Mars Opposite Moon In The Natal Chart

The kind of trembling, breathless sex in novels and films really captures the imagination. Deeply bonding, emotional.. the closeness, the speaking your love with your body- that’s what it’s supposed to be, right? After all, what kind of emotional Neanderthal divorces emotions from sex??

Well, if you have a Mars Moon natal opposition, those things might not all. And why should it even be a problem? Personally I don’t see the point in being critical of our natural tendencies- which is basically what our natal charts show us. Know your preferences, your limits, and life flows so much better.

Mars is more than sex, and the Moon is more than emotional needs, but they have a natural relationship in sex.

On paper, Mars Moon opposition seems romantically problematic. It’s not a total package, it’s more like two packages. This particular opposition, in terms of sexual expression, might look like this: your sex drive isn’t driven by emotion, and your emotions don’t need sex to blossom.

You could be very matter-of-fact about your sexual appetite, not needing an emotional component at all. That’s not to say it’s not safer and nicer to get naked with someone who cares about you, and strategic and practical if you’re looking to build a relationship. But in terms of the satisfaction scorecard? To put it frankly, a good lay is a good lay; you don’t have to stare into each other’s soul.

And what about that emotional moon on the other side? Does it feel cold and left out? No, because it might very well be busy loving and caretaking even when sex isn’t part of the picture. It might be devoted to someone who, for some reason (distance? already married? star-crossed lovers? illness or disability? no sexual attraction?) you will never have sex with. You might deeply love someone, feel incredibly bonded, and yet either feel no sexual attraction or for some reason the physical can never be. Not Neptune pining, I do mean true love. A bit of twin flame action, even.

These are just some ideas for a Mars Moon opposition. Uncomplicated physical satisfaction and love not bound by sexual exclusivity? Sounds a lot better than soulless sex and sexless devotion, doesn’t it? Picture a bon vivant, who can love ‘em and leave ‘em, yet has romantic entanglements in every port. That might be you with a Mars Moon opposition.

I’m all for seeing the positives in our natural inclinations. Do you or someone you know have a Mars Moon opposition? Can you see how it plays out?

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  1. I have a Libra moon at 12 degrees Libra, connected to Cap Mars in 12th house, so a square it is.

    I think with the square there a more action focused need that drives me towards sex and power dynamics. I need a reltionship but my actions towards it has been twarted at every turn when I go for it. When I let myself off the hook, and “let it go” (12th house) it usually happens when I have accepted my solitude life with lots of alone time. Boom – then comes the love.
    But as my progressed moon and Venus and Sun also occupies Cap, I would say there is a lot of action going on these days in my progr 10th house…

    My Moon-Mars activates a need for action, an inner need to act or act out or whatever one will call it. It is also about the amazing sexual connections, spiritual stuff of the Mars Cap 12th house, but the joke is on Mars who can’t really take it all in with his Saturn ruled seriousness LOL.

  2. I don’t have that aspect but I find your analysis & descriptions very intersting.
    A complementary view of oppositions, pretty constructive approach.
    Thanks for the positive outlook!

  3. I have venus at 7 degrees aries and mars at 3 degrees aries in opposition to my 5 degrees libra moon. My venus in there changes the moon mars opposition a little. My moon is now at opposition to my venus mars midpoint….I NEED passion! Now(aries) please(libra). My husband has mars at 6 degrees aries. Our composite chart fires up that axis. He satisfies my aries planets so I don’t need lovers in every port. Before him I did have a love them and leave them attitude. Then again my vesta is at 3 degrees aries as well and made my sex life swing from chaste to promiscuous to devoted to my husband.

  4. Hello! I am one who has the moon/mars opposition, with moon at 1° Taurus, Mars at 5° Scorpio. Typically I am one who does long for a passionate, soulful connection in sex and love, but that may be my venus/Neptune conjunction in the fifth! My experience in *relationships* does reflect the opposition though. Either the sex is very good, but my emotions aren’t nurtured *OR* there is a strong safe, stable, nurturing element, but the sex is not good.

    1. Hey. I can really relate to what you said. I have 15 degrees Taurus moon and 6 degrees Scorpio mars. My mars is retrograde though. I don’t know about yours. And my Venus is Gemini 5 degrees, so it doesn’t really fit with my moon and mars. But my Neptune is trine my Venus, so maybe that could be part of why I can relate to you. Anyways, it’s nice to find people who have similar experiences. Have a good day! Feel free to reply.

  5. ihave moon in cap 1st house opposite mars in cancer… i thought this aspect meant the other way around lol but i can see what youre saying!! my sex life and love life is superconfusing like all the time. i also have moon conj uranus & neptune and mars opp neptune and omg… im soon 28 and single because in relationships im either superbored or superhurtttt and frustrated

  6. Total BS! I have a Mars-moon opposition (Scorpio moon-Taurus Mars), and find it this utterly Bullshit! I never ever ever ever have sex unless I pour my heart and soul into it. some of you astrologers are so dumb and stupid. It’s your sort who has given bad rap to astrology for your mere bullshitting out of thin air, and there are always some suggestible soft heads who nod along and say “of yeah that’s me that’s me”!

    1. That’s funny. I have Taurus Moon and Scorpio Mars. Maybe it depends on which planet or point is in which sign. You should email me. I’d love to chat with you. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with my mars and moon switched. My email is [email protected]. Feel free to say hi.

    2. I have Scorpio Moon and Taurus Mars and this is true for me. Maybe you have other placements in your birth chart that overshadows this aspect.

  7. Moon in Pisces 8th house (unaspected Saturn here also) opposing Mars in 3rd…but Mars does trine my Venus/Mercury conjunction in the 6th. Can be a challenge to find both sexual and emotional fulfillment in a relationship. Exclusivity is a must for me. Your article explains why although I really like a lot of men and can connect emotionally with them, I feel zero physical attraction.

  8. I have this opposition but I cannot separate sex and emotion because my Mars is in Cancer. Lol

    I was severely disadvantaged because of this, having been a dumb pickmeisha slave to a cruel psycho

    1. oh wow i also have mars in cancer (on my South node, with Chiron though) but I have the same experience as you!…. and sex is also veery emotional.

  9. I have moon in taurus oppose mars and saturn in scorpio. This is great description. I dont need emotions in order to have a great sex, in fact its better without them. I do have positive attitude, but not emotional attachment. This combination loves freedom.

  10. Taurus moon opposed by Scorpio Mars 🙂
    The description of this aspect is soo true.
    I can also tell you that this aspect can be dangerous if you are with a partner who has the same aspect in natal chart!
    For me, it was the guy that had reversed position than mine (Taurus mars and Scorpio moon) he was actually very aggressive in his determination towards sex. And after him I have started behaving just like you describe. Sex didn’t include emotions anymore after this experience… The inner bond was broken

  11. My moon opposition my Mars and your description fit like a key. I have always wonder why I get bored with daily routine. I have been married twice and each time I became bored after 5 years but stays married for 13 in each. I am now 63 years old and my boyfriend is 68 years old. I enjoy being with him but there is no sexual attraction to him. I keep wondering what is wrong with me. I enjoy his company but making love is more like a task that I must do. We share a spiritual link and our vortex cross several times in our charts.

  12. I have Scorpio Moon and Taurus Mars both at 18 degrees and this is 100% correct for me. I can date and connect with someone and have no sexual attraction to them, but I can be sexual attracted to someone that I am not emotionally connected to. I actually like this placement but the guys I dated find it confusing because they like me both sexually and emotionally.

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