Gay Man Struggles To Recover When Aquarius Man Detaches: Pluto Transit To Venus

Pluto chariot

Dear Elsa,

I’m a gay Capricorn man interested in an Aquarian. Our relationship was physical in the beginning but I developed intense feelings for him. I came forward with how I felt and he retreated, saying he just wants to be friends. I was brokenhearted.

Now, we’re in the same cluster of friends and I can’t avoid seeing him, unless I give up my other friends which of course is out of the question. I have been trying hard to forget my feelings for him and have a normal, friendly relationship. I think he tries too, but I know he is still uncomfortable with the knowledge that I harbor feelings for him. At times he ignores me, perhaps intentionally, which hurts. I in turn pretend it doesn’t bother me, and act respectfully with nonchalance – until I am alone, when I get depressed over it.

Ideally I would like him to give me another chance romantically. I know I should move on, but I’m not sure how best to deal with this.

Capricorn Man
United States

Dear Capricorn,

I was surprised by your chart. I thought this was going to be dense writing but in fact there is an easy fix here if you opt to take.

The man in question is a double Aquarius with Mars in Gemini. He is a virtual air balloon and he is allllll wrong for you. In fact, he could not possibly be less appropriate for you considering your transits.

With Pluto (deep) coming to conjoin your Venus in Capricorn, you are headed in a direction this guy cannot take you. He is simply too light fare and I would look at his exit as a gift from the universe, and right in every way. It is right for him and it is right for you.

I say, leave him to flit. You are headed for a deep relationship which will move and empower in you in ways you have never experienced and this guy is just not the guy who can deliver. Let him go. You are about to be hijacked / kidnapped by someone much more substantial and once this happens the double Aquarian will be but a blip who crossed your screen.

Good luck.

pictured – Detail of Pluto in a quadriga from the painted decoration on the throne from the Tomb of Eurydike, circa 340 BC, Vergina, Tomb of Eurydike.

4 thoughts on “Gay Man Struggles To Recover When Aquarius Man Detaches: Pluto Transit To Venus”

  1. speaking as an aquarian, we like to transcend things – air, right? don’t drag us down out of the realm of abstract concepts and ideas, which is possibly what happened when you confessed your feelings. but it’s hard to transcend when you’ve got a reminder around you in the form of someone who hasn’t yet transcended. ignoring it (i.e. you) can be a way of not calling attention to it, of pretending that it doesn’t exist so we can maintain the fiction that everything is still “normal.” it certainly is at least one part denial, but in a backwards way, it might also be a way of trying to be respectful of your feelings by being distant/absent/unavailable to your affections to not lead you on. i’ve come to prefer confronting people openly, but i had to learn that. i guess what i’m trying to say is not to take his behaviour personally, because while he certainly may be motivated by self-preservation, in his actions i can see echoes of my own behaviour in past situations where i wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, i was trying to keep anyone from having to feel vulnerable or threatened by simply not engaging with them at all.

  2. I an Aquarian male also, you should have not told him how you felt for a while and your relationship would have probably started by now. If an aquarious wanted a relationship they start it themselves.

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