Appearance Of Eyes Through The Zodiac

pretty eyesHave you ever noticed that each member of the zodiac has something special or remarkable about the eyes? I’ve compiled a partial list of what I have observed about each sign. This applies to suns and risings especially, but you can often guess other placements by the expression of the eyes, depending on what an individual is doing, feeling or thinking. Try it!

Aries: These guys have an electric quality to their gaze that seems more characteristic of Aquarius. Check the edges of their eyes– they’re usually dagger-sharp (think Victoria Beckham or Robert Downey, Jr.). A predominance of brown eyes in this sign; perhaps because they’re on fire inside and burned away the other colors!

Taurus: There is a true cow-like quality to their long-lashed, calmly penetrative gaze. They may look half-asleep, but they don’t miss a trick. While they are looking around themselves absorbing their surroundings, you can practically see their feelers waving in the air. “How can I make my way to my next intake of delicious food, sensory experience, or object of luxury?” For the males, add “great sex” to that list. Just kidding. Add it for the women, too.

Gemini: I once visited a friend in Seattle, a male Gemini. After telling me about the script he was working on for the local alt-newspaper’s annual amateur porn contest over a bowl of vegetarian Chinese food, we went outside and I took a picture of him. There was a visible sparkle in his eye, key to recognizing Gemini. (His response to the photo: “Do you know how hard it is to get the light of Alpha Centauri to twinkle directly into your eye?” That’s him in the pic accompanying this post.)

Cancer: They have a similar sparkle to Gemini, but it comes and goes instead of remaining constant. Think moonstone instead of diamond. Like the other water signs, they are capable of projecting emotion at you with their eyes. You can read every single thing they are thinking or feeling (and woe betide you if you are in trouble, believe me– my mother is a Cancer rising!). Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, George W. Bush, O.J. Simpson are all Cancer-sun public figures whose eyes reveal their inner workings.

Leo: Some astrologers say that Leo eyes are cat-shaped, but I don’t agree with that assessment. However, the way they work their eyes is quite feline! Squinting, scrunching up when they smile, with crows-feet no matter the age. When a Leo is pleased with you, palpable warmth radiates from their expression. When a Leo is displeased, you will know it because you will never see their eyes. They will look into the distance, at the ceiling, their watch– anything but you. God forbid you see royalty lose control of their emotions.

Virgo: These guys are too busy working to ever look directly at anyone, so I couldn’t really say what I have observed about them. Just kidding! Virgo eyes are surprisingly calm and cheerful for their frenetic energy. It’s almost like Virgos project calm and order onto the frenzied outside world through their eyes! Check out a picture of Sean Connery for a good example.

Libra: Libras’ eyes look like nothing other than M&M’s! Flat, perfectly round, saturated in hue– blue, green, brown. Rarely more than one color, unless a water ascendant dominates. (You will never see a Libra’s true feelings in their eyes, by the way. Check their body language instead.)

Scorpio: Ever feel like someone was “in your space”? A Scorpio standing across the room was probably looking at you, thinking interesting things. What is neat about identifying Scorpio is that you can see their pupils narrow down like the slits of a cat or a lizard when they are really pumping energy. I correctly guessed Eleanor Jackson of La Roux as having a Scorpio moon with this trick. Watch 3:20-3:38 of her “In For the Kill” video to see this in action.

Sagittarius: This energy is particularly dominant whether in ascendant or sun sign, so you can always recognize someone with Sag by the curiously pewter-like flashes in their eyes. Yes, just like the semi-precious metal. Brad Pitt’s eyes are a good example. Not quite sparkly-eyed like their Gemini opposites, nonetheless that ageless wisdom lurks in the shiny flashes you will see when they are talking, thinking, or in front of a camera!

Capricorn: Most Caps are hard to identify by appearance alone, but the easiest way is to look right between the eyes for the tell-tale thought wrinkle. I read this once and thought, “Nah.” Then I went to look in the mirror. Lo and behold. And, one of the best ways to get past the famous Capricorn walls is to force one to look straight at you. Like Cancer, no Capricorn can hide their feelings in their eyes. (Please, no one use this trick on me.)

Aquarius: The water-bearers of the future have laser-beams in their heads, white-hot and blindingly bright. My Aquarian ex has the most intensely blue eyes I’ve ever seen, actually a commonality among Western Aquarians. Whatever the color, check for that penetrating quality. It won’t feel like Scorpio’s intense probing– that hits lower down. This is a penetration of your mind. “What information can we share, and what fun can we have together?” If you’re looking to create intimacy with an Aquarius– not an easy task– the best way to connect is from the eyes up!

Pisces: Pisces people are, without a doubt, the easiest to identify off-hand if you remember to look them in the eyes! Pisces eyes are usually larger than most, sometimes almost bulging, fish- or frog-like. There is a haunting rainbow quality about the color, like the inside of an oyster shell, shifting and changing with every passing second. If you stare into a Pisces’ eyes, you are certain to be able to see their soul.

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  1. What a fun article! Great information. Not sure what kind of eyes I have – I’ve got that telltale Cap furrow line (from my Cap moon and mercury, I assume) but my eyes themselves are a bit random and eccentric (one’s blue, one’s green) to reflect my Aquarius sun, venus and mars, LOL!

  2. that was really cool! I am aries sun, cancer rising, with very expressive brown eyes, I’m told. you are dead on!

  3. pisces. hazel eyes. is hazel even really a color? as far as I can tell it means “not green, not brown.” I can’t even tell what color my eyes are and they do seem to change.

    1. The hazel eyes in my family are brown & gold with a solid grey ring around the outside. My Scorpio brother has intensely colored hazel eyes. Mine are rather dull & usually just referred to as brown, which suits me fine. The grey ring is unmistakable, if looking.

  4. aries here…my eyes change colour from blue to green to grey, and actually one is greener than the other *shrug* I “blame” it on all the oppositions in my chart 😉

  5. Virgo w/Libra: My eyes are almond. Gray. Can look green, blue, or purple. Typically look green.
    Can look… Focused? Nervous? Mischevious? Intense? Soft? Hard? I’m expressive, so typically something will probably show in my eyes.
    Often they’re averted, hidden, or focused on something other than another human being. Though, in the past couple of years I am getting more open to eye contact.
    During eye contact, I’m more likely to feel an angry face or a child-like/vulnerable one.
    In case of pictures, I often have red eye, which is one of the various reasons I consider myself not photogenic. My beauty is best captured in person or in moving picture.

  6. I once had a guy call me on my Scorp rising just by my eyes…pretty cool little trick. I’ve also got the tell-tale Cap (sun) thought lines. A furrowed brow is my trademark 😉

  7. I can’t count how many times, I’ve been asked to ‘stop staring at me’! I don’t even realize I’m staring… just looking. Scorpio Rising

    Great post, Shaina!

  8. Hmmm… Sag with Aqua rising. Blue eyes, often people have stopped talking in the middle of a sentence to comment on their “intensity”

    I also have the “thought wrinkle” lol, I always look like I’m fiercely concentrating. No Cappy, but with Aqua rising guess I’m partly Saturn-ruled.

  9. Sag asc with gray/pewter eyes and Cap stellium wrinkle btw them since I was about 20! What a wonderful writing range you have.

  10. I do have very emotional, light filled eyes and they’re intensely brown. Sun in Cancer, Ascendant in Libra

  11. Once had an experienced astrologer tell me that he was pretty sure I was Aquarius rising as I have a yellow rim around the blue of my eyes. Born in England, so no time on birth certificate. Chart was rectified and Aquarius a strong possibility.

  12. Gemini sun w/ Scorpio moon here.. People compliment my eyes alot. Generally hear People say I’ve beautiful eyes. Really dunno how to explain. As of my Leo asc. I’m pretty sure that it didn’t match the description. But then, do I have a sparkling scorpion stare..? I have brown eyes btw.

    1. Avatar
      Sankavi Sivaharan

      When I’ve looked at celebrity charts, I’ve noticed that celebrities with the most beautiful eyes have either a water sign in the sun, moon, or ascendant. In western astrology, the appearance is sourced by the sun and the ascendant, however, in Vedic astrology, the appearance is sourced by the moon and the ascendant. Also if your sun, moon, or ascendant is in an air sign that is in 24 degrees or more, then you are more likely to embody those eyes of the water signs because in Vedic astrology water signs are part air signs. Your Vedic astrological chart is your western astrological chart but 24 degrees less. And you probably have that seductive stare and probably big eyes. Are your eyes light brown or dark brown?

  13. Avatar
    Cheryl Shimfessel

    I’m a Gemini Sun, Pisces moon, Cancer ascendant… my eyes are hazel I guess, they look green to me but, a man once told me that he saw my change from blue as his to green while he was looking at them. My sister says they can look green, blue,or Grey. I also have arched eyebrows one higher than the other.

  14. wait wait he’s the guy with long hair and makeup in the pic? Beautiful whatever the gender, but I admit I’m surprised at the full makeup..

  15. Check out It asks people to upload a passport style photo and then classifies them according to rising sign and sun sign. Fascinating!

  16. Interesting about Aquarius…I had noticed this about Paul Newman, too. He had an intense look. I feel like my gaze does that, too, although I know it’s not obvious. I’m Aquarius and I am definitely studying my subject. But I also have a first house Virgo stellium and I know my eyes dart everywhere, pulling in everything from around me and scanning my surroundings. I definitely scan. I try to keep it stealth when I’m conversing with others because it seems impolite. Virgo needs to know order.

    1. Newman has Pisces moon depending on what time he was born. And depending on his birthtime, his moon is either trine Pluto or opposite neptune.

      Regardless of the time, his moon is sextile mars, so that adds intensity nontheless.

  17. No its not the signs, the planets aspecting the moon is what reflects in the eyes and the eye shape and I’m surpriced this very crusial and also basic information is left out if thise kind of posts? Also what house the moon is placed in.

    The sign comes last and its too bad we are being so overwashed with “signs” when its the aspects and houses we have to look at first and foremost even by serious astrologers.

    I’m always able to spot a moon in aspect with mars for ex. Look at the eye shape of Angelina Jolie. Not the size of her eyes but the nice shape of her upper lids, that triangular sharp look. That is what you find in a moon-mars aspect person.

    Moon aspecting saturn is easy to spot aswell.

    Moon aspecting Uranus gives eyes a special shape aswell Henry Cavill with moon in aqua aspecting uranus is one of the exemples of the type of uranian shape in eyes I have seen in people around me. There are many more exmeples… Look at the planets aspectng the moon and the house the moon is at, is all I’m saying..

  18. Avatar

    Leo: Hmmm… I can’t remember how I responded with the last person I was angry at. I don’t anger easily.

    I definitely avoid peoples eyes though if I don’t know where I am with them. Because you don’t want to angrily glare at someone that hasn’t actually done anything wrong.

  19. I wonder what;s the rising of someone who has doe-eyes but very, very sparkly, glistening. When they cry it looks like diamonds. Doe eyes makes me think of taurus but nothing else in behavior says taurus to me, neither libra, neptune could be thrown in there aspecting the rising. Wonder what gives that.
    (My eyes as a cap rising are on the smaller side but still round and don’t betray my thoughts, lo the one who tries to guess me from my eyes, it doesn’t work. People can’t even guess my mood correctly. They do change color, sometimes blueish, sometimes a steely grey.)

  20. I found out that aquarius women have the most beautifull eyes.

    Then gemini , and then cancer women.

    All other are to me a little regular

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