Sound Of Music Redux: Neptoooon…

sound_of_music-gazebo.jpgLast night on the phone with the soldier:

“What’s going on?” I asked. We talk about 10 times a day.

“Oh,” he said sappily, “I was just thinking of you and me in the gazebo.”

“Gazebo! Are we going to have a gazebo? What gazebo?”

The gazebo in Sound Of Music,” he said with a sigh. “Me and you. Me and P in the gazebo and whiskers on kittens.”

I laughed. “Well good. I am glad you don’t think I’m a banshee, there are many who do.’

“Ah, well they don’t know you, P. They don’t know about your whiskers on kittens or your warm woolen mittens.”

I just shook my head.See what happens when you have Neptune on the midheaven? Saint or sinner, it depends on who’s lookin’.

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