Astrology, Un-Comfort and Alchemy – Redux

CK writes on the previous blog about abuse, torture and alchemy:

“What happened to just being ok the way we are? What’s this ‘alchemy’? Good Luck getting me in the box, to get out if necessary I’ll chew one or all my limbs off (?!)”


When I read this comment I was thrilled because it was completely unexpected and just of left field from my perspective. My first thought was that everyone will go through a “dark night of the soul” at some point, like it or not. We all have a Pluto transit eventually. But as the day and the week went on I continued to think about this.

And CK apparently represents the other end of the spectrum from my friend who is looking for the absolute edge of the edge when he signs on for torture school, never mind, goes on one mission after another after another, after another where his being killed is the most likely outcome. And both ways of being seem completely valid to me.

Where are you on this continuum when it comes to seeking (or not seeking) intense transformative experience? 1 = CK, 10, the Special Forces soldier.

What’s the Pluto / Scorpio situation in your chart?

16 thoughts on “Astrology, Un-Comfort and Alchemy – Redux”

  1. pluto: 1st house, libra
    scorpio: moon & jupiter
    8th house: venus (ruler of my ascendant)

    I don’t necessarily LIKE “intense experience”, but I’m drawn to it and it to me, for sure. This poll shall get a 9 from me.

  2. Scorpio moon and ascendant, Venus in Cancer in the 8th house. Pluto in the tenth in Virgo squaring sun/Mercury and opposing Saturn/Chiron.

    Yeah. I have had a dark night or two and do on occasion need a reminder to stay out of the damn box.

  3. I seem to be drawn to extremely painful situations but I think it is masochistic and destructive and I want to stop. My Pluto is in my 3rd house opposite my 9th house Moon and both are square my Venus in the 12th.

  4. I can’t decide where I am on the scale.
    Would anyone be surprised to learn I have Pluto in Libra? *lol* And the only planet I have in Scorpio is Uranus! I do, however, have an 8th House Moon, so. . .

    I’ve been through “dark nights” and never really want to go through that kind of bullshit again. But I also believe that you have to challenge yourself and your preconceptions, and if something scares you you *MUST* confront it! At least once.

    I guess I’m going for around a three: I don’t seek them out, but I try not to shove ’em away when they appear.

  5. Hmm. Well. Guess I have to be careful abt what I say around here. :O I wouldn’t say I’m the ‘opposite end of the spectrum’ because in some ways, in some directions, I don’t live a fearful life exactly. Example: have traveled alone to rural parts of se asia which many people if I’d asked their opinions would’ve chastised me for and thought I was crazy. I think the universe will provide the Plutonic experiences we need to the degree we need them, some people who have a higher tolerance, perhaps they’re more calloused to their experiences, need long drawn out Pluto. Like the torture box. What comes out in the quote of mine as I read it again is I don’t want others putting me there – which makes sense as I have a 4th house Pluto. I contain and control my Plutonic experiences, which sounds like a contradiction in terms but isn’t when you have a strong mental component. At some point in time I go: Hmm, this isn’t likely to be good for me. It (whatever ‘it’ is) keeps going circular, is a little distastefully compulsive, sort of like flies circling poop. Time for it to End…

    Funny though: there are certain compulsions like bad habits that affect my health that I seem to have no desire to change. So the Pluto is there, somewhere. There’s Pluto stagnation which isn’t intense, and Pluto control and constriction, like a torture box, which obviously IS.

  6. Pluto at the end of Libra, in the 8th. Saturn in Scorpio.

    I picked a three. I think I’d prefer not to go anywhere near my own death, torture, ect, thank you very much. It just doesn’t interest me. A challenge, something physically demanding out in the open air, sure, but being put in a dark box, going up against bullets? no thanks. I’d rather achieve slower results over longer time, than risk it all, ever. I’d rather garden, or something.

    I hope I don’t sound to flip here, I’m just trying to say that some of us don’t crave these intense things- not when it’s not necessary, y’know?

    but when I was in middle school, I think I was more of an 8 or so. Things change.

  7. pluto in scorpio conjunct moon in scorp in 9th house square Aquarius sun in the 1st house. Intense emotions. I just tend to I suppose unconsciously gravitate toward intense experiences/people. I gave the poll an 8.

  8. i don’t look for it, but if it shows up, i do my best to take whatever lesson it has (and get the hell out of the box asap). i don’t get a buzz off the dark energy, but i can see the poetry of it all and find the beauty if i have to.

    i have 2nd house pluto, venus and mars in scorpio.

  9. I gave the poll a 6. The thing is, when I look back on my life so far, it is chock full of Plutonian experiences, and it is only when I tell other people things they say: Whoa, that’s intense.
    I guess when you are drawn to these things they have a degree of normalacy that makes you a bit “blase” for lack of a better word. As it is, I don’t think my emotions are any more intense or powerful that any other person’s.
    But I do know that I am hyper-aware of my emotions and am conscious about how I project them and look closely at them more than some people. Perhaps that is what other people mean by intense? I used to feel at the mercy of my emotions, but now I just feel them and let them go. Or be. Or whatever!

    I have Pluto in Libra in the 9th house (the thinking house?!). It is opposed to Venus and Mars (Aries/3rd) and Sqaured to my Capricorn Moon. Yes, I really do feel at the mercy of my emotions…but Pluto is also sextile to Saturn in Leo, and from what I understand about this transit is that it tempers the effects of upheaval. Maybe that’s why weird shit happens and I can deal?

    On a different note entirely, my sister who I am closest to has a 12th house Pluto! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Talk about INTENSE. Maybe growing up with a person with that Plutonian action makes me more chilled about my Pluto?

  10. i am going to go with a 5. and yeah i peeped at the results and notice not too many if any people congregate around the middle. it seems that when it comes to intense experiences either you go to them or you stay the hell away from them. but what if you happen to be among them?

    my experience has been that i have found myself in intense situations either through my own lack of awareness and/or found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. the former because of my own ignorance and inability to read the signs around me and the latter because that is just life…situations cannot often be controlled they just happen and you find yourself where you happen to find yourself at that moment.

    on the one hand, i live in an area where people i know often wonder how i survive. i get a lot of ‘aren’t you worried about your safety etc.” after more than a decade in this location i can see the goodness in the area; an integrity that i feel oftentimes runs neck to neck with the bad parts of the community. my pluto & uranus are in the 4th house 😉

    on the other hand, some of my interactions with other people have not been that good and i know it has to do with my not understanding the range and depth of my feelings, which at times are intense. i’ve been called a “still waters run deep” type. my pluto squares my moon and mars; conjuncts my venus and uranus and has other aspects too numerous to write.

    despite this, i still select the mid-range for my response. because no, i don’t need to go to a simulated war zone (black box). war zones can occur where you call home (both outside and inside yourself). yet if this is what you do for a living this is what you do.

    i hear you CK & i hear special forces action man. Christine you are wise and fortunate to take notes on your emotions ~ i am only this late in my life taking a good look at how people interact and react to what i do, what i say, and how i feel.

  11. I voted 3 on the scale with a caveat: when I was younger I was definitely drawn to intense experiences, almost out of a desire to understand others better as well as to “alleviate” my constant low-grade depression/numbness. I believe part of that is simply a phase many in their late teens and early twenties go through.

    Now, I have indicated to the universe that I no longer find it necessary to learn lessons the hard way! 🙂 It’s good to be past my first Saturn Return and thus more mature!

    Pluto in Virgo in first house (not conjunct ascendant), opposite Sun (Pisces) and Mercury (in Aries), square Mars in Cap., trine Venus in Aquarius in 5th house. (Bonus: Scorpio moon in 2nd house, ruling 3rd.)

  12. Voted 3. My sag moon wanted to vote 1. I have an 8th house pluto in libra. Uranus, ruler of my chart is in scorpio, which is in the MC.

    My life goes through deep transformations every decade or so, I don’t like intensity/manipulation/crisis. Consciently I’m not drawn to pluto things at all. I like sunny, light, lovely neptune things. But unconsciently i guess I am, because pluto is all over my life, friends, profession..

  13. Pluto conj. Leo ascendant, square 4th house sun. I had my fill of “intense experiences” in my 20s and 30s.Although some of them were learning experiences, mostly I learned how nasty people can be when the boat is rocked, however politely.

  14. with a taurus moon as part of an earth grand trine (with sun and jupiter) – i can stay around 1 and be fine.
    But with scorpio rising and the moon sharply squared by pluto things can go to 7 or 8 very easily – so i am on both sides of this scorpio – taurus polarity.

  15. I’ve got my Sun and Mercury in Scorpio along with my Midheaven, along with Pluto in my 8th House. Seems like I’ve been through the dark night of the soul so many times that I’ve almost stopped noticing it.

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