Author name: Shaina

Hi! I'm Shaina. I have been studying astrology since 2005, and I have been studying practical occult traditions in general since 2003. My whole life I have been extremely intuitive and I am descended from a line of ladies who were known as "the one down the block" that you went to when you had "those" types of unanswerable questions. For me, astrology is a way to read the system that composes the natural order of the universe. I use it as a tool to guide my intuitive readings for friends and family, and I use my intuition in creating new astrological theory. I love to write and I am so pleased to be contributing to the Elsa blog! I will be doing astrological readings here in the future if there is interest.


Appearance Of Eyes Through The Zodiac

Have you ever noticed that each member of the zodiac has something special or remarkable about the eyes? I’ve compiled a partial list of what I have observed about each sign. This applies to suns and risings especially, but you can often guess other placements by the expression of the eyes, depending on what an […]

Chirotic Personalities

The study of Chiron is one of the most interesting developments in modern astrology. Did you know that just in the same way some people can be Saturnine or Venusian personalities, there are Chirotic types as well? The way I see it is that once we discover a planet or an asteroid, it is accessible

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