Pluto Direct – Dark Harvest

dark fruitPluto’s shift to direct motion this week has been something else. Generally, when Pluto changes direction, it happens slowly enough that it largely escapes notice. This time, though, nearly everyone I’ve come in contact with has had some kind of very Plutonian experience in the last few days.

Even those of us who have been lucky enough to escape any major external event have felt the pull. Things we have successfully repressed over the last several months have come rumbling up from the deep. It’s painful, it’s inconvenient, and it’s decidedly unpleasant. But it has purpose.

When these things rise within us, it can feel as if they’ve been festering in our subconscious. Things we thought long-since put to rest come bursting forth from inside us darker and more putrid than ever. It’s enough to wonder if we’ll ever have resolution. But what these issues have really been doing is fermenting. The world’s richest soil is born from layer after layer of rot. Over time, what seemed to be fetid waste becomes a beautiful foundation for the growth of what sustains us. In the same way, the old psychological scraps left in our deepest regions have been transformed, and they are now exceptionally fertile ground.

This ground is where we will plant the seeds for our own personal alchemy. Each of us, in one way or another, will be affected by Pluto and Saturn’s conjunction in January 2020. This moment allows us to get a preview of what area of life will be impacted. It also allows us time to plan, to carefully tend and protect these seedlings until they ultimately bear the fruit of our healing.

So listen to the stirrings in your soul, dig deep, and be ready to harvest Pluto’s dark fruit.

How have you been impacted by Pluto turning direct?



16 thoughts on “Pluto Direct – Dark Harvest”

  1. I’m not feeling anything right now, but I may be in denial.
    But thank you, thank you very much for this uplifting post!
    Will try to listen to the stirrings.

  2. My dream life has become significantly weirder than usual (8th house planets, moon/pluto trine) and during meditation very negative thoughts are popping up regarding some cherished goals…so something is brewing…

    I’ll wait to see what transpires with wonder then.

    Midara, your writing here transfixed me, wow.

  3. What a great post. Great writing, Midara! and Yes! Pluto going direct this time was pretty obvious and potent. I’ve thought to myself it’s the preview to the next few months.

  4. This is beautiful:) Oh yes, Ive felt it. Its in my first house, finally pulling away from a square to my Sun in Libra in the tenth house.

  5. Evocative post, Midara, thank you!

    My BF has deeply felt Pluto’s stationary and direct motion. Last week he survived quad bypass open heart surgery and had a near-death experience. Tr Saturn and Tr Pluto are in his 11H – he is extremely grateful for a second lease on life while establishing a new, long-term healthy lifestyle. Not coincidentially, he just wrapped up his Second Saturn Return – yes, he certainly paid the piper for abusing his health!

  6. Absolutely. Hits home. I realized today the only way I am going to be able to lift myself out of this depression is to move.I am living in the place my husband spent his last 5 years of life which was miserable for him and me. I need a fresh new beginning

  7. Thank you for the post. I’ve been feeling the amped up intensity at work. People are leaving for other jobs and retiring left and right. One day they’re in your area or in close vicinity and the next day they’re gone, no notice or very little. Someone slipped to me today that if I was concerned about my health then I might want to get my retirement paperwork in and get out before the shit show starts. I’m readying for the transition.

  8. I don’t think I personally have to be worried about anything but if anymore folks leave it puts a lot of strain on the folks who are left.

  9. Beautiful piece, for me poignantly
    Scorpion.Autumn creates that falling feel ; seeds to sips to buzz
    To deep reflection, to that which we invest our time. You being one of the examples of our youth, priceless ,so gifted
    To any who feel small ,changed unsure, wake in the dark as the sun rises ,it will give you your direction
    And you’ll have a long day to try it
    On, to quote from Spanglish”just try it on”

  10. Feelings concerning an unresolved issue have re-emerged. I may have to confront a situation that I thought time would heal.

  11. On the night of the direct motion I dreamed my BF was sorta kinda cheating on me, doing something else with someone.

    I seriously thought – suddenly – that this was actually real, the feelings was so deep and intense!
    So I spent the following day being and feeling very poor, until I realized that this was my own subconscious fears coming up, and I also remembered the day before commenting on a piece about Scorpio’s fear of betrayal and going behind their back. That had kicked something into gear!

    All my fears and insecurities seems to be lurking in the shadows, as Pluto transits my 12th house. I need to face those fears, and by allowing my own fear of being betrayed come up for full inspection, I could see more clearly where it is playing out into my relationship. I allow it to be here and try to be the most kind and respectful about these hurting thoughts. They are here for a reason, they don’t mean bad – they come from a place of needing to heal to move forward in my life and relationships.

  12. anonymoushermit

    All I want to do is munch on those berries in that picture: Nom, nom nom!

    Yes, Pluto is subtle. Sometimes you can’t even feel it until later.

  13. All of this was written in 2019. Now,with hind sight, we know ‘what was coming’.

    Pluto (and the rest) about to go direct as everything begins to open up … and go back to what some call normal.

    Personally, l won’t be mixing with the crowds. My sun trine Pluto on the degree it turns.

    Good luck everyone.

    Stay safe.

    I value this site and its posts.

    Dianne M.

  14. Looking back, I see the moment the delusional veil dropped at my place of work. The beginning of the end. Painful .,.but liberating.

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