going to display those to people… You’ll sort of hide those changes, from most people, however there is likely to be a special subset of people, who are involved in or assisting your transformations, that you will share them with, yet you will still be guarded even to them. You won’t be hiding the changes for malicious reasons, but simply because you will feel like the worm that hasn’t quite become the butterfly yet. You’ll encounter urges to be like the peacock and show all your beautiful new feathers, but you’ll be likely to resist those temptations because you’ll know deep down inside the product isn’t finished yet… But sometimes you’ll open up to certain people you feel your personal transformations can be relevant to: these are people on a similar path, and you won’t be able to resist. There’s this feeling of inner satisfaction working towards the finished product, like you are storing up monoatomic gold (the alchemist’s dream) inside yourself, much in the same manner of the worm->butterfly transformation.

    Atleast that’s how it’s been working for me! 😀 It’s been fun. A few years to go, and it’ll be sliding across my ascendant, after making a few passes over Venus, which is about to happen.

    Pluto feels pretty comfortable going through the 12th house. Pluto loves deep, hidden things, and the 12th is all about the deeper, more inaccessable parts of yourself. He’ll do his best to bubble them up to the surface, and in all reality he’s doing you a big favor by doing so. If your psyche is fairly solid and built on a solid foundation, and you’ve truly connected with your inner self, it will be a time of self-realization. If you’ve let alot of cobwebs build up in your 12th house by self-denial and escapism, you may have a harder time.”

  11. I was not in prison during my 12 h pluto transit, but I felt as if I was there. They were very hard years with a deep feeling of restriction and oppression. However I do not believe that everyone have to live through something like that. I think the 12 house is related with the social self, and any bad transit will threaten your social rights and your inclusion in the society as an subject with an identity and a responsibility. Because of that I think the 12house is not so bad (politics have it) and in the other hand that is just my theory: I see the world trough a theory, that is jupither 9th… that’s all…

  12. Hey there 🙂

    Pluto is just out of my twelfth, and since it left I have noticed I’ve got more friends. Or at least friends who are around more. Also I’m dating again.

    Towards the tail end of my 12th house I was in Ireland for six months and I was alone alone alone. But I was digging anyway so it suited. I’d really have to give this more thought to figure out the impact, and I’d have to look up when it started to transit.

  13. I had Pluto in the 12th all during my teenage and college years. Actually, it was a really liberating transit for me, far easier than my childhood Pluto in the 11th, when I felt like I didn’t have a friend in the world and socially unacceptable. Pluto 12th definitely felt like a rebirth. I really came into my own and embraced my personal power. Yes, it entailed recognizing how alone I was in the world, but also finding a lot of internal strength and personal acceptance in the process, as well as a society of oddballs to share it with!

    I could see, however, that this sort of death/rebirth might be a lot harder for an adult whose identity and daily life seems settled already.

  14. Please, write about it. We don’t need catastrophical views on the transits, at least I’m scared enough as it is. This retrograde Pluto is back to conjunct my Sun again and I’ve had enough of this! It hurts like hell!
    But apart from that we shouldn’t be catastrophical, obviously.

  15. Pluto transit to my 12th house .Scorpio where I have a stellium Started therapy for my ptsd from childhood.

    Lost both of my parents in my thirties. Married to an abusive ,controlling husband ;so yes I was imprisoned.

    Divorced said husband when Pluto went into My 1st house and regained my freedom ; married my second husband. Second Husband has a 12th house Capricorn. We went from comfortable to destitute by 2011.His health has had a major down turn since 2014.Since I am a scorpio I can say I have definitely merged with my husband.We are one so there for Yes Pluto in Capricorn so for me pluto has been true to its reputation.

  16. I was born with Pluto in house 12. So I live with this. What I know is that I live my own life, alone but certainly not lonely. From early age is asked for my help if there are problems. There where other people run away.
    It also allows you to see and experience beauty that other people often do not experience. In nature forinstance. Mysticism.
    Inner wealth is a great source.
    I love to be alone and read a book, cooking something good for myself, but I do so with great pleasure for another.
    I am certainly not rich, rather poor, for earthly concepts.
    But I am grateful for so much and feel happy about many things.
    : – ). I appreciate my Pluto in house 12, indeed, now I am older.

  17. Pluto in my 12th by transit for awhile now (at 6 degrees Capricorn started its journey into and is about halfway through the 23 more degrees until it hits my 29 cap asc. Not sure what to say except that I’m surviving and have not yet gone to hospital but have had a wound that won’t heal for 6 years or so. Also got diagnosed with diabetes but I think assumption was wound won’t heal must be diabetes. I backed off extreme sugar consumption and don’t seem to have blood sugar issues.

    Not alone but children far away with fewer visits.

    Caregiver to mother who has had multiple needs to be taken to doctors and much of that fell on me. I may have already shared this……

    I’m comfortable with “deep and hidden” because of three Scorpio planets and mc
    And also enjoy alone

    Many friends moved away so far in the last few years but am making new ones

  18. i have Pluto starting in my 12th at age 50. So far my mother died, sister embedded most of her money. I did inherit my mother grandmother and great grandmothers rings. Plus a lot of silver and paintings. One room is like a mausoleum. But. PTSD symptoms from previous 20 yr abusive relationship. Exaggerated startle response. Went back to school and cried when I saw a large fraction that I couldn’t figure out how to simplify on the first day. left class, Came back in, wiping away tears, saying “one. the answer is one. It can’t be simplified.”. No one else had figured that out. Talk about a trigger for math anxiety. Physical manifestations of subconscious trauma which I have been surprising. The trigger was truely finding out my sister abused my stroke ridden frontal lobe mother. P.S i’m terrified of going to jail even though I follow the rules.

  19. I have six planets – in Cancer – in the 12th house, so the subconscious is not scary for me. In fact, many therapists have sun in the 12th house.
    I will not have Pluto transiting the 12th, since it was in my 2nd house at the time of birth, but I DO know about the 12th house.
    If you’re an immature person, Pluto through the 12th will be pretty difficult. I have a former friend (very recently a “former friend”) who has Pluto transiting his 12th house. In his birth chart, he has Jupiter SQUARE Pluto (“I make my own laws.” and has a bit of an ethical dicy-ness to him).
    Now, for him, I’ve watched him be hospitalized twice, 5 surgeries (more confinement) and other health problems. And, by the way, confinement is NOT simply prisons: it can be health confinement or even psychological confinement, meaning you don’t deal with your demons. He’s having a Pluto square Venus/square Uranus/Square Neptune right now, and it’s having a very profound effect on him. What I noticed, before I opted out of the friendship, was that statements were coming out of his mouth that had my jaw on the floor. He’s HIV positive, and I found out that he had been hiding this from his sex partners (we’re both gay, and I was NEVER one of those partners, incidentally. Just a friend) that he was HIV+. AND that he was actively lying and saying he was negative on sites. (This was told to me by one of his roommates he moved in during the Pluto/Venus square -which is still going on. I asked about the site they met on and asked if P had put that he was negative and the roommate said “yes.”) So, the constant “secrets and lies stuff” is coming to the surface. For him, with me, his only real friend, leaving him due to the stuff that’s coming to the surface, this is undoubtedly a hard time.
    Frankly, as a 12th house child who watches other people and can intuit their nature easily, I’ve found the less honest you are about your “stuff”, the worst the transit of Pluto through the 12th house is likely to be.
    Princess Diana, by the way, had Pluto in the 12th (hospitals/confiment) and Mars in her natal 9th (foreign countries/other cultures). If I had been her astrologer, I would have warned her not to travel abroad while the Pluto/Mars transit was in effect. If one is a control freak, and Pluto goes through the 12th, you can count on hard times. If, on the other hand, your chart is relatively “clean” of hard Pluto aspects, then it is likely to be encounters with your subconscious (I worked in mental health after I learned I was a 12th house baby (“Serve or Suffer” is the key phrase for those of us with our Sun in the 12th, which is a little difficult for someone born with the Sun Conjunct Uranus – even in Cancer!! I was intensely independent even at 5 years old – and that was 65 years ago!)
    Anyway, MAN, did I work well with people with mental issues (subconscious/12th house; mental institutions aka “mental issues”).
    Just confront who you are and not who you have lied to yourself about who you are and Pluto’s transit through the 12th should not be the terror so many of you describe. I’d be more likely to say, people were out of touch with themselves BEFORE Pluto hit the 12th, and it showed that to them.

    1. OMG, I’m going to be true to the truth. With Pluto in 12 ND Saturn entering 12. My daughter got a Minor in Possession on Friday. Suspension, drug and alcohol classes. Its manifesting with her. I deal with all the communication thought. Coaches recruiting her in soccer/track. Higher Education although 9th can also be the 12 in my eyes.

  20. I just thought of something. Pluto is now going through my 1st house. Apart from family, not ONE person I knew before Pluto left my 12th house is in my life anymore. I think all the subsequent Pluto transits took them out.

  21. Wow, it’s crazy how literal astrology can be. My now ex boyfriend and I just broke up last week after 2 years. We both have Saturn and Pluto transiting our 12th house. He was sentenced to prison back in 2008 for 10 years but did 8. I checked his chart back then and Pluto was literally entering his 12th house. A lot of changes for both of us happening with relationships, education, career wise, and personally. I know more since I study astrology but he isn’t into astrology like me so I don’t think he would really understand. Either way, I am looking forward for the benefits afterwards. I hope everything goes well for him too.

  22. I’ve gone through Pluto hell and came out the other side, though not unscathed, stronger because of it.
    My entire 2nd marriage took place while Pluto was in my 12th House. My life as I knew it finally exploded with a construction accident that took lives of 3 men including my brother. Soon after, our million $ business shut down and I lost my job as manager. At same time because he felt he had to take care of her more, I lost my husband to my brothers widow which meant a nasty divorce. I lost the house because I had no job, no income and there were no jobs available in the area so my kids went to live with their dad. It was a really bad year and I was close to a breakdown, but I survived when a silver lining showed itself unexpectedly.
    I met someone who helped me grow into the strong,independent person I am today. He fostered my curiosity for astrology, the occult, the unknown and for life itself. Only wish I’d met him before Pluto.

  23. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Pluto just about to go into the 12th at age 60. I have always been introspective and tried to face any inner demons. Most of my friends and family have passed away or moved far from me. I like alone time with a Pisces Asc. I’m assuming this will be health/daily routine trouble with a Leo stellium in opposition. Retirement. What worries me the most is hidden/powerful enemies. Who are they? Am I my own worst enemy?

  24. Pluto presented problems for me in the 12th house when it entered Capricorn (I have Sag on 12th house cusp). I realized that I was hostage to my husband’s (at the time) spending habits, was afraid to confront that effectively… until it turned out he had a pill habit and was out of his mind. I ended up keeping myself and my kids safe from him in a women’s shelter (12th house and institutions).
    Long story short, I sure did experience isolation and went through a miscarriage without being able to get proper medical attention– which pressed on an already chronic health issue and I was sick enough to see how my body might die).
    Pluto transiting the first house has been no picnic either LOL. I have a feeling things will radically improve when Pluto enters Aquarius (at least for me);-))

  25. My dad has Saturn and Pluto in the 12th house (in conjunction with Sun, Mercury, and Venus in 11th and he was in prison when I was a kid. If my time of birth was right, it looks like it was set off by chiron conjunct his north node (by transit) at 0 degrees gemini. He also had transit Pluto and Saturn square that whole conjunction mess from the 11th house of community into the 12th at the time.
    I dated a guy who supplied the east coast with cocaine (30 years ago) and his time in federal prison coincided with transit pluto opposite his natal saturn, which was conjunct his midheaven and his moon (and cancer was on his 12th house cusp).
    I love looking at stuff like this… I will say that there always is a set up in the natal chart for these things. It never looks like you’re a law abiding citizen and pluto transits the 12th or makes an aspect and bam you’re in jail for no reason (unless there’s an unfortunate placement of Neptune in the natal).

  26. I’ve had Pluto in my twelfth house for years but he’s due to leave at the end of 2023.Family skeletons of a sexual nature fell out of the closet, discovered my aunt is my half-sister,my son divorced me over not letting his loaded 8th house control my finances,Covid vaccination caused my hair to fall out, teeth to become loose and two old viruses which were lurking came out of hiding. It’s a bit like tiptoing through a minefield,treading carefully because one or two people in my life easily become touchy. Turned 80, have relied on to keep myself healthy. So far so good. Phew!

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