Attractiveness, Humility And Finding Love In This World As An Intellectual

The graphic is from the Post Secret blog. It caught my eye as it is brilliant illustration of what I mean to be talking about around here and I’ll explain.

First we have, Kate, an intellectual woman who cannot get a man. Kate blames everyone under the Sun for her plight. Kate can’t get a date because men are stupid and oh yeah… so are women, especially if they are Mexican.

Now contrast that to the gal who sent this card. Who do you think it most likely to solve their dilemma.  The gal waving the weapon or the gal who admits to her fears and insecurities?  I’d say the second gal is halfway home and here is the astrology:

The intellect is associated with the air element and while you can certainly nurture a person’s mind it does not speak to these deeper (primal) drives and needs that all people have.  I think that Pluto in Capricorn is going to make people far more aware of this and it explains why the highly educated man or woman gravitates towards someone like me as a consulting astrologer.

The plea is this: “Get me out of my head before it’s too late.”

So who thinks what, hmm?

21 thoughts on “Attractiveness, Humility And Finding Love In This World As An Intellectual”

  1. Loonsounds – that is an interesting interpretation. I did not see that at all when I saw this card this morning. She looked to me as if she were surrounded by men but none of them hers! Now I’ve no idea! But I do know the astrology is correct. And I do know there are a lot of women out there who really are afraid in this way… this is emerging since the the shift into the Earth signs.

  2. yeah, pretty much 🙂
    i can run around in circles in my head like a dog chasing her tail, just thinking too much on the wrong track. and then i get dizzy and fall down and i never really got anywhere anyway.

  3. Looks to me like she is surrounded by dudes trying to look up her skirt. Plus, she has a different kind of smug look from the other chick, more of a recently-well-loved smug look. I get the sense that she might be fucking with our heads.

  4. I have felt that way but not cos I’m an intellectual (*snort*). I was afraid I wouldn’t find love cos I wasn’t compatible with anyone. my ex said I was “too hard to love.” tho I did know on some level the problem was likely his.

  5. wow, I saw this card this morning too, and I immediately thought of you Elsa. lol, I come on here and sure enough, there it is.

  6. I was just dumped because apparently, after four months, he decided “the full attraction wasn’t there”. I thought we had the basic building blocks of something that would last and poof. I have nothing really poignant to add. The timing and the headline just kind of struck me. I have mostly air planets, venus cancer, mercury virgo….aqu mars. I just feel like an oddball that will never find her match.

  7. OMG “get me out of my head” is such a struggle for me.

    That and my moon with Uranus (trine) and Saturn (sextile) makes me wonder if I am some sort of alien species sometimes haha.

    You’ll find someone phel.

  8. Yeah, I read this image as her having all the men’s attention, not being ignored. Probably she doesn’t want any of them.

    I’m a professional intellectual and I am constantly surrounded by men trying to get in my pants. Many of them are icky, though.

  9. Bang on that the best way to approach this is to reveal your insecurities… I’ve also found that a good way to approach relationships is to provide a safe place for other people to reveal theirs as well.

    That said, this is a big fear of mine.

    And I went on two dates this weekend. (All of a sudden! OMG!)

  10. i have… two planets in gemini-9th house, both aspected by saturn in libra, two other libra planets, libra ascendant, two sagittarius-3rd house planets, and jupiter aspecting my moon… i think my chart “kind of” backs up my thought of being an intellectual sort. i’ve swung from being a full blown geek to just a dabbler in random pseudo-intellectual things and back again, from being very open about it and not, spent my time with all sorts of different people… and i have not once been afraid that because i’m smart or even appear smart that i’m going to scare away boys/men. maybe if you’re spending your time with people who believe in women’s roles you would have a problem, but it seems that intelligence or acting as an intellectual wouldn’t be an issue in partnering up. maybe insecurity, arrogance, control-freakisms, etc…

    “The intellect is associated with the air element and while you can certainly nurture a person’s mind it does not speak to these deeper (primal) drives and needs that all people have.”
    i like what you said here, elsa.

  11. I don’t understand this so well. One of my friends (a feminist) actually talked about how she experienced this problem of having men threatened by her intellectual qualities, but I haven’t really seen it. Before I thought it was somewhat a myth. I mean, I get threatened by very smart people, I would probably be a little freaked out if Kate Mulvey started gabbling at me in 5 languages. But how is she cock blocking? How are her preconceived notions about men impeding her progress? I don’t know if the issue is that she can’t get a date. She just wonders if women ought to dumb themselves down for men and is mad about having to. Me, I wonder if what she is assuming, that men are threatened by intellectual women, is even the case.

  12. I am definitely intellectual and I have never had any issues finding a man (Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 7th) but it’s only now that I’ve actually been able to relate on an intelligent level with a partner. None of my previous boyfriends were remotely interested in a lot of the intellectual pursuits (including reading) I loved and with Venus and Mercury in Virgo … it was something I breathed.

    It’s so nice to have somebody now who seeks these things out on his own, and did before I met him.

  13. Funnily enough I found the love of my life while simultaneously railing about how most men are shit and are intimidated by strong, intelligent women. But my chart’s all set for railing, it’s what I do, and he doesn’t seem to mind (too much) so I suppose it’s all for the good. 🙂 And I guess it helps that I had spent months thinking about relationships and what I wanted/needed and what kind of work I needed to do to get there.

    People, period, are intimidated by intellectuals of both sexes. But it does seems more heavily weighted against females – men have much more leeway in what people expect from them.

  14. I can relate. If I’d admitted my fears – all sorts of them – when I was younger, then I might have been happier relationship-wise. Instead, I took my fears almost as gospel, put them aside, and chose to be optimistic for the future me (optimism would have been well placed, had I not shoved fears aside), and channelled my energy into artwork instead. I thought things were coming together, but I realize that even though I told a certain someone, some of my issues and fears upfront, I didn’t say as much as I should have.

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    The real fun starts when you finally acknowledge your fears and insecurities yet are still no more desirable to those you want most than you were before. When you do the work and you still lose. I can’t express enough how much I love that.

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    In certain cases the woman who blames everyone else for her problems is still more likely to find a partner than one who looks at her own role in her difficulties. Luck of the draw.

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