If You Believe You Look Good, Then You Do (Even If You’re Delusional)

The Sun and Mercury are in Leo. I have Venus in Leo in aspect to Neptune natally. This is my husband and I on the phone, circa 2007:


“Morning, P. How are you this morning?”

“Oh, well I just got up and I am feeling so good and happy I think I’m illegal,” I said. “This is not fair to others,” added my Libra.

“How’s that? What’s not fair?”

“Well I got up and I saw myself in the mirror and I thought, Jesus Christ. Does your hair look good or what!” I laughed. “I’m going to the gym today and I don’t have to do anything but walk out the door. And I feel really good about this, you can imagine.”

“Are you shiny, P?”

“Yes! And I do think I’m lawless to feel this good when I am this old. Because lets face it! I’m am old as dirt and society does everything they can to make you feel like crap when you get this age. I’m supposed to feel lousy about myself and I am so happy I don’t feel like that at all. I feel wonderful.”

“You do? You like how you look, P?”

“Yes I do. I love the way I look and I realize I may be deluding myself but I can’t see how it matters. If if am old and ugly, it is unbeknownst to me. So I guess all those the surgeons can just go begging. I’m not going to be showing up at their office to get all sliced and diced.”

“Guess not. No way, P.”

“Right. And it strikes me that feeling confident about the way you look (Leo) is a gift from God (Neptune). And it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s real or not. If you believe (Neptune) you look good (Leo), then that’s it. You go out the door, beaming and nothing can stop you.”

Any other mavericks out there? Anyone else think they look good enough the way they are?

39 thoughts on “If You Believe You Look Good, Then You Do (Even If You’re Delusional)”

  1. Although my Venus is only a few degrees away from my Ascendant, poor thing is in Capricorn in the twelfth house. She is the anti-Venus-in-Leo.

    I really DO APPRECIATE you Venus in Leo types who are so confident in your looks! You go, girls.

  2. I don’t have any Leo in my chart at all but I think I have great hair and look better than I’ve ever looked. It helps to have a man who loves to compliment me on a daily basis, but really I had reached this level of confidence long before I got the complimentary guy.

  3. !!ROFLMAO!!! Tears running down face!! We are having fun here & it’s great! Amazing how Venus moving into Leo has improved the atmosphere.

    I do feel pretty good about how I clean up . . . and getting into using free weights and feeling stronger again is really helping. Plus just had that wonderful hair highlighted!! ha, ha, ha!! 🙂

  4. My body rocks and I am grateful every single day that when I open my eyes in the morning, I get to utilize it.
    I have beautiful hands. I once had a very slick man say to me: “Has anyone ever told you you have beautiful hands?”
    “Yes, they have, and thanks for saying it again!” I replied.
    I just started getting wrinkles (hello 30!) And I fucking LOVE IT!!!!!

    Not only that, but my body currently houses my soul and my soul, my friends, is quite amazing.

    I look forward to hearing more people telling me how fabulous they are!

  5. it’s weird, because for the longest time i’ve had short hair above chin length and lately i feel like growing it out (it’s past my chin now) and see how that goes. I figured, “hey, i don’t look like a homeless person with my hair growing out, so why not?”

    perhaps, it also has something to do with my progressed moon hitting Leo in a couple of months.

  6. Egads, don’t get me started on the rest of my body. It’s just a nightmare. Though I am enjoying being able to blame some of it on pregnancy. 😀

  7. I have great legs, people ! lol
    I’ve been working out a lot to get myself toned. But I’m a complete Sag, so my hips are way larger than they should be. Hate that 🙁

  8. Venus in pisces. I look amazing in the bathtub. Alone. Where no-one else can see. With the change in light through the water. (When the bubbles don’t get in the way)


  9. I’m constantly changing my appearance, but I’m always happy with what I have (if that makes sense). I change my hair the most, actually. (Because it’s the easiest to change, I think.) 🙂 Considering all the oppositions in my chart (Aries Sun to Libra Moon being one of the major ones), it’s no wonder I like making 180* turns all the time, eh? 😉 Aaaaaaaand, I like to keep people guessing (Pluto conj Moon, plus Neptune on the midheaven) and enjoy the shock value of drastic changes 😀 (Aquarius rising, maybe? hehe)

  10. I have four planets in Leo, and I look good! Today there was a group of people at work talking about how insecure they all were, and they eventually turned to me to see what I had to say. I just blinked and said, “I have really high self-esteem, actually. I feel great!” And I do!

  11. Damn right I do. Took me YEARS to be able to say that – and the adjustments were mental, not physical.

  12. Yeah,I’ll anonymously admit it…I got a great ass.From the time I was 12 to even now at 45 I get compliments and looks and I freaking LOVE it.One of the best compliments I ever had was after yoga class,a really hot writer-the dude looked just like Harrison Ford- asked me if I had ever worked for a circus.He was all sparkley-eyed and smiles,I laughed out loud at that line.Best pick-up line ever.But really,I was feeling my 12th house Venus in Leo that day,I secretly love an audience.

  13. I keep a toy lion in my car just like the one in the pic! I have Leo asc and the hair to go with it but sadly, realise I am vain (and delusional!) I also have an unattractive tendency to fish for compliments when I’m involved with a man. Ugh.

  14. I just finished giving myself a once over before leaving for jury duty, and actually spoke to myself in the mirror… “You look pretty damn good! In fact, you look better at 50 than at 30!” 😉

  15. You know, I’ll look in the mirror, know I look good, no great when you consider my age, but the minute I walk out the door, it all becomes non existent to me. I immediately become that 13 year old with braces and glasses who was bullied, and never dated in school. And I forget that the person that people are reacting to is the one in front of the mirror, not the one in my head.

  16. Venus in Leo gives me confidence and a Taurus rising helps with the sensuality factor, no doubt.

    I am earthy and a little flashy all at the same time! Lovin’ it – and I too see it as a gift from God – I’m not a supermodel but DAMN! I feel like I look good, most days, with very little effort. I feel sorry for those who are trying too hard.

  17. I think I look fine just the way I am. I have very little to complain about.

    And I’ve always said this: If you question yourself while you’re dancing it shows, and you’re awkward. The sames goes for jokes, or your looks. You can’t have self doubt, you’ll just stumble.

  18. I dont have a beautiful face and I am balding a little,may be because of taurus rising and I dont even have a beautiful skin.If I am even a little unkept I dont want to see myself in the mirror.But I have a truck load of venus and pluto on me so ever since I was 14 girls made me realize I have some effect on them.So I know I am not conventionally very good looking but I know I am a hell lot more attractive than my looks…that is what matters to me….and to women around…hehe.

  19. “Any other mavericks out there? Anyone else think they look good enough the way they are?”

    Yes, moi. Leo rising and Neptune in the 5th. If I’m delusional I don’t care. Let me have this delusion. 😛

  20. Ha! Elsa’s describing a familiar feeling. I feel good about my looks even though I don’t think people around me will necessarily agree.

    Maybe it’s a mars in Leo thing?

  21. lol I love this. your libra feeling bad and saying not fair to others. lol
    but it sure feels good to look good even if it’s delusional. it’s a good kind of delusion.
    yup I always feel good, even when I wake up, but I do get that pang of feeling guilty that it should be illegal. so that’s a great description!

  22. I do. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a maverick, necessarily. I just grew up in a home where my mother never really criticized or praised my appearance. It was never a thing. So I wasn’t indoctrinated like a lot of young girls. Or I missed that phase or something. So I think the default for everyone is to feel happy with who they are unless other forces come in and tell you that you shouldn’t feel good unless you’re this or that. Besides I think beauty really does come from the inside. I know it’s cliche but it’s true. I see beauty in most people if I look hard enough. And I include myself in that.

    1. I think this post also shows how the power of perception works. Our good feelings are actually more real and powerful than reality. Who cares if I look good if I don’t feel good?

      It works for a lot of different things. Who cares if I’m poor if I feel rich?

  23. Avatar

    Both of my parents believed that any woman who wasn’t slim was a failure no matter how accomplished, talented or loving she otherwise was. And that she was an undisciplined fool for not finding a way to get her appetite under control so she could enjoy a wider pool of men and life opportunities to enjoy.

    1. Your parents wanted you to enjoy a wide pool of men? Doesn’t sound very likely to me, did I misunderstand something?

      1. Avatar

        Falkor, what I meant is they believed thinner women were always much more likely to attract accomplished, successful men than heavier ones.

          1. Avatar

            I never said they were incorrect. There is however a significant difference between having an opinion and using it as a weapon to belittle a child with for not conforming to this standard.

    2. anonymoushermit

      I struggle with my weight because of health issues. Yikes. Your parents sound very rigid. Well meaning, perhaps, but rigid.

  24. Avatar

    I’d be really curious to know who out there is older, involuntarily single, yet still confident about how they look. I think having a partner who finds you beautiful does more for buoying self-esteem than just about anything else on this Earth does.

  25. I love days like that!! Having that kind of (even delusional) self-confidence is so important to me with the planetary pile-up in my 10th.

  26. I mistakenly started reading theredpill on reddit. Theres only thin gruel advice for women to be more attractive and get what they want from men. Idk what to do now that im almost 31 and powerfully unwanted other than by very very old men.

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