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Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, Virgo ascendant.


Mars Opposite Moon In The Natal Chart

The kind of trembling, breathless sex in novels and films really captures the imagination. Deeply bonding, emotional.. the closeness, the speaking your love with your body- that’s what it’s supposed to be, right? After all, what kind of emotional Neanderthal divorces emotions from sex??

How To Work With Oppositions In Your Natal Chart

If you have oppositions in your natal chart, it’s worth your while to learn about ways to manage the energy. In digging around to research the topic, you might rightly become confused when you come across explanations that talk about a difficult relationship between the two, and that the way to “overcome” this tension is

Do You Like Sex? You Must Be A Scorpio!

This post is going to be one satisfying click, winks this Scorpio sun. Unsurprisingly, people love to talk about sex, and are often especially proud of their Scorpio placements. For many it is astrological proof that they are indeed, very sexy and desirable people, with bedroom skills to match. And for some reason, they seem

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